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Eric’s Sunday Sermon; No Inspiration or Inspiration, A Choice?

Updated on November 17, 2019
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Hey now come along for a ride. I write this for all ages. We like it. How fun for us to grow together. I am a pro at this, don't attempt.

I Don't Know

Sometimes ugly inspires.
Sometimes ugly inspires. | Source

My Friends I Try Not To Inspire or Preach But To Set Free Our Love

Inspiration is so cool. It is like love. You and give inspiration and you can get inspiration and you can make inspiration. Inspiration is so inspiring. My boy and I set up a bike obstacle course in the back yard. Our chant was “bring on the inspiration”. OK we are weird that is a given. I think you can get insperation by fun. You can get inspiration from perspiration.

Is “lifting someone up” inspiration. Check this out; Inspire, inspiring and inspiration and inspired. What the heck? Are those nouns or adjectives of adverbs or what the hell are they? This is a real crapstorm of a word.

Hey, check this out. I will inspire you with this sermon. I was watching a performance of Vivaldi’s seasons. The lead did not smile like she was having fun. And then I watched it again and was inspired. She danged well was feeling each stanza and showing it in her face. What a trip she was leading her players with her face. And the four seasons were at least not happy.

So I went to Primavera. Oh my, this lady violinist did not lead. And just smiled the whole way through. She played with her people. Now I was brought down by the first. I was inspired and lifted up by the second. Get with my program or get out of my way today. I will challenge this day to be the best Sunday ever. We already have plans for a bike ride down our canyon. (the way up and back I might need to walk ;-)

Bring on that life. I bought my son a terrarium yesterday. Worms and crickets. From the yard. And two spiders. He built it up and jumped around in excitement. Do not look at me. I think fun is inspiration at least on this occasion he inspired me to do more and be more creative. If I was more inspired they would check me in for being hypermanic.

Dierker’s in this home do not do well. We reject well. We simply will not accept well. Well is push push. We reach for and grab stars. We do each Saturday better than the last. We do Monday nights like God only made it for us to celebrate a new week. Do not even go to Sundays. Doing jigs in the kitchen just makes mom scowl with a smile hidden. She dances with her hands over the stove. I mean her hands dance on the food she prepares.

Seen Some Trouble But Always Pulled Up

Learning the River

Take it home easy.
Take it home easy. | Source

Just Live It!

So this notion of inspiration. I get mine all over the place. Can you even get a grasp on music? I cannot. I played in an orchestra for a bit as a youngster. Clarinet. I played bongos for a singer once. My son composes music and then plays them up San Francisco way. He has a moving rig. He plays “party with a purpose to clean up beaches”. He also brings his show to VFW’s. (Veterans of Foreign Wars) He inspires everyone he touches. Well maybe except his sisters.

Us Dierker’s refuse well for us unless it means well to another. I have no clue here. It just is an is. If I go a week without inspiring 100 I have failed in my writing. I would deserve a spanking from my lord. I would have had to stay in my own pity pot and not shared my love. I wonder what the difference is between giving love and or inspiration. That hand reached out and up is placed in love but it just may inspire. I do not give a dollar to a beggar without insisting they shake my hand. That touch may be the only one they receive for a month or more. This Dierker home does not do “well” of what good is that? How do we teach our children to inspire without showing then how? Bring me down hard Jesus if I do not inspire another this day for there is no other day.

You die one day and they bring you back with paddles and you just cannot live without inspiration. Again I ask if there is inspiration without love. I am learning that there is not. Who are we that we cannot inspire. Not I. I wilt. I have no blossom without love to give to another. I am weak when I cannot reach another’s hand. I am nothing if I do not inspire another to give all they have and then inspire another. So I have old shoes and one shirt to wear, this shirt and these shoes they are tailor made by our lord that we may help another to get shoes and to wear a shirt. I do not get it. I just try to live it.

Dang Desserts

Trouble comes.
Trouble comes. | Source

Don't Care About Livin' I Care About Death.

Going to Heaven I Reckon, Best Look My Best

We may have compassion and this is good. But if our compassion does not inspire what good is it really? I have no idea who but someone said; Give a man a fish and you feed him that day or teach a man to fish and feed him forever. Or something like that. Inspiration for one to do more is love. If I have a light but hide it from those in need of a light am I worthy?

We do not live in bad times. But do we make times bad? I sat with the man who gave my hand in marriage to my beloved many years ago and I asked him if life was going better through the interpretation of my best man. The response was thus; I used to have one shirt and washed it every night. Now I have a closet with many shirts. My floor is still dirt but soon it will be brick. He loved and inspired me. Perhaps inspiration cannot be a choice. Perhaps that choice is made for us if we open our hearts to love.

A murder flew by this morning as the 3 quarter moon shined as bright as can be just after the planets perished from sight. I was inspired. Nature inspires. I still do not always know good from bad but I notice that when I do good I am inspired and that inspires others. Again, I do not get that.

So if you are inspired pass that on. You can do it anyway you want. But I assure you that inspiration not shared will dissipate and leave you without it. One of those deals like the more you give the more you get and on and on. Just empty it out. Put all your love and inspiration into others. I can promise you, you will get more in return and need to give it away soon so you do not overflow. “Busting out with love and inspiration is a whole lot better than watching TV.” I will do my walk today. 94 year old Alice will tell me a thing or two and Steve will complain and Chris will bore me. Just a walk around the block. No inspiration there. Which is a point. Do not look for love and inspiration everywhere. It does not work that way. Look for love just in living. I love living. I am inspired by the mere fact I woke up today and my young son will be inspired by that also – maybe my wife not so much, hihihihi.

The beat goes on and be inspired by every day that you get it.

One Day


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