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Energy & Ghostly Apparitions! The first Ghost Cat Appearances!

Updated on February 18, 2015
steve8miller profile image

Steve Miller a dynamic online writer and video editor who has many years of online experience. Building suspense and informing the public...

Energy & Ghost

It was late one night and my friend and I were partying waiting on some girls to arrive. We were standing in my house looking out a large bay window at the crisp clear night. My friend was getting wasted; however I was just hanging out hoping some females would arrive. We were just hanging out waiting for some females to arrive at my house later in the night. We started talking about women and him being wasted, when all of the sudden as I was moving closer to him I startled something. He noticed this too, as each of our eyes darted to the floor in an intense gaze of disbelief we saw something I still cannot fully describe to this day.

It was the ghost cat that would forever change the way I viewed everything. That night my friend and I witnessed a dark shadow which was obviously a cat. As I walked toward my friend it was as if I scared it. It proceeded to jump up from a laying position. It then started moving its feet so fast against the carpet, that for a split second it did not go anywhere. We could hear the feet rustling against the carpet until they found their grip, and the cat darted across the carpet and though my wall. We witnessed the ghost cat pass though the wall and down the sidewalk. We followed the shadow cat with our eyes as it passed though the wall. As our eyes followed the ghost cat we could clearly see the ghost cat as it appeared on the other side of the wall, and down the side walk. It is because we happened to be facing the window as the cat passed under the window though the wall that we saw the ghost cat run down the sidewalk. This shocked both of us, as we looked at one another in total disbelief. Did you see that? My friend yelled at me. Or was it the stuff that I have been smoking. No man! I yelled. That was a freaking ghost cat. We were so shaken about the whole thing; we just stared out the window for what seemed like hours. I still cannot tell you exactly how long we had stood there watching in total disbelief.

Not My Ghost Cat!

The ghost cat I saw looked nothing like this. Actually I would say most ghost cat pictures are totally fake, like this fake ghost cat.
The ghost cat I saw looked nothing like this. Actually I would say most ghost cat pictures are totally fake, like this fake ghost cat.

The Mysterious Ghost Cat!

Why a cat? I often ask myself, why a cat? To this day that question still lingers in my mind. I would have thought I would have witnessed a human beings spirit, or even an evil entity like we all imagine. I like to think that on that night I stumbled into another unknown dimension, a dimension that exists within the soul. However we seem to overlook everything paranormal in this organic busy world. I now live on the fact that we reside in two dimensions at the same time, one dimension of the soul, the other dimension which we reside in currently, in this visible organic reality. If we could somehow blot out the body then we would see the soul walking around doing our everyday task, because the soul is locked within the field that surrounds our bodies. I like to think of the body like a magnet, this magnet contains the soul. When the blood flow stops the field turns off, and the soul is released back to the normal state of existence. Sometimes the soul / spirit / or ghost will linger around the body.

As you may have heard people who have died have had out of body experiences, some people even hearing and seeing everything in the room, even though they are dead. I as well once had my heart stop and fell over dead. I then felt as if I was being sucked or pulled out of my organic body at the speed of light though a tunnel into the vast universe. When I was revived it was as if my soul entered back into my body at the speed of light. When my blood flow stopped my soul was freed or ejected, when my heart started back up and my blood flow was restored, the soul returned into my organic body with a bang. I then took that first breath of life, and it was a doozy. With that breath came a new understanding of everything. An understanding of everything from life to death and even the meaning and ultimate purpose of life it’s self.

Ghostly Night Outside My House in Ohio

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Collective Consciousness

I once posed the question to a friend. What if it is possible for ones own soul to haunt them. If a psychic can use there own bioelectric-energy fields to receive information as well as to travel though time and space. Then it is possible if you are not psychic and do not conform to such ideas, then it could be possible that your own soul could haunt you. Basically what would happen is your soul or part of your own soul would disconnect from your body. Then it would possibly scare you by making noises and even possibly moving things. It could be a part of your own spirit from another time or place where enough emotional energy was left, and your own spirit could haunt you. Perhaps you cold see a child ghost which is really just you as a child. (You could see apparitions of a young child, which would really be you when you were a child). Perhaps the soul would be attempting to remind you of your childhood. (I mention this because I recently heard a case similar to what I am writing about here. My conclusion was that it was the women’s spirit haunting her. Her entire family agreed that the apparitions looked like her childhood pictures. Perhaps her spirit was attempting to help her remember something, or warn her of something. I am not sure.) Interesting thought though, as they say you never know, and will never know until it has been disproven.

Well these principals are facts. The field that envelopes our entire body is known as the aura, and it is the aura which holds the soul contained within the body. Research has been done at the Electromyographic Laboratory at UCLA to show the effects of the electromagnetic field around the human body. Studying the effects of the bioelectric field present in all organic life using highly advanced telemetry Electromyographic instruments, doctors such as Dr. Valerie Hunt have shown that the bio-energy field is not only present, but reacts with other fields. This means that fields can interact with other bioelectric fields, meaning that it is possible for two different people to communicate without technically even physically communicating with each other.

Now we are touching on psychic abilities. NASA as well unintentionally as some might perceive, stumbled on this fact. As NASA found out when they were was testing astronauts for the measured effect of electromagnetic field distortions on the energy field of subjects in a shielded room. These results obviously show that all muscle reactions are first created and vibrated along the bio-energy field. We already know this to the extent of the neural network throughout the human body. As our body has a complex system of microcircuits, neurons connected to synapses formed from axons to dendrites, though the dendrodendritic microcircuits. As well other forms of electric signaling arise from neurotransmitter diffusion. I think I have given you the basic principle here. So basically inside our body complex signaling is taking place and neurologist will tell you that they still have not figured it all out yet.

If mainstream science spent half of the time studying various types of field sciences, as they put into their skepticism, then the advances would be unremarkable and the world would change completely in about six months. The implications of such an understanding of the bio-electric field will be the next generation in medical breakthroughs. As well as a huge leap in revolutionary energy and propulsion technologies. It is the medical breakthroughs that will be revolutionary, as we learn not to treat the organic matter. We instead will take the more direct approach of healing the field around the body instead. Edgar Cayce comes to mind when talking about this subject, as well as the modern aura healers of today.

Ghost Explained Using Modern Science!

If you are wondering "what are ghost?" let me help explain ghost to you. Many people ask the question what are ghost, and I think I can certifiably answer this question as I can testify to the vibration effect that was recorded in that test showing the bio-electric field. I was in a car crash as a child. Now I vividly remember the fact that I had put my seat belt on just before the wreck. I as well was very anxious and nervous right before the crash and then boom. It was as if my body already knew what was going to happen. The vibration from the crash shook me up before any sign of a crash even existed. This has always intrigued me, so recently I have looked on the internet and lo and behold thousands of reports of similar events. Not only involving car crashes but also major events such as that horrible day in September of 2001.

This is very interesting indeed; it appears that some people can pick up vibrations along their field sooner than others. However we are all linked, and this explains how a vibration could ripple down the chain of humanity so rapidly before major worldwide life altering events. It is also interesting how many people were tuned in to the television on that day in September, not even really knowing why. I have heard thousands of stories about people who felt off that day. I realize hindsight is always a player in mass delusion, however nowadays everything is really starting to add up.

The fact is, dark entities exist, and I have found that ghouls and goblins do exist as well, and they have the energy to prove it. It would seem that everything one perceives as not real is in fact real. It is likely that the disruption of the natural bio-energy field is what startled this ghost cat entity in which my friend and I encountered. Basically it felt the vibration of our bio fields, as we got to close to the ghost cat entity and our fields interacted. This field interaction created a vibration which startled my friend, me, as well as the entity ghost cat.

It is common knowledge in particle physics that everything has a field, everything. As well as in Astrophysics, as we all know that stars have complex magnetic fields, and even the active molten metal within planets like the Earth. Other planets whose core have cooled do not have nearly as powerful of an electromagnetic field, however because of the planets mass it does have a field. There could be other ways to amplify the electromagnetic fields around our bodies; we know iron in the earth helps generate the field around this planet. Obviously we know that if you could slam a huge enough rock into Mars, and if it the collision was at the right angle, the collision would heat up and rotate the planet giving a more complex and powerful magnetic field. We as well know that we have iron flowing though our bodies pumped out though our beating hearts just as the earth has flowing iron at its heart.

It is no coincidence that both human beings and the planet have a complex field surrounding us. Perhaps altering, adding, or even amplifying various heavy metals within the blood could amplify the psychic effects for certain human beings. Many things are possible with this higher understanding of complex fields, and energies. So it would seem that the natural state would be that of the soul. This organic matter is simply a gift from a higher power to be shed at a later date in time. However with gifts come responsibilities, so let us just hope that all is well in this fine world of ours.

My Ghostly Conclusion!

So the next time you see a ghost just remember if it says boo you can use your soul to say boo right back to the ghost. Then if you get too scared, just remind the ghost that you will see them on the other side soon enough.

In the end it really makes a lot of sense that we are scared of ghost. As a species of being we have survived by fearing what we cannot fully understand. We human beings have thrived off of fearing the unknown. Well it is time to take that step into the unknown, for I assure you there is nothing to fear.

Ghouls and Goblins

Have you seen a ghost, orb, or entity?

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© 2010 Steven Miller


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    • steve8miller profile imageAUTHOR

      Steven Miller 

      4 years ago from Ohio Great City of Dayton

      I believe this story 100 percent! I also saw a ghost cat and there is no experience that can describe it. We both saw the ghost cat at the same time, it ran through a wall and we saw it out the window on running down the sidewalk.

      We startled the ghost cat because it startled us it scurried, picture a real cat sitting beside you and you step on its tail. You could hear and feel this creature as if its feet were moving so fast it just threw back carpet like a car peeling out.

      Its hard to describe but this single event put me on the path I am on to this day. I have found that the things people do not think are real, are in fact real. No matter how crazy that may seem.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      First let me start by stating, I never believed in Ghost nor am I religious. but what I witnessed one morning FULLY awake has given me second thoughts. I went to the bathroom to wash my face and when I turned around, peaking in the doorway was a dark colored cat, couldnt see it's eye color. when I took a step forward it ran down our stairway, quietly... I though it was my brother cat who got upstairs. I turned on the light to open the bottom stairway door, NOTHING was there... I opened the door to ask my brother where his cat was, and she was asleep on his lap the whole time... My mom asked whats wrong? I said I Thought Xena my brother cat was upstairs... I walked away a little confused. Then the next morning my mom was calling my brother to come upstairs and get his cat. He said, Xena is down stairs with him, she told me it ran around the bed and disappered. It freaked her out, and me. i asked what it looked like, she said.. Small, black and lankey with a long tail.. The hair stood up on my arms, she said it had no eyes..I was a little sick to my stomach.. WTH?

    • steve8miller profile imageAUTHOR

      Steven Miller 

      4 years ago from Ohio Great City of Dayton

      Hey Jer its been some years but here I am to say thanks. This world is not as simple as it would appear up here on the surface.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      That is really cool you saw a ghost cat. I believe you.One night, or morning, I literally ran into a ghost of a dog while out running. The dog was glowing sort of a dim bluish yellow, and it literally ran right through me. Til this day I still wonder who's dog it was. I realize my ghost was in a different form, glowing. Yours sounds about right too. My grandmother heard and saw her departed toy poodle,Kippie, run down her hallway in shadow form a week after it passed away.

    • steve8miller profile imageAUTHOR

      Steven Miller 

      8 years ago from Ohio Great City of Dayton

      Well that would really not surprise me at all Dr. Pandey. I would love to see that evidence though.

      Like I say everything we see can be explained with science one just has to think a little bit and use science to validate or invalidate certain hypotheses.

      Look at astrology. Science will tell you that it is a voodoo science. Most likely because of the knowledge and power to be gained by certain individuals using the science of astrology.

      Read my hub on how the earth unlocks the mind. That goes on to explain and perhaps even validate astrology. Not sure if you follow astrology if you are a Dr. though.

      I love magnetism. I see things in different ways than anyone I know. I see the human mind controlled by complex magnetic fields.

      These fields are under the control of the earths complex magnetic field. The earths complex magnetic field is altered by outside forces in our solar system, and perhaps even beyond our solar system.

      If particles of something like magnetite align certain ways in the human brain depending on the position of the earth in the solar system. Then it could easily be possible for certain personality traits to be "locked in" at birth. I always will say if we take thousands of years of careful human observation from a science such as astrology and throw it out the window then we are only hurting ourselves.

      Perhaps if and when I get my PHD I can maybe convince someone to look into such things. I already know of studies that show electrodes placed on certain areas of the head by using magnetic stimulation allow regular people to use the savant ability. This is the baby step towards an entire new science that will change the world, for this I am sure!

    • profile image

      Dr. Devendra Pandey 

      8 years ago

      Ghostly foot prints were observed on the ceiling of the laboratory of Maheshwari Girls' School, at Rabindra Sarani, Kolkata by the students. Nobody, a human being cannot walk upside down over a high ceiling. The footprints are muddy. This incident was visible to the students when they went to the school laboratory on the 20th of June, 2011 and is still visible till date

    • steve8miller profile imageAUTHOR

      Steven Miller 

      8 years ago from Ohio Great City of Dayton

      I have just revamped this article to the fullest extent of my capability. I have made it as clear as I can. I hope I answered any questions you might have on what are ghost, or what exactly as ghost is.

      Like I said in my conclusion. As a species of being we have survived by fearing what we do not fully understand. Human beings have thrived off of fearing the unknown. Well it is time to take that step into the unknown, for I assure you there is nothing to fear.

      We will never understand something we fear. This is because fear only holds us back. As long as we attempt to peer from a distance, we will never see the full beauty of the light.

      I am looking forward to hearing more comments and questions.

    • steve8miller profile imageAUTHOR

      Steven Miller 

      8 years ago from Ohio Great City of Dayton

      Ghost or spirits are actually tethered to the body through our individual bioelectric fields. When we die our heart stops, inevitably shutting down our bioelectric field that holds our soul in our bodies.

      When the bio field is shutdown, the soul is ejected back to the normal state of being, which is the soul. I theorize that different human beings have souls in different higher dimensions.

      We currently reside in this organic 3d dimension. While most souls / spirits / ghost reside in the fourth dimension, other human beings souls perhaps reside in even higher dimensions; thus explaining psychics and other paranormal phenomenon visible in this organic dimension. Some people do have the ability to see with their spirits, while others are too consumed with this organic reality to see anything more.

      Thus explaining skeptics and materialistic human beings in this organic reality; the Bible actually even validates my assertions.

      Since the soul is in a higher dimension the soul has the ability to manipulate various forms of energy in our reality.

      The question, do ghost use dark energy to make themselves known in our organic universe is not yet fully understood. When a ghost moves something in this visible universe they are most likely using electromagnetism. They basically repel objects in a way similar to two same poled magnets repel each other.

      Spirits have the ability to manipulate the complex magnetic fields around this planet, thus making themselves known in this organic universe. By using certain vibrational frequencies and the Earths natural magnetic field spirits are able to communicate in this visible organic universe.

      This explains the EVP sessions coming back with real ghostly communication. I will make a further detailed and researched hub on this topic soon.

      The hub will create a paradigm shift in the human consciousness. As certain human beings are now awaking spiritually.

      I have died and come back giving me valuable insight into the soul, I as well have witnessed a ghost cat. You will see that millions of human beings will simultaneously reach the same conclusions of life, death, and the coming future.

      Certain human beings are obtaining deep knowledge and truths, by some sort of external presence in the Universe.

    • profile image

      Kelly dabbs 

      8 years ago

      Are all goblings dark energy

    • Moon Willow Lake profile image

      Moon Willow Lake 

      8 years ago

      I very much enjoyed this hub, and I have a few comments.

      Do you think there is too much money to be made by the medical field to really explore this type of diagnosis and healing power? The process would, as I and some others think, be quick and therefore not produce the same amounts of cash flow that the current system does.

      You have a very interesting thought that pieces of some people's souls may be 'haunting' them. That said, I do think there are ghosts around us that aren't a part of our soul.

      I've never seen a ghost, but I have heard a few.

      I also know some people who are very tuned in to other people's auras and 1 even has a camera to capture them for those of us who can't see them naturally.

      Still another person I know can connect with me on a soul level. I once met with him for an hour, and he did all the talking. Once I realized what was happening, I started asking my questions deep inside me and he was verbally responding to them. Imagine what that would be if I learned how to connect back in that same way without the verbal piece. I know it's possible!

    • steve8miller profile imageAUTHOR

      Steven Miller 

      8 years ago from Ohio Great City of Dayton

      Minnetonka thanks. I do find identical twins fascinating to say the least. All my hubs for the most part are connected. It seems that a new branch of science has begun to emerge that will show humanity how everything ties together.

      Thanks again, read more, I am sure you would also love my hubs. UFO encounter, and the Extraterrestrial Influence.

    • Minnetonka Twin profile image

      Linda Rogers 

      8 years ago from Minnesota

      Hi Steve-I am a new follower and I love this topic on the para-normal. I am an identical twin and we are both here on hubpages. I write many stories about the psychic connection we share including physical intuition where one of us has felt physical pain related to pain in the other twin. I see aura's too just like magnoliazz. I have seen auras since I was a kid. I have also seen and heard many spirits, most family and friends who have passed over. I absolutely loved this hub and am really looking forward to reading more of your work here.

    • steve8miller profile imageAUTHOR

      Steven Miller 

      9 years ago from Ohio Great City of Dayton

      Thanks Magz. Perhaps your ability has something to do with some sort of magnetic anomaly during certain periods of the seasons. Your field must be very sensitive, because of this slight changes in the earths magnetic field you pick up on. Considering it is during certain seasons and certain moon cycles this sounds plausible. We are constantly interacting with the planet, as the planet is constantly interacting with us. Everything is connected, you have a special ability. You need to use it to help people unite.

    • magnoliazz profile image


      9 years ago from Wisconsin

      Well Steve, this is a great hub, much better than your political ones!

      Every now and then, I will see auras. The first time I noticed it was when I was about 6 or 7, I noticed this beautiful blue green light around my mother's arm. Ever since that time, I have seen auras around people and animals, and I can always tell when someone is going to pass over because they have like a gray/black mist around them. I thought everyone saw this! What I don't understand is that I do not see auras all the time, only during spring and fall. I think that is weird and I never found an explantion for it, and even in the spring and fall, I do not see auras around people all the time. It is just during the waxing moon.

      I think there has to be a logical and scientific explanation for it, hopefully one day we will know, because I think it would be of great benefit to medicine.

    • profile image

      Carl Miller 

      9 years ago

      I definitely believe the mind can heal the body, mind over matter, we are able to will pain away, will ourselves to quit bad habits, takes mental discipline but it works.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Ghost are not real. You present really good evidence in the contrary. Where do you think of these things. You have quite a mind steve. I have been reading some of your stuff on here it is really impressive.


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