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GOD I am I am I am I am!

Updated on August 25, 2010

God I am!!!!!

One mourning after fasting, I decided to talk to God. I asked a series of question and the first one was who are you God?!

GOD!! I am! I am! I am! I hold the power of the world in my hand. It was given to me when the universe was birthed. It was planted in me so the last would be the first. Alfa and omega. The beginning and the end.

How old are you?

Take your time, listen up, this is where the lesson begins. Just around 3 trillion B.C.. That's close to the age you can respond me to be. Just a baby compared to most. Not to brag, inflate, or boast.

Just a mere lad conceived from the womb. Not dug, immortalized, or taken out of the tomb. An energy force magnificent in sight. Magnificent you see, in my mom and daddy's eyes.

I traveled and traveled looking for some space where I could explode, implode just to get a taste . . . of me, you see, I really had to be! It was the only way I could get to know me.So I created the planets and the stars and who you are. I can go on forever. Forever is not that far. You laugh?! It's funny you assume. (It's just funny to talk to you in this room, as you speak it, I see all that you see!!) Yeah! It's funny, because you are a part of me.

As far as you can see from here to the next galaxy. Everything in between was created by me. I've created all things great and small. Listen, look around, and respect them all. (Enjoy) the sounds, the buzz, the noise, and the hush. The no-legged creatures. The ones with many. The ones who come out for the sun. The ones who don't need any. I am their father too!!

Are there any others?

You asked, is there others? Yes in deed!! If I wasn't creative, then who would I be?! The scientist, the scalars, they all try to duplicate. They can't get right!! You think they can duplicate the human race?! Everything they do, everything they try come up tainted, fowl!

What about other creatures like humans the master race on other planets, galaxies, universes!?

The worlds are dimensional. They coincide all at once. There are many, many, many more Earths. Some far worse! Some far greater!

Will we ever do time travel?

You are doing it now! I am not of your time!!! I am not of your space!!!

Give me the names of some planets in which life forms live on who are the master race.

Gibson, Zion, Gidzion, and Gidzrion.

When I was in my car accident and in what we call a coma, where did I go . . . if the place has a name?

"No where!" Now here!"

What else do you want the world to know about God, The Creator, Our Father!?!?!?

" I AM!"

" I am the all they will ever need!!!"

How is my dad doing?

Charles! He's here.



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