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Your whole life is boiling down to this one question

Updated on August 18, 2015

The Funeral

As I walked through these big black doors, as if I was in slow motion.

All sense of time somehow erased.

I walked into that funeral parlor in the middle of a service. Suddenly, I came

to myself & realized I didn't know why I walked in here like I was being drawn or on auto pilot.

I was wondering Why Am I Here? Quietly I took my seat so I could figure out who's funeral I was at.

I was peering at a white casket but I couldn't see who it was. So many sad and grieving people around me I could feel the heaviness in the room. Breaking the silence a woman screamed out No! No!- in agony & deep sorrow. I turned around and was surprised to see that everyone that was around me were people that I knew & also my family. Nervousness and fear was trying to take me over.I turned to my right and noticed my uncle Mike was sitting close to me.I ask to him " "who died"? One more time I said "who died"? That was strange to me but I found my Mother two rows up. I went to her and ask" what happened"? No reply either! I took into consideration that maybe her hard sobbing was to loud for her to hear me. Becoming more & more fearful by my every move I yell "who died"? Silence. "Hello"! "Hello"! "I 'm not the one dead here"! Not knowing what to do & I was confused.

Finally I see my husband and children. As fast as I could I went to him and ask "who's this funeral for"? No answer. His face was gray and gloomy. He just kept covering his face in grief. I reached out to touch him and my hand went swoop right through his shoulder! With it being my time to scream in terror and shock, I didn't know what was going on or how to stop it! Why was I here?

Trembling but I started to move again, I followed my family around to figure out who it was. The casket was shut for some reason. My husband & kids were saying things like "I died suddenly", "I died immediately" "They don't know what they are going to do"

They claimed I had died suddenly in a major car accident. I wasn't speeding & was wearing my seatbelt. The police said the crash involved 4 cars 2 semi trucks & Report said" I happened to be in between the two semi trucks & died on impact".

The report stated:

33 yr old white female,

Sudden death by Decapitation,

Over 100 bones crushed on impact.

Thankfully by now I started to feel numb... I'm mean in shock.

I was not wanting to deal with the reality of my death.

Okay I'm dead now! Being naive I thought I was to young to die. I was so upset. I'm separated

from my family, & my life will never be the same! My life on earth is over! I should be a little more

happy about getting to go to heaven then this. God forgive me. Hey why am I here? I'm not a

demon & for sure not an angel! In a twist my soul engulfing my body I ran outside all the wayup the road.

Images that I can only describe to you holographic started to appear in the sky. God started to

show me every moment I chose to believe and trust Him. Also every single act of faith & love

done because I loved Him. God also showed me how much He intervened and saved my life. God

showed me what a mess my life would of been without me accepting Jesus as my Lord & Savior.

I was still wondering why I was still there. I died- in the word of God it says I go to heaven because I believed in my heart that God raised Jesus from the dead & I did confess Jesus as my Lord. So I'm not a demon and still not an angel. As I started thinking this is way to much to bear, I heard a voice like thunder that caused peace to embrace me. God Said " there is no place in between heaven and hell. Purgatory no longer is available to mankind ever since the day Jesus rose from the dead ". " Tell my people this and let them know how gracious I am," Tell them how much I really truly love them", "Make it plain & clear, always in the spirit of love".God then told me to go immediately & tell you this message (the dead can't talk to the living, I know this.. this is point I overlooked writing this page lol - While we are alive we are to share the truth with the people God sends to us.)

As I complete this mission by this in my closing- God has given you free will to chose Him or not.When you die you will no longer have the option of a free will choice, to change what you choose to put your faith in. At the very least for your own sake accept Jesus as your Lord- Invest some of your time in building a relationship with Jesus. Ask him to lead and guide you into the truth. God loves you & sent Jesus just to give you the gift of free salvation with no condemnation. Please die in the right spiritual condition!

Your whole life is boiling down to this one question-- Did you accept Jesus?

And the Lord said, Simon, Simon, behold, Satan hath desired [to have] you, that he may sift [you] as wheat: (And Jesus said) But I have prayed for thee, that thy faith fail not: and when thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren. Luke 22:31-32

Simon - Peter. Jesus, foreseeing the danger of Peter, and knowing that he was about to deny him, took occasion to forewarn him and put him on his guard, and also to furnish him with a solace when he should be brought to repentance.

Satan hath desired - Satan is the prince of evil. One of his works is to try the faith of believers to place temptations and trials in their way, that they may be tested. Thus God gave Job into his hands, that it might be seen whether he would be found faithful, or would apostatize. See the notes at Job 1:7-12. So Satan desired to have Peter in his hands, that he might also try him.

May sift you as wheat - Grain was agitated or shaken in a kind of fan or sieve. The grain remained in the fan, and the chaff and dust were thrown off. So Christ says that Satan desired to try Peter; to place trials and temptations before him; "to agitate him" to see whether anything of faith would remain, or whether all would not be found to be chaff - mere natural order and false professions.

If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is your Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.For it is by believing in your heart that you are made right with God, and it is by confessing with your mouth that you are saved.Romans 10:9-10

You Don't Know When you Are Going To Die

Death Accounts of those born again in my life - the time period inbetween there deathday.

My Mother 2yrs after accepting Christ as her Lord. And this was the day God intervened into her life and backed off all evil to ensure her salvation even though she refused His call on her life for many years. God is awesome for this!

Neighbor Lady one day refused to accept Jesus and left storming off and the next day broke down crying to accept Jesus as her Lord and the very following day was found dead sitting up in a bus.   And again God is awesome!

A man at the V.A. Hospital was all excited about receiving Jesus 2 wks before this day and then he was found dead sitting up in the doctors waiting room 1-2 hrs after giving his testimony of Jesus to my friend!

Another lady that I knew and had only met in person one time received Jesus about 6 months before dieing. God is always on time and never to late!










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    • profile image

      Randy Robinson 

      4 years ago

      Good read, I don't know if I'm ready to die, I excepted Christ long ago but I don't feel my life reflects that of a Christian person. The bible says by their walk shall you know them. I don't think my walk is that of a christian man. I just keep begging God to forgive me and I have most of my life but I also keep sinning and doing wrong not knowing how to say no or to turn fully away the sins that condemn me.

    • mythbuster profile image


      9 years ago from Utopia, Oz, You Decide

      Fantastic "creepy pasta" on this hub!


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