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Finding a Purpose in Life

Updated on December 3, 2010

Relax and Let Go, Things Will Come to You

I would consider, so many of us to be seekers. Not that we are not satisfied with what we are doing in our lives, but that we are trying to keep an open mind and heart as to what else in life there can be. Finding a purpose in your life may be as simple as realizing that you have already found a purpose. Or it can involve a life time of attention.

The imagination knows only the boundaries that are placed upon it. What has been proven over and over again by many people is if you can create a situation through your imagination, it can also be recreated in the physical reality.

Many people have claimed to have methods that consistently attract into their lives what they feel is the next level of their existence. Whether it is more money or a new relationship, they create this vision and take steps to bring it into fruition. In fact I believe that we all do it some what similarly. Almost all of us can remember something that we imagined, that became a reality in our lives.

Even some athletes are taught this method, you might have heard it called creative visualization. For me this method didn't always bring about the exact end result I had imagined. I can give you all kinds of reasons why it did not work and help me to find a purpose in my life. But it did work for many other aspects in my life. The method sold houses, cars and sailboats almost effortlessly. It also found houses, cars and boats to buy, all by imagining just what I wanted and it effortlessly was drawn to me.

But finding a purpose? Finding your own purpose in life is about letting go for me. It's about letting spirit come into your life and work toward the best solution for you. To many times in my life I thought that I knew what was best for me, maybe you have thought the same thing. When you decide to become detached from the end result you can start to allow the changes to take place in your life, your purpose will unfold within you and be reflected in your life.

The beauty of the whole thing is that you can start right now. You can accept spirit into your life knowing that it will guide you to a better end result than you could have ever imagined. It's all about letting go.


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