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Expanding My Comfort Zone

Updated on January 7, 2016

Being in my comfort zone means being comfortable with who I am and what I can do. Just like everyone else my comfort zone is expanding, or better yet evolving. It does this naturally and subtly. Some of us don't realize our comfort zone has expanded until we need to do something outside of it which we thought would be difficult but only to discover that was not the case. I realize that as I have aged my zone has expanded and as long as I remain prayerful and in a reserved state of consciousness I am likely to plot a course that will provide peace of mind whenever I decide to or am forced to leave my comfort zone.

You can expand your financial comfort zone, but; your personality, professional, relationships such as with a spouse, significant other, and in particularly your Spiritual Comfort zone should evolve over time naturally. Once this progression is recognized it becomes easier to confidently move outside your area of comfort, making an area of discomfort an area of comfort.

Overcoming fears are usually done by Faith and the more we use it the more comfortable we become thus allowing one to further expand their comfort zone.

By Sandy R. Mays


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