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Dance Like the Angels

Updated on December 20, 2016
I Dance in the Rain
I Dance in the Rain

It's Been A While

My initial reason for writing on Hubpages was to generate a much needed avenue of revenue. I thought, if I wrote from my heart and wrote often, that the stream of money would flow. (Smiling) that didn't happen, but would did happen after being given another grandchild to rear and my husband being diagnosed with Stage IV Lung Cancer, it gave me hope! It prompted me to look at other avenues of income and opened the door to opportunities that had laid dormant for many years. It was the genesis to a new world, a new me. It enabled me to Dance Like the Angels!

My constant thought
My constant thought

Facing Adversity

I must say that my husband seem to fall sick rather quickly. At first I didn't give much thought to it but knew he needed to find out what was going on. Finally, after several tests, specialists, and facilities, it was confirmed. My husband was facing Stage VI Lung Cancer.

The onocologist scheduled us to come into his office for more tests and to show us where his chemo would be administered. He then took us into a small conference room, viewed his meds, and gave us instructions about the chemo and he ended with "don't ask me about curing him, his condition is terminal." Here he stood, six feet 10 inches tall jewish learned doctor vs. my 4'8 frame and I could feel his words trying to take residence in my soul. I asked him was there better food choices for his health and he replied: "we are just going to try to keep him comfortable.!" I can only now say that I had that "knowing" that the Holy Spirit gives you and I knew that we would not be returning to him or his office.

I didn't "know" what we were going to do, or go but I knew that God had never forsaken us before. There was a silence on the way home that would not give in, or receive, or give life to the doctor's words but modeled me driving and following the road. I only knew that we had to trust God.

A day or so later, I was up around 1 a.m. in the morning, which was unusual for me when the advertisement for the Cancer Treatment of America came on. I prodded my husband and said instinctly: "There is where we will be going!" and he agreed. From the first call to the Center to the first week of retesting and establishing a plan of treatment, we knew that the Holy Spirit was in every step. From the drivers, to the cashiers, nurses, and team the spirit of love was evident.

One day while on Facebook, I saw the above image. I connected instantly with it. I thought that even in the midst of our adversity, it would be necessary to praise God through it! When Moses led the tribes of Israel across the Red Sea, Miriam grabbed a trimbrel and began to dance her way across the dry land, the provision, the way that the Great Creator had made.

And Miriam the prophetess, the sister of Aaron, took a timbrel in her hand; and all the women went out after her with timbrels and with dances. Exodus 15:20

There would be several Red Sea like after the first round of chemo, a couple of tumors had enlarged, while others became stable. The doctor sat with us to discuss the results and conveyed that we would need a change of plan, of treatment. My husband looked at me from across the room and I began to pray, within myself, as the doctor laid out two options. One was a cocktail of chemo drugs and the second was a new drug just cleared that day or week for lung cancer patients. The doctor looked at my husband for his answer and my husband eyes darted across the room. His doctor had made it clear that the second option, he hadn't even tried on his patients yet. From that place of knowing, I heard myself saying "Opdivo!" My husband was in direct agreement with the Holy Spirit and after his first session of Opdivo I could tell that it was working! No, I had no medical or scientific evidence but that "knowing" was leading me, prompting me, helping me to pray for him, cover him, and stand in the gap!

It enabled me to Dance Like the Angels!

Dancing Like Angels

As I conclude this thought, you my ask where did the title of this writing come from? Deep. Deep inside me. A place where I knew we were in the fight of our lives. I knew that my Faith must stand against the adversity. Now, I was not only a wife, mother, daughter, and sister, I was now a warrior. Whether I wanted to be or not! I had to stand! Stand against what it looked like!

Then I thought, I remember hearing stories of the Angels crying Holy, Holy, Holy and them singing of His wonderful glory! The angels always come into His presence to worship Him, not to be ministered to. The angels worship Him tirelessly, selflessly, and with the sole purpose of reverence.

This enables me to make HIM bigger then my circumstances, greater than my adversities, and strengthens my Faith. Whose report shall you believe? I believe the report of the Lord! -- Isaiah 53:1

We continue to believe and walk in Faith...


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