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Project Good Words: Faith Without Borders

Updated on October 18, 2017
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Theresa loves to share her true life accounts when the Lord shows up mightily in her life. She knows He still performs miracles today.

"Faith is the strength by which a shattered world shall emerge into the light." —Helen Keller


The Power of Sharing Our Faith

The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen.Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

We have some of those beautiful people right here on HubPages! What makes each one of these beauties so beautiful is their heart, for from out of the heart the mouth speaks.

Jo's Light2Love Project Good Words


Spreading "Good Words"

What would happen if all of us worked together to express and share our faith and inspirational stories with our friends, community and those within our sphere of influence? The answer, I believe, is that the beauty of faith would spread as far as the East is from the West; it would have no borders. Just imagine, if you can, the far-reaching implications of sharing one's deep faith with a hurting world to bless many and to give hope.

This is exactly what is happening right now here on HubPages. I am so thankful to Jo_Goldsmith11 for her dedication to writing and sharing her Light2Love Project Good Words. A beautiful undertaking by a beautiful soul.

As a small child, I knew of and felt the presence of the Lord in my life. I will share a bit about that later in this hub. Life marched on through the teenage years, family issues, marriage, career, college, family and all the highs and lows that life entails.

I know now that God sees every segment of our lives and will faithfully guide us along the best path if (and that's a big if), we’ll just trust and follow Him with all our heart. That is the key to living a full life of faith, which I failed to recognize for many years of my life. Faith and trust go hand-in-hand. The bottom line was that I did not place my full trust in Him with all of my heart. I truly thought I knew what was best, and I was in charge, or at least I thought I was at the time.

What Faith Can Do

I love the biblical definition of faith from Hebrews 11:1 “Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.”






What Faith Can Do

• Faith can allow peace to permeate every aspect of our lives no matter what is going on.

• Faith can heal, emotionally, spiritually and physically.

• Faith can allow us to know without a doubt that our prayers are heard and answered.

• Faith can take away all fear of the unknown.

• Faith can allow miracles to be witnessed.

• Faith can bring hope that soars.

• Faith can open our eyes to truth.

• Faith can allow us to know that all things are possible.

That is what faith can do!

I am able to write all of this with great confidence as I have experienced all of the above and so much more. One area I used to struggle with for years is insomnia, but not any longer, for once I pray and truly cast all of my cares to the Lord, then that sweet, sweet peace comes and I am able to sleep like a baby. I have finally come to the realization that I am not in control and when I do pray, I can rest assured knowing He will work all things out for good.

Faith makes all things bearable and the beauty of this life is realized, even through the not so pleasant moments we all experience.

Fear can keep us up all night long, but faith makes one fine pillow.

— Matthew 21:21

Childlike Faith


Shyron Challenged Herself to Write Poetic Contributions to Jo's Good Words Project


Childlike Faith

Soon to follow in step with Jo's Project Good Words is dear Shyron E Shenko with her poetic contributions to Jo's Project Good Words.

As I mentioned earlier, as a small child, I could feel the presence of the Lord right there by my side. It was nothing my parents told me of then, but I just knew. I found much joy in the beauty of nature all around me, which brought me closer to the awareness and presence of God. Maybe that is what is called childlike faith. I will expound on that and share a sweet and simple true story, which may sound silly to many.

Our small wood frame home was surrounded with a floral wonderment during Spring with our entire backyard filled with magnificent Dogwood trees (nature's cross) in bloom, especially just in time for Easter.

I remember standing on the stoop of the cement steps leading to the backdoor to our home with my small hands gripping tightly to the wrought iron railing, while peering out into spectacular Dogwood trees in bloom. I could not have been more than five years old at the time, maybe even younger. Our backyard sloped a bit and so the flowering trees were right in my line of sight. My sweet mother had carefully placed a birdhouse hanging from one of the branches to where I could clearly see inside at the Momma bluebird getting her nest ready. Then much to my joy and wonder later seeing eggs. I watched each day with anticipation knowing that Easter was soon to arrive.

I remember thinking how thrilling it would be if those eggs were to hatch on Easter morning. In my little mind that would have been a miracle. Each day while I was standing out there keeping watch, I could feel the presence of the Lord and I knew He knew the desires of my heart. Oh, joy, Easter morning arrived! I could hardly wait to go outside on that stoop and peer inside the birdhouse to see the hatched eggs. I was expecting that very thing to happen on that very morn. My mother had patiently put on my pretty Easter Sunday dress and I slipped on my black patent leather shoes. Our (I have three siblings now, but at that time, my brother) Easter baskets were filled with a chocolate bunny, peeps and the like.

Seeing those Easter baskets did not slow me down in the least bit, as I headed straight for that backdoor and ran out onto that cement stoop. I reached for the wrought iron railing and gripped it ever so tightly with great anticipation and peered over the railing into the birdhouse. My little heart started racing so fast inside my chest and my eyes grew wide in awe, for at that precise moment, baby birds were hatching from their eggs! Oh my! My little heart's desire was fulfilled! I remember my heart overflowing with such excitement and joy that I did not know what to do next.

I just had to share this miracle with my family, so I quickly ran inside shouting, "It's an Easter miracle!" Much to my surprise and dismay, I was met by my brother's questioning stares. He certainly did not share my enthusiasm about such miracle. My family was getting ready to head off to church and my mother was making last minute preparations for Easter dinner. Apparently, it was not much of a miracle to anyone else, but that did not squelch my joy. I quickly ran back outside to quietly enjoy the miracle before having to leave for church. Right then is when a little thought popped into my head or was spoken to me ..."This is meant for you alone sweet child." I smiled.

Whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.

— Matthew 18:4

My Current Favorite Worship Song

God is our Composer and Conductor; our faith is the orchestra. As He creates the beautiful tune of His grace in our lives, we must keep our eyes on Him.

— Hebrews 12: 1-2

Maria's Project Good Words Musical Challenge


Tuning Ourselves to God's Music and Walking in Faith

Just like my dear friend, Maria, who is also known as marcoujor here on HubPages, I, too, grew up loving and listening to all genre of music. I still love them all today. Imagine just how thrilled I was to learn of Maria's Project-Good-Words-Musical-Challenge to follow in step with Jo's Light2Love Project Good Words. I am thrilled and humbled that Maria asked me to reflect on the "Good Word" of faith!

When it comes to my faith and singing praises to my Lord this present day, I love listening mostly to Contemporary Christian music. I do not think of myself as religious per se, but rather having a personal and intimate relationship with the Lord. When I entered into such a relationship is when my faith grew so strong and knew no boundaries ...truly a faith without borders.

I believe that when we begin to walk in faith, we are then able to tune in to God's music. Just what is God's music? Well, to me, just a few examples of God's music is the beauty in a child's laugh, a newborn's cry when entering this world, the song bird's sweet songs, the sound of leaves rustling through the breeze, the sound of a gently babbling brook, the sound of sloppy doggy kisses against our faces, and all the beauty found in nature and His creation. Well, you see where I am going with the sweetness of God's music.

I can sing freely and rejoice in my faith in Him, as I will always remember the marvelous and wondrous things He has done in my life: Healing me of breast cancer, healing my son of a completely shattered spleen, healing one of my granddaughters of nerve damage to one of her arms, witnessing miracles day-after-day, answers to all prayers, sending angels down to protect me during a drive across state lines to see my dying mother, where my car did three 360s in the middle of the Interstate without a scratch on me or my car, and on and on. His mercies and love are truly endless.

Having great faith by no means takes away any hardships in life, but it truly helps one to see through to the other side with great hope for brighter days.

Who Can Satisfy – Dennis Jernigan

Who can satisfy my soul like You?
Who on earth could comfort me
And love me like You do?
Who could ever be more faithful true?
I will trust in You; I will trust in You, my God

There is a fountain, who is a King
Victorious Warrior, and Lord of everything
My Rock, my Shelter, my very own
Blessed Redeemer, who reigns upon the throne.

Who could ever be more faithful true?
I will trust in You; I will trust in You, my God

The closest we get to perfect faith while here on earth is the ability to trust that what we ask in God's will is as good as done.


How often has the Lord done a mighty work on your behalf when all seems lost?

See results

Amazing True Story of Faith Behind the Song - Do Something!

A Faith Without Borders

When I first heard this song by Matthew West, "Do Something", I loved it, but then when I heard his inspiration for writing this song and the amazing true story behind the song, I was blown away.

It is the story of a lovely young woman, Andrea, who was from Colorado, but now is from Uganda. She was a student, who just happened to travel to Uganda for class credit in Micro-Financing. What happened next changed her life forever and now her life impacts many other lives for eternity.

I cried when I listened to her story, as she tells it in her own words. Her words keep ringing truth in my ears and heart, "If I don't do something, who will?", and she did! What is so amazing is that she had taken such a huge leap of faith without any planning ahead and without knowing how she would accomplish what she set out to accomplish.

Listen for yourself and be amazed and deeply touched by her conviction that every person is capable of doing something to make the world a better place, no matter who you are or where you are, you can make a difference right where you are in your sphere of influence.

So when He asks you to do something that seems beyond your abilities, decide to trust Him, and say, “Okay, Lord—let’s go!”

Take a Leap of Faith

Take a Leap of Faith  By Antonio Toney
Take a Leap of Faith By Antonio Toney | Source

So, you see I have truly reaped all the benefits of having great faith, even in the unknown and through dark valleys we must all go through in this life.

Go on and take that leap of faith. It makes all the difference in a life well-lived. Let’s leave a legacy of faithfulness.

What do you say? How about we keep this "Good Word" of faith spreading without any borders! There are so many fellow writers and wonderful friends here on HubPages who have already written hubs on the subject of faith.

There are no rules, just write from your heart and share your faith in your own time.

Faith Reaper © August 13, 2014


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