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Do You Really Believe In God?

Updated on January 18, 2022

Do You Really Believe In God?

If you don’t, then there is really no sense in continuing to read any further is there?

But if you do believe or if you are at least a little bit unsure if you believe or not, then read on...

Now there was a very famous, a very intelligent and a very scientific person who said something like “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.”

Now do you want to try something new today? Yes, even it is means that you could make a mistake. For me and for that very wise person who said that, being mistaken still beats not making one because you never did try anything new.

Although, if you truly believe in your heart that there is no God, then you can stop right here and you can go on to do other things.

Stop Or Go?

If you believe in God then we go on.

So if you believe, what do you really believe in?

Or if you want to believe in God, what type of God?

You see for me, what you primarily believe in is a Creator. That, as opposed to natural selection, evolution, primordial soup, black hole origin and other theories, scientific or otherwise.

Also if you believe in God, you believe in the supernatural, in the sense that you believe in a Supernatural Being—the Supreme Being, the Creator of all things. You believe in something bigger than us. You believe in the unseen (as well as in all things seen).

And this is mainly what differentiates you from those who choose not to believe in God. And we have a term for that, so if you believe in labels, we can call them, Atheists.

Now there is another group of people who truly believe that it is really quite impossible to know whether there is a God or not. Although, that by itself is almost admitting that not being a God ourselves, we cannot really determine if there is God. And if I am correct, in a way they have a point! And that is where they choose to stand on all this. And again, if we want to label them, we can call them, Agnostics.

Okay, there are so many different levels or kinds of Agnostics, as there are many different levels and types of Atheists, and there are so many other different labels for people who believe in something else, including the Pantheists who believe that the Universe itself is God.

In the same way, there are many different kinds of labels for people who believe in God. For simplicity, let us call them as Theists.

And we shouldn’t be surprised that there are also many different levels and kinds of Theists as there seems to be many different kinds of Gods (or gods). Again, do not be surprised, as there are also people who do not merely believe in a single universe however humongously huge and immeasurably enormous it is. And these people believe that there are many universes out there or that there are multi-universes. And that by itself is so overwhelming, my mind seems to be shutting down just trying to comprehend that one.

Anyway, for this purpose, let us just limit the term God as the Creator, the Creator of the Universe that is. And let us limit it further to the “Christian” God.

I know, you might believe in another God but for today (for simplicity's sake or at least for the purpose of being able to write this down), we will be talking about the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. And as I have said, to limit it further we will talk about the God of Peter, Paul and Mary. Okay, that may throw you off a bit. Let me redefine that as the God of Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, and yes of Peter and Paul, the apostles and Mary, the mother of Jesus.

And so if that is the same God, you believe in, I have one more quote for you from the same very intelligent and a very scientific person who said “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.”

For that same person also said “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

And that person was none other than Nobel Prize winner in the field of Physics, Albert Einstein, who was both a scientist and a philosopher. His very name today is synonymous to being a genius and his brain has been preserved after his death for the purpose of future studies on it, so in all probabilities, he was really that good (or that bad for that matter).

And so if you believe in God, then are you still doing the same bad things over and over, expecting something good to come out of it? (Or a different result each time you do).

And if you are unsure if you really believe in God, then have you tried to at least believe if there could be one? Or are you one of those people who never make mistakes because you never try anything new? (I highly doubt that).

The Bible tells us that God is the Creator and that is one version that supports the many other Creation Theories which try to explain the origins of life and the Universe. The Bible expounds and states that God is the Creator of heaven and earth, and everything in it.

And so if you believe in that God, don’t you believe he is in control of everything?

Do you trust God?

Do you, really?

Does it show in the way you live and conduct your life, your thoughts, your decisions, your actions and the way you treat others?

If you are unsure if there is a God or not, have you taken steps to be sure or at least to be sure that there isn’t one? Now the better question is, can we ever be sure that there is no God?

If you believe in God, if you really believe in God, then make up your mind to really believe and not just be a fence sitter or someone who does not make up their mind on what to do, how to act and how to live their lives. If you believe in God, then believe in God wholeheartedly not part-time or be swayed by or try to inject other beliefs to see if they would work in conjunction. Yes, as in just in case they do, right?

If you believe in God, you believe God created you. You believe God is good and that you believe that God created you as God’s masterpiece, as in everything else God has made.

Now go out there and act like one. (No, wait before you go, watch the video below)

For those of you who do not believe in God, you can probably go watch it or not. All up to you for you can do whatever you want to do, for we are all here by chance anyway.

Do You Believe In God?

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Thou Shalt Chill: The eleventh command sadly was delayed at the typesetter's office due to an insufficient balance in God's debit card. He had it all "worked-out" and ran after Moses in hopes of catching him. In the toon, A young God runs down

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