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Easter Day 2010 Earthquake

Updated on January 14, 2022

7.2 Baja California Earthquake Easter Day 2010

Yes, if you live in Baja California, in Southern California and even as far away as Phoenix in Arizona and Las Vegas in Nevada, then you were probably among the millions who felt the Easter Day Earthquake.

Great day to have one huh?

It was first reported to be a 6.9 Magnitude Quake but I guess after earthquake scientists (or whatever we call those experts in that field) did all their reexamining and recalculating and remeasuring, it has since been upgraded to the higher or stronger 7.2 reading at the epicenter somewhere in Baja California.

So why was this quake a special one aside from the fact that it was Easter and aside from the fact that it was my birthday?

Well for one it happened when there was like 20 of us all cramped in a relatively small room watching the movie 2012 in surround sound with home theater speakers in blue-ray high definition on a I would say at least 52” wide screen. (Yes right about at that part before they opened up, completely trashed and dumped Los Angeles, Santa Monica and all its nearby cities into the Pacific Ocean).

Well what do you after you just watched the Lakers beaten badly by an undermanned Spurs in Staples no less?

Go watch a movie with more bad news for one.

And so we did.

At first nobody was noticing that the earth under our feet was really trembling and that it wasn’t just coming from the effects of the movie.

But then as the quake was going on and on and on, like in a swaying, rolling motion, many of us kind of kept quiet and was looking at each other.

And then one finally said, “There’s an earthquake!”.

But then of course I already knew about it long before that pronouncement, being a veteran of many earthquakes and me having an imbalance in my ear so that every unusual rocking will give me a headache.

And then one other person with us pointed to the chandelier in the adjoining room which was still swinging and that settled it.

Talk about special effects!

Although there is one more thing that really makes this earthquake so bizarre and this is about how Matthew, one of the Gospel writers, described the very first Easter Day.

In the Book of Matthew, he wrote that there was a violent earthquake in that place that took place at that time.

So now really, talk about coincidences as well.

And I do not even want to add that according to scientists who are waiting for the so-called Big One and according to the bible, as according to the Mayan Doomsday Prophecies, it tells that in the last days there will be various earthquakes in various places. And of course, we have seen, heard and experienced that ourselves for many years now, although even more noticeably so since the start of this year, 2010.

More hype here:

Incidentally, just in the roughly 24 hours before and in the 24 hours after this 7.2 quake, there was over 500 small earthquakes that were recorded in this area.

See here:

So what do you think, coincidences or we are just watching too many movies and reading too many books?

Your guess may be as good as mine.

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Date: 2010-Apr-05

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