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Please Don't Do Me any Favors 4 Influences

Updated on November 22, 2008

From The Apostle's Desk

My message to you.
My message to you.

My Ministry Resume

My resume as a child in church is long. By the time I was 15, I was just about on every ministry of the church. I started on the usher board, the helping hand ministry, youth and hallalujah choirs, and the little and big sister ministry. I was baptized at 12 and already served on at least two of those ministries. After baptism, the missionary ministry was well in my sights. I took to that ministry because the love for humanity is my gift. Also in order to become an evangelist of the Baptist church I attended, the missionary and or the deaconess ministry were the guidelines. What I found interesting was the fact that this church I attended, at the time didn't believe in ordaining women preachers.

Needless to say, I really had no chance on ever fulfilling that calling as long as the pastor of that church was still holding the seat. During that time, my real ministry began as worship leader every third Sunday. I made full proof of this ministry. I did this until the death of the pastor all the way to the next pastor. During the next pastorialship, traditions have been broken concerning women preachers. However, I fell short by having a baby out of wedlock. The office of the Evangelist wasn't achieved until I went to a holiness church. I went to this church because they really believed that you can come exactly the way you are. I was accepted by everyone and was never judged for my shortcomings. Because I was not perfect {and none of us are} the pastor wasn't perfect either.

I loved this pastor who was Bishop Elect before his glorious meeting with the Lord. My influence refuse to take part of anything pertaining to his ministry, let alone any ordinations. The fact that God has made ways out of no way didn't even matter to this person. I received salvation and the holy spirit through this Deliverance Temple two key elements that I would have never received at my previous church.

According to the Word of God, we all have different gifts a callings. All of us will not travel the same road to obtain our offices. Some of us have to learn the hard way Some of us has to go to siminary and college to further our education concerning ministry. We are living in the informational age where computers are more of a need instead of a want. It is too the point where if you want to attend a certain college and have no means of relocating, you could go to the online campus or take corresponding classes. Unconventional to the least to say.

I say all of this because I received my pastorial license and ordination the unconventional way. I was ordained by the bishop of American Fellowship Church. This bishop not only have a district, but districts. He should be an apostle. Most non-denominational independent pastors of America get their ordinations from him. I attended 1 1/2 years of siminary where I received my assignments by mail. I had to return my homework in for grading. I am proud to boast that the lowest numerical grade received was an 85. My completion of siminary resulted with an ordination ceremony that would have taken me to California to obtain. Considering the fact that my family wouldn't have had the finances to attend the ceremony, I opted for my certificate arrive by US Postal Services. Yes I had to pay for my siminary, the ordination was free but a fee for my license had to be paid.

Your Influences

Most of you have read my series 'Please Don't Do Me Any Favors' series. This is a continuation. If you haven't read them yet, I suggest reading them first so you can get the full understanding as to what will be discussed in this blog.

Something happened to me one Sunday that moved me to write this for all who value their influences. Often the people who are the closest to us may be the very ones to hurt us in some way, shape or form. Most of them don't know that they have offended you until later confronted. Many of us value the opinions of our influences. Your influence may be your parents, spouse, children, grandparents, co-workers, siblings, etc....Your influence may be your Apostle, Bishop, Pastor, or mentor. Whomever they are, an important roll must be played on their behalf in order for you to hold dear some of the opinions issued.

For centuries, a girl calculated her values based on how she was loved and cared for by her mother. A male child valued his manhood based off principles displayed by his father. But what happens when a child is raised by a grandparent. I am not a grandparent yet, but many of them always say that they try to raise their grandchildren better than the methods used to raise their own children. Most grandparents try to correct mistakes by showering the grandchildren with money, love, and affection rarely given to their own children.

I talk about this because most grandparents instill a belief system in their grandchildren. I was one of those grandchildren who was raised by my grandmother. My grandmother made sure I went to church faithfully, every Sunday and every other day during the week for different ministries meetings.

False Doctrines

In my previous blogs the scripture came from Matthew where the traditions of man caused many to transgress against the Law. How many of us really understood that scripture. Let me enlighten you all just in case you don't know. From the beginning of time, the Hebrews (Jews) were in control of our belief as we know it. The Ten Commandments is our law, that should be observed to the fullest. During the course of time, the Jews were creating sub laws to coincide with and enforce the law. For example, on the Sabbath, a woman couldn't look in the mirror to fix her hair. They feared if she noticed a gray strand, she would be moved to pluck it. If a person, spit on soil and the saliva mixed with the dirt, constitutes work because of the possibility a plant could grow from it. Same with the plucking of the gray strand. Both cases constitutes work done on the Sabbath.

I am writing this to the Body of Christ because man's doctrines are causing many of us to sin against the law. If you know you have a calling on your life and your church doesn't believe in what the bible says, than you are associated with the wrong people. Paul says that if any other gospel is being preached than the birth, life, death, and the resurrection of Jesus Christ, is a false prophet. It is a false doctrine.

When Jesus called his apostles, did he affirm them as apostles? Did he ever call them Apostle Matthew, or Apostle John. The offices were given according to the gifts that God created in man. The world is the ones who thrive off of titles. We are disciples after we come into the realization of Christ. We become Evangelists when we convert nations to a relationship with God. We are the teachers of the gospel in our homes and in the church. We are Pastors when we teach and preach the gospel to congregations. We are prophets by nature declaring only what thus says the Lord. Last but not least, we are Apostles when we set governmental order in the Body of Christ. None of these can be obtained without the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Just because you may obtain your divine destination differently than the way that others have achieve their's doesn't make you unqualified or not called. Be who God has called you to be and make full proof of your ministry. You will suffer dire consequences if you choose not to go forth because the doctrine you currently uphold say's otherwise. God will hold you accountable, not the doctrine. The doctrine can not stand for you in judgment.

Jesus did away with doctrines of man when he flipped the tables in the temple.

Jesus did away with doctrines of man when he healed the sick on the Sabbath.

Jesus did away with doctrines of man when he associated himself with sinners and not the pharisees.

Jesus did away with doctrines of man when he forgave the woman caught in adultery.

Jesus did away with doctrines of man when he preached in the streets and in people's homes.

Jesus did away with doctrines of man when he changed the Passover meal to the Last Supper.

Jesus did away with doctrines of man when he went against the laws of nature by resurrecting on the third day.

Jesus did away with the doctrines of man....


For centuries until the coming of the Messiah, these practices were more observed than the actual keeping of the commandments. Stoning to death was the penalty for such acts like adultery. But yet adultery was their practice when turned against God and heaped unto themselves false doctrines that caused them to prostitute God's word. As in used it to suit their political agenda. AND YES THE CHURCH HAS ITS POLITICAL AGENDA'S TOO. Its called protocal.

Protocal is a series of events that must be taken in order to achieve or establish certain ministries in the church. I am not preaching against protocal, but when protocal goes against the law than I have to preach such. When what you are doing goes against the laws of God to achieve an office, then you are absolutely wrong. Example, you can not pay your way to the top. The bible says you are only responsible for your tithes and offerings. Everything else is extra. It is a practice of deception and trickery. It is a bribe when you think you could pay monetarily for the office. NO babies it doesn't work like that.

This was Jesus’ whole reason for redemption of man. He suffered the greatest sacrifice by laying down his life so we may have life more abundantly. The sad part is he came into this world and yet people received him not. If it wasn't for Jesus we all would still be stoned to death for our sins. He didn't come into this world to do away with the law. He came to fulfill it. He came to seal the deal with his signature written in his blood and righteousness. AND YES JESUS DID AWAY WITH PROTOCAL TOO!

Back to My Experience with My Influence

I went to my cousin's trial sermon and her bishops recommended that she be ordained as an Evangelist. Her sermon went well. The Lord used her mightily. I couldn't complain not one bit because she preached the unadulterated truth. However the devil tried to steal my joy by tapping me on the shoulder and telling me I need a formal ordination service. That I needed a public announcement. That I needed to join some other ministry and receive their ordination certificate and license. The problem was, it was a Baptist doctrine that I should follow. I am sorry, but I follow the doctrine of the Holy Spirit. The entire bible is my doctrine. I can not allow the doctrines of man to cause me to transgress against the Laws of God.

According to God, he knew me before I was even created in my mother's womb. Before I came out of the belly, he sanctified me. Not only did he ordain me from the beginning to be the prophetess to all nations, the Lord also blessed me with the yearning for souls in a way that only pastors can. Anointing begats anointing. You become who you hang around with. The Lord blessed me with two mentors who affirmed me to the office of the Apostle. Both of them are apostles that I hold in high regards. I love these two with every fiber of my being. Most of all, God has shown me the visions and mandated me for such in night and day visions. Before I was affirmed, I was confirmed by Jesus Christ the Anointed one. My mentors Apostle T. Greene of New York and Apostle C. Abbott III of Delaware both knew this before I did. I have to give love to Apostle Donna of Georgia for confirming what my mentors knew. In fact she called me the pastor's pastor because the Lord placed it in her spirit to do so. I have to give love to Prophetess Satin on Texas because she was there to witness my affirmation and spoke a word over my life. I have to show love for Prophetess Lawanda Sparrow of New Jersey because she was their during my transformation. I give so much love and appreciation for Elder Joel Lucas of Maryland because he was there for me in more ways that I can count. All of these people I have mentioned has been there for me every single day even if we haven's spoken every single day. But knowing that there were God sent people in my life that I could pick up the phone and call and were never too busy to speak with me means the world to me. These are my truest influences.


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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I read all of your post, and each one of them touched me in mighty way. As a Prophetess myself, I have experienced church hurt, I have experienced people prophecying to me from some gossip they have heard. The thing is I could relate to a lot of the things that you speak about. I too was raised by my grandmother and learned about God at an early age. I believe in spreading the unadulterated gospel as well. I'm currently going through some things right now, because God sent his warning and I feel like instead of receiving the message, they decided to persecute me and condemn me, but the Spirit of the Lord told me to shake the dust off of my feet. I truly thank God for using you to speak the truth concerning "Order in the Church", " Prophet Confusion" and " Dream Interpretation" I will continue to follow you as the Lord continue to use you. You are so anointed, and I thank God for you. Keeping speaking the WORD, because we need more people like you out here. Much love to you woman of God!

    • sukkran profile image

      Mohideen Basha 

      9 years ago from TRICHY, TAMIL NADU, INDIA.

      hi, i admire you. what a writing. great. really great.


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