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Dream Interpretations by Prophets

Updated on November 20, 2008

Dream Dictionaries. Check God's Word when in use.

Dream Interpretations

In Please Don't Do Me Any Favors pt 1 I spoke about people who call themselves pastors and leading the sheep astray through false teachings. I spoke against the use of the congregations for the personal gain of the "pastor." The Lord brought conviction to those who are misusing their callings to edify themselves. Pt 1 also talked about people who have been hurt by the church. Please read pt1 for further details.

In pt 2 "Prophetic Confunsion," The Lord effectively gave specific instructions concerning true biblical prophecy. In this message true prophecy is a word given by God to his people through 1-His voice, 2-His Holy Scriptures,3-The prophets, and 4-the devil. Yes I said the devil because after the Lord gave a Word, the devil tries to abort the word by causing doubt.

Which brings me to Please Don't Do Me Any Favors pt 3-"Interpretations"

This particular message is to alert the saints of false doctrines concerning the interpretations of dreams.

For the sake of time I will give brief statements in this section...

If we can recall all the dreams that were mentioned in the Bible and needed interpretations, a prophet (old testament) gave the interpretation. The interpretations were usually biblically backed up by the word of the Lord. And we all know the characteristics of a "Prophet." A prophet usually spoke declared and decreed the Word of the Lord through divine revelation or hearing his voice.

Back in the Biblical days the kings, pharos, emperors, etc...required an interpretation of their dreams. The interpreters usually were soothsayers, sourcerors, and people who practiced paganistic rituals. Most of the interpreters have been unsuccessful with giving accurate interpretations. Thus placing prophets in the position to give a prophetic word that brought forth a divine interpretation. Read the book of Daniel for starters. Review the life of Joseph when he was sold into slavery for further studies.

I say all that to bring forth your attention to properly interpreting dreams. When you are presented with a dream for interpretation there are three things that must happen before a word can be given.


1. You must pray that your spirit is not contaminated with outside influences or personal feelings about the dream. This could cause an incorrect interpretation because you are too close the the situation to objectively speak on it. That is why it is crucial to empty out yourself so the Lord can fill you with the right things to say


2. Everything must be scripturally based. If it doesn't come from the word of the Lord than it is void, empty, meaningless.

God said he doesn't lie and HIS WORD will NEVER return to him VOID

. If you can not find the scriptures through the Holy Spirit, check your interpretation.

As I mentioned before, God speaks directly to the person first...then the word backs it up...then the prophet confirms what thus says the Lord...and lastly the devil shows up.

An interpretation comes through much prayer and fasting and can not and I repeat can not come from quickly hearing certain details. Every detail in a dream is important and must not be overlooked. The overlooked details could be where the Word is. Remember that God takes the foolish things to confound the wise.

As I stated in Prophetic Confusion, a prophet will never prophesy something they heard about. They never prophesy gossip, or any other substance that was not of God.

With all this said, if the prophet gave the rulers of their country and time an incorrect interpretation, they were sentence to death. We can take that literally since the wages of sin is death but he gift of God is eternal through Christ Jesus. I use this scripture because when you interprate a dream falsely it is a sin to blaspheme the Word of God.

How can anyone interprete a dream if they are not a prophet? In Amos God said he will do nothing unless it is revealed through his prophets. Meaning that everything that will take place, the prophets will have the divine revelation to bring forth warning. As we all know that whenever the Lord said something was going to happen, HE sent the word through his prophets first.

Giving false interpretations is a wicked practice. Its witchcraft because it practices deception.....

I am going to end it here because I think enough was said. I really can go on and on about this subject....


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    • profile image

      Vivian 7 years ago

      Thank you Lady LaShonda this was useful,good advice..So true God will use the Prophet to confirm and the Liar shows up after to rob,steal,kill and destroy. You always give us good reference book list for further assistance and with dreams spiritual depth going in deeper with knowledge of symbols is necessary. thanx for even touching the topic of dream interpretation strickly from a Biblical view.