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Feng Shui: Lucky and unlucky directions

Updated on September 4, 2012

So what about the directions?

According to Feng Shui, every person has their lucky and unlucky directions. Lucky directions should be faced, so that you get most of the good luck in your life, while unlucky ones avoided so you can avoid bad luck and problems. Both lucky and unlucky directions can be known by calculating the Gua number.

The four lucky directions

  • Hidden place +

This direction gives a slightly positive influence. It supposes good life, moderately lucky as far as wealth and well-being are concerned. If your entrance door or your bed face this direction or are in this section of your home, you will have more boys than girls and you will have means enough for life. This direction improves personal skills and possibilities and this is why this direction is especially important for the managers on their working place as well as for the students who get ready for the exams. During meditation it is better to face this direction. Hidden place is the possibility of protection from bad luck and bad Feng Shui.

  • Longevity ++

Its influence is more positive and if you wish to have a family, improve your relations or have a baby, draw your attention to this direction as it creates good will, patience and harmonious relationship. This direction is perfect for a living room, bedroom, dining room or a room for negotiations.

  • Heavenly doctor +++

The influence of this direction is great. This sector and direction will bring you middle-class level wealth, good friends and good sons. It is exceptionally powerful as far as curing of the members of the family is concerned. Reorient your bedroom and put your bed head in this direction at least during the illness. In case of long lasting or inexplicable illnesses you should pay attention to your cooking place. The connection of the oven must lie in this direction. It's a good luck to have an entrance door, bedroom or dining room in this sector .

  • The birth of Chi ++++

It brings good luck related to finance and authority. If you are able to orient your rooms, as well as the entrance doors, sleeping place and your desk according to your luckiest direction, your Feng Shui will be wonderful, your life will be filled with overabundance, happiness and prosperity. Try to always remember this direction. If you need to convince somebody in something, or have successful negotiations, face this direction and you will succeed! The person who is able to make use of his or her luckiest direction and to avoid the bad influence of Cha energy can become a rich person in any sens of the word.

Unlucky directions

  • Harm -

This direction is slightly negative. This is the least negative direction. But it can provoke bad luck and accidents. There can be conflicts with people and laws. It is better not to put in this sector axes, knives, weapon or old things.

  • 6 Cha --

This direction is harmful for the family and family business. Your business might face judicial problems. Delays, scandals, losses and illnesses are possible. Enemies may appear. It is better to have a WC in this sector, to suppress the bad Chi energy.

  • 5 demons ---

Facing this direction may lead to a lot of quarrels at home and you will not have peaceful surroundings neither at home nor at work. You can become a victim of a robbery or a fire or your younger child can fall ill. You will have financial difficulties. If your bed is situated in this sector of your house or your bed head faces this direction you will have nightmares. This direction is related to the spirits, Ing energies, bad luck. It is better to have a WC or a kitchen in this sector. The directions “6 Cha” and “5 demons” are equally negative but involve different problems.

  • “Interruption of life” ----

This is the worst direction and whereabouts. It is also called “miserable destiny”. If your entrance door overlooks this direction, you will lose all your descendants. You may lose your wealth, and everything will go wrong in your life. There will be regular health problems in your family. This direction must be avoided by all the means. It is both fatal and deadly.

I wish you the best of Feng shui luck!


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