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Enough Already About the Angels...

Updated on August 3, 2019
pstraubie48 profile image

Angels have been in my life for as long as I can remember. I hope to be A secret Angel for at least one other person.You can, too.

Be still and feel the presence of Angels.

Feel the presence of the Angel who gives you that encouraging word.

Feel the warmth of the hug that is sorely needed

Embrace the love that is given unconditionally.

Share the love you feel with others.

Be someone else's Angel.

— pscott

Harley is one of the pups who found a new forever home


Angels are surrounding my family more now than ever

At present so much is happening with my family that I am so thankful for the many Angels that surround us. As I am writing this it is August 3, 2019, and I am in Texas. My sweet sister is very ill so I traveled her to be with her. Rest assured that many Angels traveled with me on the trip here from Florida. I have also met so many wonderful Angels during my stay here.

One of them is my dear niece who is my sister's youngest daughter. She has her own renovation business so is very busy but she spends many evening hours with her visiting and bringing her dinner while I am able to go out and walk.

Many other Angels have been encountered including two who touched my sister and me.

Special Angel Number One

For over a year my niece had urged my sister to re-home her pups as they had become too much for her to care for by herself. After her most recent stay in the hospital it became abundantly clear that the pups needed a new, safe, loving home. My sister became their caretaker when her son died unexpectedly in May of 2013. It was not something she was prepared to do but because she loved her son so much and had grown fond of the pups she gave them a home.

She realized caring for them was impossible so she called a friend who had groomed them for her. She asked if she could help out and she readily agreed. She sheltered them for 10 days and refused to take any money for their care. And when she picked them up, yes, she picked them up rather than have me deliver them, she said: "Whatever I can do, I am only a phone call away."

Special Angel Number Two

A second friend of my sister also stepped in to further assist with the pups. She was going to be out of town for about 10 days so that is why we needed the help of Special Angel number one.

When she returned she picked up both pups from Angel number one and now they have a forever home with her. She too says: "Whatever I can do----just let me know and I will be there."

The pups are adjusting nicely to their new Angel Momma.

We are so thankful and so blessed.

While my sister had loved the pups, it was time.

Yet another experience with Angels

Several weeks ago, I was taking my usual morning walk.

When I was walking that day, I was keeping my usual pace. I had looked down for a moment--a spit second--and looked up again. Just as I did a car was whooshing by. It was so close I could have touched it without stretching my arm out. It was right there. I can only figure the person pulled out of our town's tiny shopping plaza and accelerated quickly.

That is why I did not see a car barreling down on me.

The only way I can explain me not being hit is that one of my many Angels was right there watching over me.

And I am so very thankfull.

Whispers of the Angels Came


All this talk about Angels...for some it becomes tiresome.

Perhaps I would be one of those had I not had the many experiences that I have had with them.

The links to hubs in which I have detailed encounters with both celestial Angels and Earth Angels will be provided.

This hub is being written as an update to my daughter's health conditions. I had written a bit ago that I would come back and provide an update to the hub

Calm, Reassurance Wraps Itself Around Us


What does the word ANGEL Mean to You?

What comes to mind when you hear the word A N G E L?

Tiny little cherbubs with harps at the ready to shoot love arrows into the bosom of that would-be love?

An over-sized human with wings sent from heaven to announce something that is to come?

Whatever it is there is possibly some imagery floating around in your headbone when you hear the word spoken or read it somewhere.

Not only do I think of celestial Angels who are of God, who bring strength and solace and even healing to those for whom I pray but I think of earthly Angels.

You know them too. Earthly Angels...those precious souls who walk with you right here on the planet... Those lovelies who come to you to support and uplift you even when you may not know that you need it yourself.

Never have had any doubt that ANGELS ARE REAL...there have been too many times when their presence has been revealed to my family, my friends, and to me.

Flowers have spoken to me more than I can tell in written words. They are the hieroglyphics of angels, loved by all men for the beauty of the character, though few can decipher even fragments of their meaning.

— Lydia Child

"Flowers...Hieroglyphics of Angels..."


Sweet Little Angel ...


Angels are REAL

"if these Angels are real, prove it," you may say. "All this talk means nothing to me. Show me."

It is possible that my power to prove their existence is limited. It is with assurance though that I make this claim....

Once you experience their power, you will no longer doubt.

You will KNOW. And you too will wish to shout from the highest mountain, "They are real!!!! Angels ARE real!!!:

The first time I was 100% sure that Angels existed was back in 1973 when I was living in Japan. I got an early morning phone call, a sure sign that something was wrong, because we did not call each other. We had landlines for emergencies...our families arranged calling times with us from the States so we knew when a call from them was coming.

Yes, They Are!!!!

Can You Hear Their Song? Angels Sing As Morning Awakens...


He will cover you with his feathers and under his wings you will find refuge

— Psalm 91:4

Angels Came...

The early morning jangling of the phone in our home at Tachikawa Air Base, Japan, could only foreshadow something we probably did not want to know. And sure enough, it was not good. My very best friend overseas who had left a few months earlier to live in Okinawa with her husband who got transferred there was ill, very ill. She had been transported to Fitzsimmons in Denver where they were working around the clock to try to save her life.

Feeling overwhelmed I began to pray, probably the most fervently I had ever prayed, asking that Angels be sent to watch over her and the medical team that was caring for her. Contacting everyone locally that I could and sending appeals around the world, to family and friends, asking them to pray and to send Angels to her as well was my way of 'doing something'---I had to do something.

It did not take long before she began to respond to treatment and then she began her road to recovery which took only weeks rather than months.

The doctors could not explain how she recovered so quickly. But we knew It was the power of the Angels who had arrived to hold vigil while she was in need. The healing power and subsequent recovery confirmed our belief.

And after that I began to believe and feel their presence in our lives on a daily basis.

Precious Children


Super Prayer...High Octane Prayer

The reason I feel compelled to share the good news about Angels is a most recent experience with my daughter.

Many hubs that I have written here on HubPages have been about her journey (and my grandson’s) with in its eighteenth year.

A few weeks ago, she went in for an exam and was told that she had a new mass, in her ovaries, now. (She still has cancer throughout her body in other locations which keeps us continually praying for cures for that and for serious heart issues.)

The prognosis at that time was so grim that she was told, as she has been told on more than one occasion, that this would be her last hurrah. That she probably would not live long due to the serious nature of this new cancer. It was life-threatening and it was suspected that it had metastasized as it had so many times. All of the indicators were there...including in the bloodwork.

So once again, I called on Prayer Warriors, asking them to send Angels and positive energy...and Angels were sent round the clock (and still are coming).

And while I pray for her each day and know that more lovelies than I can count, many whom I have never met, pray for her each day, it never hurts to have Super Prayer when an especially troubling situation arises.

Super Prayer is what I choose to call it...high octane praying where fervent sincere prayers are offered to lift up and help the patient and the family and includes requesting Angels too.

It asks too that those requesting prayer pray as well for their loved one or friend, whomever is in need...focusing outward to insure that prayers blankets the nation and the world.

This new medical issue was one of the times that Super Prayer was needed.

Prayers and Angels Abound

Prayers continued and even extra special prayers at our church as I sang songs of praise and thanksgiving for the blessings already received and courage to accept what may come.

Finally,the day came when she had to go in for a second look at the tumor and to discuss options for her care if there were any.

She was tested and screened and biopsied and you name it..they did it.

That day I was Nini (which is my role on those watch over Little Man) while she was at the hospital.

Before too many hours had passed a chortle by my cell came and the text 'otw' was seen. I left Little Man in the hands of his elder brother and I headed home. I wanted to give her some space to absorb and sort through the results. I knew she would call and let me know what she found out when she was ready.

Angels are busy everywhere

While my girl is going through all of this challenge, her husband's cousin suffered a massive, near fatal heart attack (which has been shared in a hub recently too). Doctors were unsure if he would last through the night and that is when prayers began.

We prayed and continue to do so, and prayed, and the Angels came and held vigil. And he is recovering nicely. He was in the hospital and then sent home far too soon. But as I shared in another hub, he is loving arms and receiving amazing care.

Angels are very busy in our life and in the lives of so many others every minute of every day.

"That Angels Thing Worked, Momma"

I had not been home long when my phone rang. Looking at it, I could see it was my daughter calling. Without hesitation I answered.

She was bubbling over...’Momma,’ that Angels thing, that praying thing, it worked. Yes, there is a tumor but it is much less serious than they had originally felt. I know that it is from the Angels.’

And we do know. She does have to have treatment for this new tumor but they are taking it slowly as she has serious cardiac issues right now and they have to find a delicate balance between her meds and whatever treatment comes.

She went to oncology again this past Friday and they have set up a series of appointments to treat this particular issue.

Update concerning tumors on ovaries

The tumors on my daughter's ovaries have grown now and surgery is very likely. the pain from them is excruciating. A radical hysterectomy may prolong her life once again but it is very high risk surgery for her as she has had seven strokes.

Once again we call on all Angels to intervene.

The Message is as Powerful as the Song...for some reason part of the song is cut off...but listen please to his message

Be still and know they are near

The next time your life is filled with uncertainty and unexpected illness, I pray that you find the Angels who are coming to you. They will be still and you will know.

You are not alone many others walk this unwanted, unwelcome walk of sadness but if you are mindful and aware, you will find hope and joy and goodness as you make this walk.

When you find your Angels, perhaps then you will no longer say 'enough already about the Angels.'

You will find that you walk out of the darkness into the light...a great weight will be lifted

Sometimes When it Rains, It DOES Pour

Our plates are a bit full...perhaps even overflowing a bit from the proverbial know that rain that comes and when it comes it pours!!!

In between times on March 9th she was to go in for surgery on her heart but the medical team was not even sure what they would be able to do that day since her heart is so damaged. She has had several heart attacks --one just before her eldest son was born--and has suffered devastating injury to her heart from the massive amounts of chemo she has had over the years.

During the beginning of the procedure to her heart, her heart rate shot up so high that it took over three quarters of an hour to bring it back to normal. So no further procedures were attempted and we are back to square one. She is a candidate for sudden death due to her cardiac irregularities so perhaps that makes it perfectly clear why we embrace every day as the new gift that it is.

What is to come we do not know. None of us on the planet is privy to what tomorrow holds.

Finding the magic and joy in what may seem ordinary and mundane to others makes our hearts sing.

No doubt there will be more entries about our journey...

And lest I did not thank you enough....

thank you to all of you who pray and send Angels...I know you see that I sign hubs that I am sending Angels to those of you who come and read...I explained this once before but in case you did not read that hub....

I do so because I never know when someone to whom I am commenting may need some Angels to swoop in and bring some love :D

© 2015 Patricia Scott


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