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Game of Life

Updated on April 14, 2016

People had all played games in their childhood. Those games provided fun and excitement away from school and homework. Games like Hide and Seek, Cop and Robber, and Monopoly make people happy when they win and dejected when they lose. Most importantly, people relished the entertainment and socializing among friends. As people are older and start to work for a living in the society, it brings them fond memory of those innocent times when there were no right or wrong, good or bad, pretence or prejudice. In adulthood, people learn to play games with their relationships at home, at work, and in society. More than often, those games are dominated by mistrust, lie, and self-interest. Whether they are games people played in childhood or adulthood, they are all parts of the game of life. It is a game of:

1) Survival where each person is driven by an uncontrollable urge to live,

2) Playing a good guy or a bad guy with equal significance,

3) Having to face problems that cause headache and heartache.


To play a game, there must be rules. The first rule of the game of life is survival. It is an ability that is built into every human being. When life is threatened, each person will summon all the power to preserve and prolong it. No one knows when and how life will end. But, each person learns to face the unknown with an open mind hoping for the best. In the game of life, everyone is a participant and quitting is not an option. In the animal kingdom, the game of life is the survival of the fittest. To the humans, it is the survival of experiencing the unknown.


Like the Cop and Robber game, somebody has to play the good guys and somebody has to play the bad guys. However, in the game of life, everyone plays a role that is in the destiny and pre-determined. This role is not simple and straightforward like the Cop and Robber. Most people will not visualize their roles till the twilight of their lives when they realize the limitations, the inevitabilities, and the law of average. For a selected few, their roles will be obvious for either the contributions made to the mankind or the destructiveness inflicted upon mankind. The human population may get bigger and the world may become more complex.But, the basic human emotional needs remain the same, the primal human physical urges have to be satisfied, and the elevated human spiritual obsessions cannot be denied.


As people grow older and develop independent thinking, they face many choices how to live their lives – which friends to keep, who to marry, what subjects to study in school, what profession to take on, etc… There are many people out there to be with. But, true and long lasting friendship is a rare community. Circumstance, personality, and temperament, more often than not, determine with whom people can get along. A happy and till-death-do-us-part marriage is close to a pipe dream and more people spend the twilight of their life in loneliness.

Every parent wants their kids to be a doctor, lawyer, or scientist. But, soon they realize that the kids have their own agenda due to increasingly easy accessibility of information. Driven more by the innate capabilities, the kids will fashion a life of their own to play the role in the game of life. Cases of child prodigies and people blessed with natural talents are abundant.


In a free country and society, each person is allowed the opportunity to be who and what the person is to act out the role in life. For ordinary people, there are ordinary jobs for them to make a living and/or raise a family. For people with special talent, they can be a professional to serve the special needs of the society. In a not so free country and society, each person has to be contented with conformity and play the role of a member of the masses at the mercy of the totalitarian policy.

Unlike the Cop and Robber game, for each person in the game of life, the experience is all serious business. There are joyous and peaceful times but also painful and anxious moments that sometimes stick to the mind for a long time. Like the Cop and Robber game, the game of life is governed by a set of rules and scenarios but with the unsuspecting participants facing and solving a fixed set of problems. No individual can change or leave lasting impact on the game plan but to keep the playground alive for the probability of life to run its course.


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