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Every one has to follow spirituality at some point of time in their Life!

Updated on October 8, 2015

The materialized Cross!

Follow the scriptures and Prophets!

The gross body has to be transcended. The pulls and pushes of the sensory mind have to be retaliated. The big Ego must be laid low. Emotions, feelings and such adverse uprisings in the mind have to be cancelled. One need to be like a log of wood, so far as the external world is concerned and he should remain indifferent to the thoughts that arise every moment in the firmament of the mind.

Such a person alone can reach the aim of life which is merging in the supreme principle. Why man should exert himself and subject himself to so many restrictions and disciplines?

Every human being born in this mundane world has to become free from this imprisonment called ‘life’. Yes, the life is surely a term of imprisonment for the soul. As the silk worm surround itself by the silk threads, every one of us have wound ourselves through strong ropes of attachment to the mortal body, attachment to perishable bodies, transient wealth and properties and many such illusory bonds. The parrot in a cage is accustomed to the life in the cage. It is fed with fruits and water, yet the movement of the parrot is restricted within the boundary of the cage. Thus our soul is embroiled within the precincts of the physical frame and it is subjected to many tortures, grief and upsets by the oscillating mind. As long as it is imprisoned within the cage called body, it believes that the body/mind complex is a convenient place to dwell. Only a teacher or preceptor can illumine the intellect and makes him realize the futility of mortal life which is impermanent, transient and momentary like the water bubble!

Either a wise person or a spiritual preceptor should open the eyes of wisdom of the ignorant person or he should pursue the scriptural texts which contain all the wisdom and show the way to reach the almighty! Till such time, he has to roll in the slush of worldly existence. Nothing is permanent here; there is no happiness in sensual pleasures. They are like streaks of lightening which vanish even while we notice it. Taste, smell, sound, touch and mental imaginations are mere fantasy and they are like the passing clouds. If one is pursuing sensual pleasures, sooner he will end up with great grief. The senses weaken the body and they send every one to bottomless pits. Even when one gets the craving, he should be vigilant to stay away from such thoughts. Hence one should practice spiritual disciplines, curtailing the contacts with objects of pleasures and remembering God by chanting the names. In every religion, chanting is prevalent. Chanting the names of any form of God will cleanse the inner conscious. Also, singing the glories of God in congregation, increase the good vibrations in every one. Hence in the churches, choirs are conducted.

Considering the present pathetic condition of the globe, Sri Sathya Saibaba has started many noble programs like congregational prayers, group singing while moving around the habitats in morning hours, chanting the Vedic chants, and the holy Gayathri , he has enabled all the students of his institutions to learn these disciplines which have become a part of the curriculum in all his educational institutions. The students are taught about the saints and prophets of all religions, their life and work along with their sublime teachings. Thus every student of Sai Institutions learn about the glories culture of ancient countries. Also he has revealed many of the unknown phases of the life of Jesus Christ. To John Hislop, he has materialized a small silver cross in which the form of Jesus Christ was seen as it was during the time. Saibaba has materialized the very wooden pole on which Jesus was crucified around 2000 years ago. Though the wood has dissolved and merged on earth, he could retrieve a small piece over which the form of Jesus was seen. John Hislop has detailed about this Holy Cross manifestation in his writings. When one of his friend was taking photos part by part and assembled the same, there were many clots or bumps seen in the silver icon. Saibaba revealed that those are the blood clots after Jesus left his mortal coil. All these things reveal the veracity of our ancient time and the versions of Bible. When Jesus was crucified, the screens in the Church tore apart, there was lightening and thunder on the sky.

When the photo of the miniature cross was laid on the table in Mexico, there was a sudden thunder and lightening in the evening sky, flutter of screens in their home. At once, Mrs.Hislop brought the Bible and shown them the version, when similar things happened on the sky during the crucifixion of Jesus. . They understood the power of the miniature Cross. This was subsequently confirmed by Saibaba to Hislop.

Hence, the scriptures tell us Truth and we have to rely on their version with perfect Faith and Love. When we follow the teachings of such great Souls, heaven is not far off!

Shirdi Saibaba and young Sathya Sai!


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