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Cube Shaped UFO - An Eye Witness Experience

Updated on July 23, 2011


It was the middle of the year 1989 in a town outside of Columbus, Ohio. I was only three years old. I saw what could only be described as an advanced extraterrestrial star ship, intensely hovering about a mile away in the sky. It was unlike anything I have ever seen since. My mom was with me and although 22 years have passed, as of 2010, we remarkably remember nearly the exact same set of details of the event. She is my only co-witness.

A Scientist's Heart

It was Charles Darwin who said, "A scientific man ought to have no wishes, no affections… a mere heart of stone." I understand the limitation of the human mind, and the possibility of hallucination or inaccurate memory and as a scientist, I take my personal experience appropriately. I have no concrete evidence, only personal belief, as I did apparently see what I saw, and so did my mother. The fact that we remember the same, means something to me. The fact that I remember this event, when I was only three years old, and no other event prior to this event in my life, suggests something real did indeed occur. I am compelled to believe, that possibly the only verifiable event that I should be expected to have remembered from this young age was the birth of my younger brother. Strangely enough, I do not have any recollection of this. I only remember the Ohio UFO. I remember the experience so vividly, that my hair stands on end as I write this. I can recall every detail - what it looked like, the intense fear running through my body, the way my mom froze stone cold. Do these feelings give the experience any sort of credibility? As a scientist, I filter them, reminded by the immense size of the galaxy, and the extremely low likelihood of even sharing our galaxy with another intelligent race, let alone an advance space traveling being. The Drake equation, by some estimates reveal that only about one or two intelligent civilizations exist in the galaxy at any given time. But, the terms in the Drake equation are difficult to estimate, meaning that could be much more common than this, or more rare.

The Cube

The UFO, as I remember it, was cube shaped. I was only a child, and believe that perhaps it was some other regular solid, maybe one of the platonic solids, or maybe a modified one. But, for some reason, the cube is the way I remember it. I even drew it, the day after, on paper as being a cube. Interestingly, I always thought, if I drew it the day after, when my memory was still fresh, maybe it really did happen! Consider this, a lot of people will be aware of the fact that Star Trek's Borg Cube, would appear to be a matching description of the ship I saw. However, from my research, the first episode of Borg ships did not air on TV until 1991, however, my experience and drawing, were both done in 1989, two years prior.

Additionally, the ship I saw, or perhaps erroneously remember seeing, was lighted with an assortment of colors on each of it's six faces, appearing significantly different from the fictional Borg Cube, in Star Trek. The ship made a loud periodic pulsating wooshing sound. Perhaps to maintain it's hover, but otherwise it was completely motionless. It did not appear to be doing anything other than staying still fixed some mile or so away, but pretty low relative to the horizon.

That Night

My limited and fragmented memory, as vivid as it seems, but surely flawed (although still matching my mom's account for the most part), allows me to reveal just what happened that cold night. We were renting a house in Ohio, my dad was working there and we were from Texas. I don't know why we were awake, or where anyone else was that night, but I remember my mom very calmly but intensely telling me, "stay inside", as she walked out the door to look at something she had seen through the window. I remember following right behind her, looking up at the sky, with an incredibly unusual feeling, a feeling that I still experience in nightmares, presumably related to this event. We watched it hover there, and I asked the most obvious question, "What is that, Mommy?" "I don't know." She said.

I remember the pulsating sound, perhaps that was the part that gave me the chills most. My mom describes it as an eerie sound unlike anything she had every heard before. Anyway, after a seemingly meaningless exploration that this craft was performing, it jetted of in a diagonal streak across the sky, disappearing into a point of light. There was no sound, no acceleration, no apparent preparation, the ship just vanished at a speed none other than that of light. The only reason we even saw anything at all must have been because of the heating of the air as it traveled away so quickly. Essentially it left a plasma streak behind, like that of lighting, or a space shuttle reentry. If not for that, I doubt the departure would have been observable at all.

I remember nothing after this moment. I saw it leave, which is a good sign, meaning, hopefully, I never boarded the ship. My mom also remembers the take-off. But neither of us, remember anything after this, until the next day. This leaves an unsettling feeling deep inside me. Perhaps we were stunned by the experience or perhaps a science fiction like memory modification was performed on my mother and me.


Why the cube shape? This is probably the worst aerodynamic design possible! But, if it was in fact a star ship, it makes sense to think of other possible shapes. With essentially no drag in space, aerodynamics are meaningless. The cube shape, then, might be better explained by it's other properties. The cube is one of the only shapes which can tessellate three dimensional space. Meaning, to take up less volume, cubes can pack together, perfectly, to cram the most ships together in the smallest region. Possibly then, perhaps there was not just the one cube ship we saw, but an entire fleet, which reassembles into a larger structure once in space, before embarking on the, no doubt distant, voyage back to their home star system. However, as I suspect they must have had technology to exceed light speed, if they did in fact exist, spatial tessellation would seem of little value.

How big was it? About the height of a four story building, but also with the same width and length. I was only three, and my ability to judge size based on distance was properly not fully developed. This is, however, as accurate as I can give. It was definitely large. It wasn't the typical bright light in the sky UFO experience. I saw the form of it, from a close distance. It was a large ship.

Where they came from? I don't know. I doubt the possibility to travel to a planet like Earth, from another galaxy. Because of the difficulties and distances in space travel, I believe they might have come from a nearby star system, or perhaps from a planet within our own star system. We humans are only beginning to understand the possibilities of alternative biochemistries. The precious water and room temperature we long for, might not be so tolerable to other lifeforms. Perhaps Venus or Jupiter are more hospitable. They both provide plenty of energy and chemical diversity. I would not be surprised if life was possible in world like these.

Have I ever seen it again? No. The only update I can mention is through the advent of the internet, I was able to find another person who has a nearly identical story as mine. He described a cube shaped UFO, in the day time, hovering outside is family's farm and shooting off into the sky in a streak of light. His only witnesses were his two older brother's and his dad. I had a lengthy e-mail conversation with him several years ago, but have not heard from him since.

After Shock

The experience is now only a memory. It does not fade or grow less vivid and will probably always be one of my most confusing memories. I may never know what that was, but it has definitely affected my life. My interests in space travel, life, mathematics, and physics were definitely shaped by this experience as I tried to make sense of it and understand the truth. In the end, only good has come from it, as far as I can tell.

Of course though, there is also the possibility that maybe it wasn't just my interest in them that shaped my areas of expertise in the fields of science. Maybe... they made me this way. I have, to the best of my knowledge, no tracking devices, implants, or artificial body or mind enhancements, although the metal detector does go off on me from time to time =) My mom has found metal pieces in here body before, of geometric proportions, perhaps splinters of some kind, but weird nonetheless. As to why we have no memory immediately proceeding the event of departure, I may never know.


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    • npolynomial profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago

      @DEBnNC :

      email me at

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Saucer and Cube Shaped Crafts:

      In early March, 2011, I witnessed three separate UFOs within three hours, the first being at 7:30 PM. I live on an island off the coast of NC almost directly across from a US Marine Corps air practice field. I was watching TV but kept getting distracted by a brilliant white light over the mainland. After 10 minutes, I went out on the deck with my binoculars. I could clearly see the object and knew that it wasn't a military craft practicing over the nearby field. I have watched Harriers and various types of helicopters practicing at the field for eleven years. I know what they look like. Instead, the craft was the traditional saucer-shaped craft with a huge round light in the center (actually brilliant yellowish gold when magnified), with a red light on one end and a blue light on the other. If you drew a line from end to end, left to right, the top was identical to the bottom. If you drew a line in the middle, top to bottom, the two sides were identical.

      None of the lights blinked and there was no sound. If there had been a sound I would have heard it carried across the water. Even the noise of a jet ski near the mainland carries across the body of water that separates the island from the mainland. Harriers are deafening and the helicopters loud. I watched the craft for ten straight minutes and it suddenly blinked off. It didn't return. Even though I knew what it could be, I dismissed the idea of its being a UFO. Guess I didn't want to be "one of those people" or more likely, I was more comfortable being a non-believer. Instead I called the nearest Marine base (~ 30 minutes away) and asked the person on duty if the Marines were practicing at the field. He said definitely not. Once I told him what I had seen, he was very excited. He offered to check to see what else might be flying in the area. I gave him a couple of hours and called back. His whole attitude was different. Whereas he had been helpful and interested before, he was now cautious. I was more alarmed by his change than I had been by the sighting. I think I just wanted to believe that it was something of ours. I have since realized that I was more frightened by the lack of response by the military than I was of the craft and what it could mean. Hollywood has not been kind about the prospect of contact with aliens.

      For the next five hours I stayed outside on the deck looking for additional lights. I was definitely not prepared for the next sighting. The craft was also over the mainland. It was a cube. I am not a pilot but I do have some idea of an aerodynamic shape. I would never have dreamed up a flying cube! The first one had sixteen golden yellow lights per side. It was flying quickly in a straight line parallel to the coast. I looked down at my binoculars and in the one second it took to lift the glasses to my eyes, the light from the craft shone on my face. It had crossed across the water (maybe a mile or two?) and was traveling away from me to the west. I could see the golden light through the tree branches and then it disappeared.

      Ten minutes later, I saw what appeared to be two of these cubic-shaped craft stuck together and flying in a straight line, moving eastward. On the left, the cube was sixteen lights per side and on the right, sixteen red lights. Then the two cubes separated at the bottom to form a 90 degree angle and stayed attached to each other at the top. (Picture two cubes stuck together. With your hands, rotate them apart, keeping them touching at the top and forming a 90 degree space between them.) At this time I stopped watching so I could go to get my neighbors who had just returned home to come watch with me. They didn't come. After watching another ninety minutes, I went to bed.

      When I could look at the mainland the next morning and study the houses and apartments across on the mainland, I was amazed at how large each of these three/four crafts had been. A building which is four stories high and almost a cube itself was dwarfed by the size of any of the crafts. I am guesstimating, but I think each light on a cube would equal the size of one four story "house". When Harriers flew a few days later, they too were very small compared to the size of the crafts. In addition to their ability to reconfigure while flying, the first cube that came across the sound near me was a smaller size than when it was across the water. I am guesstimating that it was no more than a few cubic meters. I don't know if it had separated into parts that I did not witness or if it had actually gotten smaller. The saucer-shaped craft would be at least the length of a carrier. And while I thought they were flying close to the water, I think they were actually further back over the mainland. There is a state park which is densely wooded and mostly uninhabited.

      Like you, I am a scientist. This indicates a certain degree of curiosity and analytical ability; however, short of looking at UFO shows that come on TV occasionally, I have distanced myself from the subject until now. I find that it is harder and harder to put it in the past and find that I need answers to my questions. I find that the information I am getting from the Internet is not comforting. Perhaps the unsettled feeling I keep getting is somehow related to the doomsday outlook for 2012, although I haven't researched that topic either. And I don't plan to. One scary thing at a time! I must admit that I find it comforting that at least two or three people also witnessed flying cubes that match the description of the ones I saw. For those who suggest a connection to Star Trek, I have never seen a single episode or movie. Nor have I followed Star Wars or other science fiction based stories. Did I ever want to see a UFO? Yes. Am I glad I saw them? No. The reality is far from gratifying. Even my closest friends think I somehow hallucinated that night. They weren't hallucinations. I know what I saw.

      For npolynomial: I'd love to correspond with you. I can share something with you that happened to me when I was six and it is as clear to me now as it was fifty-four years ago.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      This reminds me of an odd thing I saw from a plane about 8 years ago (either London-Helsinki or London-Glasgow, not sure which). At cruising height, I was sitting at the right-hand window, below and to the right of the plane, seemingly nestled in a cloud was a black/grey cube (far too high up to be a building). I may of course have imagined it but it has made me wonder ever since.

    • npolynomial profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago

      What's your location?

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Me and my friend just saw something similer. Strange, its a clear blue day it appered to be gray and red and spinning on its axis

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      There was omething strange about the sides of the object I had seen. It was so far up it was hard to tell what exactly what it was; but there seemed to be (i dont know if 'shapes' is to solid a description)so id probably say shadows fading in and out on the objects sides. but i cant recall if there were any colours changing

      Weird stuff indeed, maybe it was a military experiment or something,I really have no idea!

      the book 'hologrphic universe' by micheal talbot has an interesting and scientific based theory for such sitings. Worth a read if you haven't already :-)

    • npolynomial profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago

      Hey David,

      Your story gave me an eerie feeling. I've only found one other person with a similar story. Despite the appearance of this article's main image, the shape I saw appeared to have a grid of different colored lights on each side...perhaps changing colors...

      Maybe it was the same object/phenomenon you saw, but lights only visible at night!

      It's weird I will turn 26 this year. Now, I'm only speculating here, but it could be a naturally occurring phenomenon (like the elusive ball lighting) There is a storm on (is it saturn?) that self-arranges into a hexagon shape. So, it wouldn't be a too much of a stretch to imagine that naturally occuring giant floating spinning cubes could periodically appear! I usually assume that it was an extraterrestrial ship though. Weird stuff, I wish we knew.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      I once saw what can only be described as a 'cube shaped ufo' when i was about 14. There were others around at the time also including my father. I remember he went in to our house to try and phone our local planeterium to report what he saw only it wasnt open as it was about 7 oclock in the evening!

      The cube seemed to stay in the one spot high in the air. its impossible to estimate the size of it or high up it was because there is no datum point when looking up from ground level. I remember that it was a clear blue sky and it was quite hard to actually identify without someone initially pointing towards it. I have know idea how someone in the group of people gathering actually spotted it in the first place. The cube appeared to be white and it had shapes on its sides. It appeared to be rotating in a strange axis(multiple/irregular) but it didnt seem to move up/down/left or right. it finally disappeared as the sky got darker from what i remember. It was like nothing I had ever seen before and have found no explanation for what it could have been. I live in Northern Ireland. Im 26 now and my curiosity has led me to this site:-)

    • profile image


      9 years ago


    • teresa8go profile image


      9 years ago from Michigan, USA

      You had 2 amazing sightings! You are so lucky. Do you understand just how many people wish they could see what you saw? Probably millions! So STOP debunking youself. Please accept it for what it is....a gift. Deep inside you, you know that what you saw was real. What your mother saw was real. You and your mother have also probably had encounters that you don't remember. Start thinking of yourself as being lucky. This memory will never fade. I saw a ufo when I was in the 1st or 2nd grade. I'm over 50 now and can remember it as if it were yesterday.

    • Joyus Crynoid profile image

      Joyus Crynoid 

      10 years ago from Eden

      What an interesting story. It's amazing that your memory is so vivid. There are so many stories like this--it really makes you wonder what's going on... Thanks for writing about it!

    • Karen Wodke profile image

      Karen Wodke 

      10 years ago from Midwest

      What an amazing story. You are right, a cube would not fly well. So maybe it didn't fly. Maybe it passed through dimensions or something. Thanks for sharing this.


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