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Daily Treasure from God - 16th of June

Updated on June 15, 2014

Thoughts from His heart to yours:

'As the world around you enters into chaos and you hear from every media outlet the hard, violent, sad and destructive news that they love to focus on remember that I AM the bearer of Good News and I ...focus on you....remember that nothing happens that I AM not aware of ....remember that I hear your prayers...your heartache...your torment...and see your tears as they stream down your face in the middle of the night when you believe you are utterly alone and that no one cares enough to reach out and wipe them away....I care....I care above and beyond what you can ever think...I know you better than anyone else...I created you unique....a one off...why do you think you are so important to me? Because I have called you by your name and know every hair on your head...there is nothing that I do not know about you my beautiful child and nothing will ever pass me by in your life that I do not see and take notice of...I have given you Holy Spirit to help you through each day...I have given you the authority to take back that which has been stolen, that which has been destroyed and that which the enemy has meant for evil...I AM the King of kings...the Lord of lords and Sar Shalom, the Prince of peace, wholeness and healing...therefore do you not think that whatever is happening in your life will not be taken care of by Me...I have said 'You are Mine' does that not mean what it says...'Let it go and press into Me Me...I have all things in My hand and I will make sure you are My timing...for I know the End from the Beginning and I will always have the last Word...'


Dear Heavenly Abba,

As this day closes and another begins may I truly understand that Your eye never takes it's focus from me and that You hold everything in Your hands in order for my circumstances to be changed in an instant. May I take ahold of the fruit of the Holy Spirit today, that being patience, in order for me to rest knowing that when You are ready to release what needs to be released that I am ready to fully receive the outcome and be obedient to You in the stewarding of said outcome in faithfulness and wisdom. Thank You Abba Father for Your overwhelming and never ending love. Thank You Abba Father for the release that is in Your care. I take my hands off the circumstances and place them in Yours now and trust You fully. I will only move when You say and in the meantime rest in the knowledge that You are on Your eternal Throne,

In Jesus' Name I pray,


Please note that the above picture is my own and subject to copyright. Thank you.

© 2014 J M Smith


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