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Daily Treasure from God - 2nd February

Updated on March 2, 2014

From our Daily Treasure Psalm 119: 49,50 (AMP) says:

Remember [fervently] the word and promise to Your servant, in which You have caused me to hope.

This is my comfort and consolation in my affliction: that Your word has revived me and given me life.


As we go about our daily life we oft find ourselves forgetting that the most important part of our day is to enter into the secret place and spend time with our Lord. We wonder why we feel tired or depressed. The word depressed is exactly what it means, to be pressed upon by the concerns of the world. When we begin our day looking at the news (which is often bad not good) or dwelling on thoughts that are not of God we find ourselves becoming depressed and wonder why our soul seems almost to be quietly dying from lack of fresh breath. We then realise that the breath of the Holy Spirit is desperately required to bring us back to Life. His Life, of which He has given to us in abundance. Why then do we dwell on the world and its constant battering from the enemy’s domain when we can look on Him.

Wine flowing from the winepress
Wine flowing from the winepress

When we look on Him we find ourselves seated with Him in His Presence where our very breath was birthed and we are able to drink deeply from His cup of Life intstead of the cup of wrath from the turmoil all about.

As I was thinking on the word 'depressed', as often happens, the Lord showed me a picture of the winepress. The place where grapes are pressed down upon with great pressure to ensure all the goodness of the grape is released into liquid form to produce wine. I then realised that Holy Spirit is our wine, we drink of Him from out of this highly pressed place and are revived. When we are revived by Him we then feel His Word fill us in the depressed places where we have wrongly allowed the world space. When we are revived we find that His Word and Spirit dance together in beauty to enhance our soul, to revive our body, to strengthen us. As we are revived we find ourselves being able to encourage others to go into the secret place of our most high God and receive their reviving.

The Hebrew word for "revive" is "cha-yah'", meaning to give life. Without God's presence, we are lifeless. But when He lives in us, we can really live. So today we thank you Father for giving us Holy Spirit to revive us, that we are no longer lifeless but that we are truly alive in Him.


Heavenly Father we thank You for giving us Holy Spirit. How wonderful to be revived when we turn away from looking at the world with all its pressures.

We repent from looking to the world and turn back to look at You. It is in Your Presence and by the refreshing of Holy Spirit that we are revived.

It is there that we receive our Life. The world gives no life, Your Presence gives abundant life.

We stay in Your Presence now and receive Your refreshing spring of revival. This is where we belong.

In the Name that revives us, Jesus, Amen.


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