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Famous Cemeteries

Updated on February 6, 2011

Cemeteries in general are believed to be haunted as they happen to be the house of the dead. Many believe that when the sun goes down, the dead get out of their graves and wander around the cemetery.

Ghosts and various paranormal creatures have been sighted in cemeteries all over the world. Below given are some of the popular haunted cemeteries of the world:

Huguenot Cemetery

The Huguenot cemetery is present in one of the most haunted cities of the world, St. Augustine in Florida. The city was hit with an epidemic of yellow fever in the early 1800s.

The Huguenot cemetery contains graveyards of hundreds of victims that died due to yellow fever that time. Some of the people suffering back then were buried before they actually died in a state of coma. 

Huguenot Cemetery Entrance
Huguenot Cemetery Entrance

It is believed that these are the victims that haunt the place the most. For years paranormal activity has been observed in this cemetery. Ghosts are sighted and various unidentified objects have been seen.

Many of those who have visited the place claim that they have heard whispering and have felt some one tugging them.

The most famous ghost of the cemetery is the ghost of John B. Stickney. Myth has it that the he gets out of his grave to find his gold teeth and other items that were stolen from his body.

Greyfriar's Cemetery
Greyfriar's Cemetery
Ross Bay Cemetery
Ross Bay Cemetery
Resurrection Cemetery
Resurrection Cemetery
Highgate Cemetery
Highgate Cemetery

Greyfriar's Cemetery

The Greyfriar’s cemetery, of Edinburgh Scotland, is perhaps the most dangerous and the scariest cemetery of the world.

The place was used as a covenanter prison and has been the spot of live burials and dark magic rituals during the 17th century.

The cemetery is next to the tomb of George Mackenzie and most of the bodies buried here are of those who had been sentenced to death by him. His ghost is also believed to wander amongst many other in the cemetery.

Ghosts have been seen wandering around the place and those who have visited claimed to have heard noises, laughter and people talking.

But that’s not all; they have also felt some one hitting them and throwing things at them.

Some visitors have also suffered a severe violent outburst of ghosts.

A part of the cemetery has been chained and is inaccessible due to the increased paranormal violent activity reported by people visiting there.

Ross Bay Cemetery

The Ross Bay cemetery of Vancouver belongs to the Victorian era. The cemetery is hauntingly beautiful and has a chilly atmosphere. The ambiance of the cemetery is a perfect example of the burial grounds of the Victorian era. The cemetery has nearly 30,000 graves.

The cemetery had been built on a graveyard of a woman named Isabella Ross and is named after her. Her ghost is believed to be wandering around the cemetery. Other than her many apparitions have been sighted here.

Many claim seeing a frantic woman dressed in black, running around calling for her children. The most famous ghost is that of a man named David fee.

He was killed in 1890 out side St. Andrews church on the New Years Eve. It is believed he is still searching for his murderer. 

Resurrection Cemetery

The resurrection cemetery is located in Chicago. The most famous figure relating to the cemetery is that of “The bloody Mary”, a well known and a famous ghostly figure.

The ghost is of a young girl Mary who was murdered on Archer Avenue 90 years ago.

She is seen, dressed in black and asking for a lift to the cemetery. She disappears while talking or when a person gives her a lift.

Other than her, a vampire is also believed to be buried in cemetery who scratches his coffin when sun sets down. Many other ghosts have also been seen here.

Highgate Cemetery

The Highgate cemetery is present in London and is also called the City of the dead. The cemetery was built during the Victorian era and was the most modern cemetery of that time.

Only the rich and the modern could afford to bury their loved ones here. The cemetery got damaged during the Second World War and became a desolated neglected place of the walking dead.

The cemetery has a Gothic look and is so spooky that one gets chills only looking at it. Terrifying creatures with glowing eyes have been sighted walking around the cemetery.

Some have also claimed seeing a vampire during the nights. Bells have been heard ringing in the old damaged chapel and a demented old lady has also been sighted. The place is definitely one of the scariest cemeteries of the world.


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