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The Diary - Hell on Earth.

Updated on February 6, 2019
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I have been studying and teaching Bible doctrine for over 48 years and the shepherding teacher for home based Churches. Sola Scriptura

The Human Heart Filters What It Wants To See.

They have eyes but they will not see.
They have eyes but they will not see. | Source

Preface IV - Judgment Begins in Earnest.

Preface for the 4th installment of an end of days’ timeline.

  1. The 70th Week began the moment the “to be determined” world leader signed a seven-year peace pact with many nations. After a short period of silence in heaven, with the 144,000 in place for the greatest revival in the history of man; it is God’s “shock and awe” upon an unaware world that opens the flood gates of judgment.
  2. No one has ever witnessed such widespread destruction since the days of Noah. Seven trumpets herald an ever-increasing severity of judgment upon an unrepentant people. The first four wreak havoc and death upon every phase of the ecological system. The final three are each given a name; 1st, 2nd and 3rd WOEs, full of misery and death to man. Yet the worst is still to come.

A Judgment To Take One's Breath Away.

 Why wouldn't anyone believe after the first trumpet?
Why wouldn't anyone believe after the first trumpet? | Source

The Dairy – Part X – The First Trumpet.

September 1st – It has been over a month since my conversion to becoming a follower of the Messiah and since that day of thunder, earthquakes and lightning, it has again been eerily quiet. Not much on the news except experts debating whether the shock and awe was God inspired or just the earth going through a phase of adjustment due to man’s harm to the environment, blah, blah. I have been really busy though; I am getting versed in everything biblical. They are holding daily and nightly meetings, teaching those of us who responded to their message, the basics of what we now believe and what we are to expect in the days ahead. You would think it would be scary, considering our end is to become a martyr, but I cannot get enough. My wife thinks I am crazy for sure now, but I will hold hope for her one day to see the Truth.

September 5th – I spoke too soon, WOW, did I ever. I woke up on the morning of the 2nd, early as usual and turned on the TV and it hasn’t been turned off since. The world seemed to be on fire but that was only part of it. I have since learned that great portions of the Taiga (the world’s largest forest which circles the globe near the Arctic Circle) and the Amazon rain forests have been destroyed by huge hail stones. The Mid-west and Ukraine farm-belts were not only pounded by hail but are totally ablaze. In China and Asia as a whole the rice crops were not only damaged by hail, but it looks like blood has been identified mixed with the hail and the rice bowl of the world is polluted beyond repair. Amazingly, no major cities were directly affected, fruit bearing trees and vines remained untouched and in Israel life goes on unaffected. The UN announced that it was going to put major restrictions on the world’s commodity markets to keep investors from capitalizing on the current events which would slow the recovery and would ultimately create a worse starvation scenario.

The pundits on TV were seeing who could debate louder than the other. It seemed the God inspired havoc side was losing to the “this is a natural event that has most likely occurred several times over the millions of years of earth’s existence” crowd. As for me, considering both the thundering event and the hail, fire, blood catastrophe, it seems like the Bible is batting a thousand so far. One fact that confuses the pundits, is that considering the damage, the loss of life seemingly was very small.

Wednesday the 10th, I went to one of my regular scheduled training sessions with my Jewish mentors and my wife went with me. There was a much bigger crowd this time and a lot of questions. Their answers did not bring great comfort to anyone, my wife included. I was not scared, but I felt overwhelmed by enormity of the event; it was truly unimaginable until I witnessed it firsthand. The message I know that my wife heard was “it was going to get worse”, but what I got out of the meeting was that foreknowledge will build strength and courage for the terrible days ahead.

Who Can Fathom An Ocean Turned To Blood?

The hardness of man's heart will make them blind to the Truth.
The hardness of man's heart will make them blind to the Truth. | Source

The Dairy – Part XI – The Second Trumpet.

April 2, 2026, Thursday – I knew it was coming but I am having a hard time coping with my own life, let alone what is going on in the world. The Jewish mentors have moved on to other cities and have left myself and 2 others in charge of our weekly meetings. Now the crowds are growing again (there are more than 500 of us now) and they are looking to the 3 of us for answers; it is a heavy burden, for I have to tell them the Truth. My wife still has not made a commitment, but she is faithful in coming. Having a child is now out of the question.

For nearly seven months, the world has been in recovery mode and great progress has been made in reclaiming the croplands. Air quality is not good, leaving a lot of people with respiratory problems. Then on April Fool’s Day, per the loudest pundits, a huge part of an asteroid, a monster meteorite or a chunk of a comet crashed into Indian/Pacific oceans causing massive tidal waves which destroyed a major portion of the world’s shipping trade as well as many of the world’s military vessels. Besides the loss of life, the oceans appeared to turn red like blood. At this moment they are not sure how this will affect sea life, but there are reports of a lot of dead fish covering the ocean’s surface. I believe is NOT like blood but is actually blood. I did some research and found that blood and salt water have a lot in common. In fact, during WWI when they ran short of plasma for wounded soldiers, they used salt water to stabilize them until they could get their hands on the real stuff. I am not a chemist, but I think God knows what it would take to change salt water into blood, even “scientifically”. It really is a burden when you know what is coming, knowing that you will have to live through it and there is nothing you can do about it. To those who sought my advice, I summed it up in three ways: their need of repentance, knowledge of what is yet to come and to be prepared, physically and emotionally.

It Will Rain Death Upon The Waters.

Hunger is now going to be accompanied by great thurst.
Hunger is now going to be accompanied by great thurst. | Source

The Day The Sun Will Refuse To Shine.

The world will discover how painful darkness can be.
The world will discover how painful darkness can be. | Source

The Dairy – Part XII – The Third and Fourth Trumpets

June 20, 2027 – Sunday afternoon. What a year or so it has been: I have had no time to myself with all that has happened; I am going to sit here and vegetate for a while. First the good news: my wife is now a believer and without her help, I don’t know how I would have made is this far, and our local fellowship is nearly a thousand. We have broken into small groups, with the leadership meeting every couple of months or so.

The other news: about 3 or 4 months after the oceans (they actually turned to blood) disaster, those nations who lived on mainly fish diets are seeing famine like conditions; we cannot get supplies going fast enough due to the lack of shipping. When it seemed like a worst-case scenario, fireworks appeared in the skies over the continents and the flaming meteorites? fell predominantly on rivers and lakes, literally turning the waters into poison. This caused massive amount of deaths around the world. Here, we seemed to have dodged that bullet and of course nothing touched Israel’s water supply. We are suffering from poor air quality, food and water shortages and now disease is becoming the new angel of death, with millions of dead bodies that cannot be disposed of quickly enough. Water supplies for crops are at a premium and the recovery has almost come to a stop.

About a month ago, a solar event occurred that took me by surprise. When the Bible states that the sun would shine 1/3 less, I assumed it would be due to the darkened skies as result of all the world’s disasters piling up; but that is NOT the case. The super know-it-alls are at a loss to explain this current phenomenon, which is causing problems no one could foresee. The weather has turned cooler, but it is the effect upon agriculture that is going to reverse the recovery efforts. They, the experts, say this is not a temporary condition and will affect life in ways which will only make our current situation much worse. The human psyche cannot cope without a healthy dose of sunshine: mental disorders will increase, including depression, suicidal tendencies, eating disorders, social disfunction and violent behavior. You would think by now, more people would be turning to God, but that is NOT the case.

Next: No Where to Hide.


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