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Updated on November 3, 2009


It takes time to breathe, even though we do it unconsciously.  We as christian find ourselves In a trial, out of a trial.  In a relationship, out of a relationship.  In one church, out of a church.  Doing one ministry, starting another ministry. And yet we breathe, not missing a beat not realizing the extra pressure put on the heart that causes it to work harder to keep pace.  Then, we wonder why we are overwhelmed, depressed, unhappy, unsure, and restless.

And for some of us He that we stop our foolishness in order to understand that we've run ahead of Him or chosen a direction not ordained by Him.  The scripture says:  Whom He loveth, He chasteneth!  Dad would say "this is gonna hurt me more than it hurts you!"  and we would mutter under our breath -- sure it will.  He chastens us to bring us back into His perfect will, to give us a chance to understand His purpose for our lives. that breath.  Taking time to Exhale!  Waiting on Him to issue new orders or directions.  Understanding this is key, especially when we've have wandered off course, become weary, and disillusioned.  The song writer wrote "I need thee oh I need thee!, every hour, I need thee!"  When have we become so learned that we can race through Kingdom building without the directions and acknowledgement of the Great Architect!

We are still climbing into pulpits, choir stands, and before podiums to teach bible study knowing that we present to Him shabby lives full of adultery, fornication, disobedience, and violence!  Just yesterday, talking to an organist of a large ministry and his reply was "gifts are without repentance."  We have adopted the slogan "fake it, till we make it!"  This is not acceptable to the Father!

We ask God Why?  Why this?  Why that?  Why me?  Some of us our spiritually hyperventilating...trying to catch up...trying to match up to those who we think are making great strides in Him.  Not knowing the pain it costs to reach these levels.

Wait.  Take time to Exhale.  Take that walk in the park, that seat by the water, take time to pull away from all your counselors and advisors and exhale.  Ask the Holy Spirit if you are in His will -- take account! and feel the refreshing an honest Exhale brings.

Adam's first breath was breathed into him by the Master, the Creator.  Breathe on me that I might be renewed, refreshed, revived.  In so doing, we can Exhale, emit, get rid of that which is not needed, not vital.  Exhale pain, disappoints, rejections, hopelessness and the like...enabling yourself to inhale a fresh breath, a fresh vision.

We all will one day give an account of the deeds done while in this earth realm.  What will your report be?

In prayer we can exhale all that ails us, that He, the Holy Spirit will fill us...the wind of the Mighty God, deliver.


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