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Ghosts Hauntings and Poltergeists

Updated on October 28, 2011

What are Ghosts?

Ghosts, the word brings images of the classic bed-sheet Halloween costumes we've all become accustomed to seeing in cartoons and on our movie and television screens. But really though, what are ghosts? Well the verdict is out on this. Are ghosts actually the disembodied souls of those who once lived on this earth or are they only the psychic imprint on an environment caused by an extremely emotionally charged or traumatic event? Perhaps a ghost is like a audio recording that is then broadcast when a sentient being is around, so that you sense the information in the environment. Your mind may act as the receiver (antenna) and player (radio) for the information that is in the environment to make you mentally project a what you could call an environmental psychic residual event. Your senses are tricked into believing you are actually witnessing a non-physical entity interacting with the environment, the truth is that you are witnessing information stored in the physical memory of the environment much like information is stored on an electromagnetic tape. There is a sort of quantum imprinting into the very matter which is the environment and that residual memory event is played over and over and can be witnessed by you the psychic receiver.

But what about seemingly intelligent responses from those we assume are ghosts? Could it be that some ghosts are actually capable of interaction and of intelligence? Those disembodied souls of dead that are earth-bound are drawn to familiar places where they lived in life. They retain a sort of body memory after death and are anchored to our existence by things no longer relevant to their new state of being (unrealized or unactivated vibrational energy). These energy beings are vibrating at a lower state and are stuck here because of addictions, unfinished business, and emotional attachments. These beings are seen as light and as orbs because the easiest shape for energy to take because of the laws of conservation is a spherical shape. If they materialize they must draw on the electromagnetic energy in the environment around them. This process can be felt as cold spots and be seen by energy field sensing equipment such as a gauss meter. They can answer questions on tape or digital recording through a process known as EVP (electronic voice phenomenon), or through other ITC (instrumental trans-communication) devices like a ghost box. So in reality both answers are correct in the fact that ghostly activity can be a residual haunting (psychic imprinting on the environment) event or an intelligently controlled interactive entity or disembodied soul.


What is a Haunting?

A haunting is the attached consciousness of a non-physical personality that is anchored to something in the physical world be it a location or even a living person. These entities interact with their environment and those in it and can cause problems for living individuals or groups of people. Haunting phenomena include apparitions and like those of ghosts but in reference to interaction with a living person. Haunting phenomena feed on the energy be it electrical, electromagnetic. or psychic emotional and use the energy to manifest.

A spirit or non-physical personality can have emotional attachments to things, places, or people and will not be at rest. Usually the entity was not ready to pass on when the event of their death occurred and they are stuck within the physical plenum of existence unable leave they physical world behind. These entities usually retain what is known as a residual self image and can psychically project this image of themselves into the mind of a psychic receiver or use this same psychic transference to speak to a receiver as well. This is called mediumship and is the main means of a non-physical entities way of communication with the living. Other types of communication such as electronic voice phenomenon or manipulation of electronic energies within a device have also been shown to work.

The PEARGroup

The PEARGroup Medford OR 97504
The PEARGroup Medford OR 97504

Poltergeists Paranormal TV

Ed and Lorraine Warren Real Poltergiest Activity

What are Poltergeists?

A poltergeist is an event where physical or telekenetic energy is used to move objects by an unseen force. Poltergeist activity can be classified as either non threatening in nature all the way up to physically dangerous. There are five categories to poltergeist activity.

  1. Little to very light activity - a door closes by itself, footsteps or bangs.
  2. Light to medium activity - it is more noticeable now than before but one can say it is something else.
  3. Medium to heavy activity - the activity has objects being witnessed flying off shelves and is becoming disruptive and annoying. This is when you (should) call a team of paranormal experts in.
  4. Heavy and dangerous activity - the activity has caused physical damage to large objects, it has spread to harming those it is effecting by scratching them and throwing objects that can cause injury. Now you really need to call a team and fast.
  5. Life threatening activity - there are knives being thrown at you embedding in the adjacent wall next to your head. Get out of dodge!

Poltergeist tend to be more playful in nature then they are harmful, messing things up around the home or moving objects around that are placed one place but then moved (apported) back to where they were or into a new location all together. Poltergeists seemed centered around a person more than a location or object. Poltergeists seem to get their needed energy directly from the living person they are attached to, there is even theories that the person themselves may be subconsciously causing the poltergeist activity to occur by their own telekenetic manipulation of the environment. They don't even realize they have that much power to do this and this theory is usually what parapsychologists are arguing today.There is evidence that some haunting activity may be associated with poltergeist activity since these phenomena seem to go hand in hand but a correlation hasn't been drawn. I personally believe that poltergeists are usually us but may have a spirit mental connection to the person that is doing the telekenetic damage.

Demonic Activity

Demonic activity in locations can manifest much like other spiritual energies do in locations. The difference is that demonic activity tends to be more interactive with the people involved. It tends to mimic those that it feeds off of and seems to want to cause harm to them. Activity may seem mundane at first but will quickly begin to increase much like a poltergeist will. This tends to lead to the question are the two related, well the jury is still out on this. It may be that a demonic entity wanting to cause physical, emotional, and mental duress to the people it is attacking may invoke the living to use their energy against their own free will.

The Signs of a Demonic Infestation:

  • Object movement and bilocation
  • The smell of decay or rot
  • Stacking of objects
  • Photographic anomalies
  • Physical or audible attacks
  • Violent loud activity
  • Audible growls, thumps, foot steps
  • Slamming of doors and the opening of cabinets
  • Visual clues of demonic activity are prints in places they should not be like the walls and ceilings.
  • Messages that are personally insulting written around the location.
  • Doppelganger effects (the voice or image of a living person is used to harras a victim and may cause strife between loved ones.) Also called mimicry.
  • Slight Possession is like being oppressed, your consciousness seems put into a state of apathy as the entity enters your psyche here in the physical reality.
  • Possession of a victim. The spiritual entrapment of a living person where they are no longer in control of their physical and mental facilities.

How to Combat a Demonic Entity:

  • If you are confronted by signs of a demonic presence it is best to call upon positive light energies, visualizations, prayers, and enchantments. Say a light prayer, read the bible or say the lords prayer out loud.
  • Darkness cannot exist where there is light so always keep your home windows open and try to bring more light and good feelings into the physical environment. At night have your home well light and be together as a family unit. Talk to each other and show outward signs of love.
  • If your home is under siege then it is time to call in an expert in demonology and perhaps to get a professional cleanser or your particular clergy to come in and help you.
  • If a person is possessed it is best to call in a professional; it is never a good idea to try and take on something you do not know how to combat or understand.

The Key Thing (The Name):

The idea is to address the entity itself and to reveal its true nature by finding out it's name. It is a bit like playing with Rumpelstiltskin in trying to guess his name. But it is a much darker and nightmarish force than that of the old fairytale. Once the name is known cast out the demon by invoking light and love and the name of God and command it away forever with a closing like AMEN!


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    • Amanda Severn profile image

      Amanda Severn 8 years ago from UK

      I wrote about the poltergeist hauntings that my sister experienced in her house in one of my hubs a while ago. I wouldn't wish to live in a haunted house, but some people have no problem with it.

    • Madfun profile image

      Madfun 8 years ago from United Kingdom

      Ive lived in a few haunted houses now, always been good spirits as far as i can tell but started writing them down people always find them interesting when I tell friends

    • Patti Ann profile image

      Patti Ann 8 years ago from Florida

      I have a friend who swears that there are ghosts in her house. All of her family has seen them and they even have moved items around. I'm a believer!