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Coffee with Jesus - Inspirational Story

Updated on March 31, 2016

A cup Coffee of Faith

The conventional church is empty with prayer. Chair stand alone and floor is cold. Why sermon is not biting my heart? Old hymn just passing my ear and disappear in air. Ordinary smile of old people, grandpa and grandma. Do they talk with their guardian? Is it Jesus present and have a cup of coffee with us today?

A cup of coffee with Jesus is an essay about faith and empty church. Young generation is lost in church, but I believe some of them truly not lost in faith. They need a cup of coffee, but church did not deserve it. Coffee is a friend in the beginning of morning. Maybe for some of us, they prefer drink tea. Whatever it is, we need both in hot or warm, smell good, and cherish our morning, put smile and spirit in our soul. A cup of coffee is the simplest prayer and gratitude when we woke up in this morning. A cup of coffee is a simple words about “Good morning Lord”, “Thank for this morning and coffee dear”, “Good morning charming wife”, “Good morning handsome husband”, “Good morning children”, and more.

Drink a Cup of Coffee with Jesus

Church should be like Jesus, serves and serves the life. I imagine that I woke up this morning. I am tired with day of work. I walk into the kitchen and Jesus sit down there enjoy a cup of coffee. Jesus smiles for me and serves me a cup of hot coffee.

Coffee with Jesus
Coffee with Jesus | Source

“Thanks, old brother,” I gratitude Him.

“You’re welcome, brother,” He replied.

We have simple chat about weather and news. My wife and children joint the table. Jesus prepares jasmine tea for my wife, milk and breakfast for my noisy children.

I am ready going to work. “Thanks for the coffee, Lord,” I said to Jesus. He just nods and smiles back.

“What a wonderful Lord, You are”.

Comic of Coffee with Jesus
Comic of Coffee with Jesus | Source

Where is my cup of coffee, Lord?

Many of us wake up every morning without having a cup of coffee. Our kitchen is not look likes small church where family gathers in the morning. The coffee is still hot but not warms our heart. Monday to Friday, we go to work; Saturday maybe shopping and cleaning the house; and Sunday… that the day when you can see the church is nearly empty. Where are we? We know best the answer.

Drink Coffee with Jesus
Drink Coffee with Jesus

You need a cup of coffee from your church, a hot one, smell good, and serves with nice smile. You asked yourself, “Where is my cup of coffee here, Lord?” You are weary and louder your voice. But somebody asked you to silence. “Please, be quite in church,” you got an advice.

You walk out disappointedly. You then decide to have a cup of coffee at downtown. But before you leaving the church, a Person greet you, “Where are you going, old friend?”

But you don’t recognize Him anymore.

You walk with anger of your life.

“Do you need a cup of coffee in your kitchen?” He asked you again.



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    • Esrom Art profile image

      Esrom Aritonang 4 years ago from Indonesia

      Thank you, brother. Grammar is my basic problem in writing. English is second language for me. I will try to improve it. I will appreciate if you tell me the common mistake I made in my writing above. God bless us.

    • willbelove profile image

      Rodric Johnson 4 years ago from Phoenix, AZ

      I like your perspective. The grammar could use some work, but this is awesome.