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From a Disciple of God About End Times?

Updated on March 10, 2020

End Times Are Coming?

Okay, before everyone doubts what I am about to say, there have been End Times prophets with more frequency since the 1960's. Many have studied and preached this via the Book of Revelations and what was witnessed over 2000 years ago in visions by Ezekiel and others told to them by God. Dismiss this as you may, but back in 1980, I attended (out of boredom) a ministry about such things based upon the Revelations. This was not a huge gathering, but just filled with 25 people or so, in a classroom. The class would last several months.

Frank Was His Name

I was much younger and never had known anything about the Book of Revelations, as I was not very religious like many Christians. I really did not walk the talk. But, I was always interested in the future and the shape of things to come. I was like a clean slate regarding everything in the Revelations.

Whether Frank (don't recall his last name) was an angel or disciple or messenger from God to spread the word of End Times, I don't know, but he was a captivating orator. This 60-yr. old man, with graying hair, was both a personality force, stout in his belief, yet was able to convey how the seemingly out of this world stages of the End Times, described today.

The Book of Revelations are not written for literal translations, as he would say, but, were descriptions made by men of looking into the future some 2000 years. They used their own knowledge of those times to describe a future event. Imagine seeing a future event 1000 years in the future, you would describe it with today's knowledge of science etc.

Frank was so passionate about his visions and beliefs. He did claim he was a messenger to born again Christians. Of course, 1980, was a year the Russia invaded Afghanistan, the Cold War was very high and Iranian Shia's overthrew the Shah and today, poses a real nuclear threat.

I was one that believed Frank was some sort of divine person. While passionate, he was also understanding. There was some sort of presence about him and he never asked for money. He just wanted to get the word out and felt God wanted this. As the classes continued over time, I was eager to learn more. He would cite the Revelation verse and then translate what it could be. For instance, when Ezekiel saw things that resembled a man's face, flying, but with a sound of a thousand horses during war, the only thing 2000 years ago to describe this vision were locusts. Yet, in modern times, it is an attack helicopter. The front does appear like a face of sorts, the sound of the rotor, like horses galloping, and when they spit out fire, they are missiles being fired.

Whether Frank's translation is correct or not, it resonated with me. It was logical. In another example, the Revelations notes that war will devastate the Middle East by fire from the sky, in today's terms, these must be tactical nuclear or other missiles, but Ezekiel knew nothing of these. In one of the Trumpets blown in End Times, pestilence will be a pandemic on a more frequent basis, since 2000, there have been several in regions of the world with viruses and now Wuhan flu is causing much the world panic.

Frank indicated that End Times were not in 1980, but they would start happening when a generation since the rise of Israel passes. Israel became a state in 1948. Most describe a generation is at least 70 to 80 years, based on the average lifetime of most people. So, at 70, it would've been 2018. Since that passed and there is a margin of debate, at the latest, 2028, would be when a generation passes.

Some things that Frank taught have yet to pass, like an European Army. There is NATO, but when the Antichrist happens in Europe, they will control all the NATO nations. Germany was mentioned as where it might happen. Oddly enough, Germany and France have agreed to having a European Army just last year. This will augment NATO. Other nations have also agreed to be part of it but it is in its infancy in 2020. Also, the mark of the beast, 666, has yet to happen, but one can see how that if you refuse to worship him, you will not be able to buy or sell as the Revelations notes. With credit cards the main way most buy, when it does get denied for lack of funds, a scare and awareness hits you! Now, if you do not have a 666 code, it will be denied.

Frank was so prophetic. When I think back to how spot on he was in 1980, surely he must have been a messenger from God. But, the real shocker for me ultimately was this: Frank taught that in the last days there will be instant communication around the globe. An event will happen in China and within seconds or minutes much of the world will know, for example.

Now, this was 1980. There were no cellphones, no Internet, no WIFI, no texting, no Facebook, no Email. The world was void of instant communication. We still had telephones you dialed and got an operator, no connection internationally was guaranteed. There were a few communication satellites, mostly American. I tried, in vain, to imagine back then what or how it could be? I just was blank.

Today, there is instant communication. It was not around in 1995, not like today. The Internet was still working on it, as were cellphone technology. We were almost there by 2005. The point is, that Frank had told us this would pass in 1980. It was a sign End Times were near. Pretty amazing prophecy! I can still recall that class discussion.

We all have different degrees of religious beliefs about the future of mankind and not all the signs have passed, but we are damn close. Turn to Jesus for salvation and continue to watch for the unraveling Middle East until there is a false peace period. Then you know it is upon us.


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