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My Hiding Place for the Times in Between

Updated on July 21, 2019
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Our life stages are unique, Kathy enjoys sharing her thoughts and stages through her writing and looks forward to learning about yours.

My Hiding Place - the times in between

My hiding place, especially for the times in between the chaos, is in the quiet with my Jesus. Thank you, God, for the quiet times when you come to me in the whispers of the morning. The beauty that surrounds me, even when in the storms of life humbles me. I may forget at times to be still and take in all that is so wonderfully made by you.

In these moments, I remember how important it is to go to you directly. When I do take the time to breathe you in Lord, I know that you are in everything and my future is in you. These times in between are the blessings. You provide a way to give them respite from the lessons and works that will be on my journey to our home in heaven. God Bless the Hiding Place where you gently hold me close as I come to you, in the quiet.

It is morning, one of those mornings where the kids are off from school, so one can delight in the fact that they are sleeping. It may only be a few extra minutes, yet it is beautifully peaceful. It is sitting in a room with the windows wide open on a glorious spring day. The sun is shining, and there is a beautiful stillness in the air. You are sitting there, listening to the fantastic sounds of life. The combination of music and movement of the outside is astounding. It first hears a passing of cars and trucks on the nearby road and the occasional exit from our neighborhood. Attracted to the thought of, where are those big engines headed and what awaits them this day?

God has prompted them to ready themselves for the day while He has me sitting here in quiet observation of the weekday dance. The scene creates a feeling of awe for the times in between. Watching the hustle and bustle of the vehicles heading both into and out of town. In these in-between moments, there is utter peace and the conversation of chirping birds as they wake and discuss their day (at least, we can believe that is what they are doing?) It is, however, one of the most intentional sounds ever heard — seeing the tree’s as they stand prominent and bold against the blue sky that God has allowed, on this beautiful day. Ah, the peace and serenity of this moment.

Oh my, what was that? Someone stirred and rolled to the wooden floor beneath their bed ~ THUD~ and now they are moving step by step and hearing them as they take their first-morning stroll to the bathroom. No words just movement, then all of a sudden like a top spinning rapidly out of control, the quiet is completely disrupts. The puppy now whining from her kennel this is her way of saying, “GET ME OUT OF HERE PLEASE!”

Then there is another sound; the back door just FLEW open and in came one of the offspring and a friend as they had a sleepover the night before. They prance directly to your room and begin to chatter about the day and their plans to go hiking and enjoy the lovely weather. They are renewed with rest and the joy of their program as they have an eagerness to meet up with nature. They want to enjoy this day to its fullest, and it shows on their faces.

Now, the younger one has moved into the room with his hyper puppy in hand, although he looks a bit sleepier his puppy is very active and reaching for your face wanting to pounce and lick you, a bunch. Trying to listen to all the sounds that are coming at you, and in your mind, you say goodbye to the peaceful moment of listening to God’s whispers and the creations outdoors — quickly shifting your attention to God’s creations in the room and your face — saying “Good Morning” with a gigantic smile, as you’re so aware of the many blessings.

For a minute, you try and weigh which of these sounds is more of a sampling of God’s humbling creation — eventually deciding that it is impossible to determine, as they are both so majestic. Both sounds and experiences are necessary in this world. We need the quiet so we can appreciate and go to Him often daily, at times hourly or minute - to - minute. The peaceful moment is so quickly returned to throughout the day just by taking a second to enjoy the nature and beauty He has placed around us. We can always close our eyes or make a deep breath, slowly reflecting on the wonder of His gifts to us. The closing of your eyes with just one cleansing breath is so beneficial, allowing you to breathe Him in once again.

The other sounds, the loud noises that are from a very active family, are sounds of pure love. The joy to awaken another day and be immediately grateful for the gift of children is a beautiful way to experience a morning in the activity hearing them scurrying around, aware that the timing of them here is short. God has unique and individual plans for them, and surely, they will go and pursue them one day soon. I savor every second of kiddos bouncing into the room to greet with an excitement similar to that of a happy puppy anxious to share their day off from school.

Now as this day progresses with the new chores and needs of the day such as laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning a bit and getting new cleats for the child that is growing at an abominable rate, take one more moment to say, “Thank you JESUS.”

Thank you, Father, for the cross and the suffering and the resurrection. Thank you that we may enjoy the moments of life. Thank you for the strength you Jesus showed so that we may have the power for another day. Thank you for the blessings of our life. Thank you for the most beautiful husband who shares his love in constant acts of service to his wife, his children, and others. Thank you for helping us to understand our differences is what makes us so very strong in Christ. Thank you for always bringing us together in the storms of life so that after it has come to us, we remain grounded in You. Thank you for allowing us to throw a few hands of dirt or even a pebble at each other without damaging the Christ-centered heart of our marriage and relationships. Thank you for always allowing us our humanness with understanding and the guidance of your Holy Spirit back to the promises we trust. Thank you for letting us find laughter in our weaknesses and slip-ups. Thank you for choosing us to be together in this walk for reminding us always at any given moment. Knowing if we turn to You either together or apart, all things will become growth in your plan for our lives. Thank you, God, for giving us a lasting love that is always hungry for Your desires for our walk. Thank you, Jesus, for our children who have given us great joy and at times the testing of our own will. Thank you for making them the fantastic kids that are hungry and seeking you in their lives. Thank you for the daily testimony of their lives to us as they face a world of crazy circumstance, violence, and negative attraction as well as a media and a technologically overflowing world. Thank you that our children face this world knowing You with an awareness that you Jesus walk beside them always. Thank you for the trials, the hardships, and the joys of life for each brings us closer to YOU.

So, I say THANK YOU God my Father ~ THANK YOU to the Holy Spirit, my guiding light and ~ THANK YOU Jesus FOR THE CROSS!

You, Father, are my HIDING PLACE ~ Thank you for the Times In Between.

Hiding Place ~ Sara Groves

© 2012 Kathy Henderson


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