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Ghosts and Spirits: Part-2 Dealing with Ghosts and Spirits

Updated on July 21, 2012

Try these tricks to get rid of Ghosts and evil Spirits

In a previous hub while giving an overview of Ghosts and Spirits, I have discussed my own views on Ghosts and spirits. You may have a look at those views. Those views are immaterial issues to be discussed here. The point is, if you believe in ghosts and spirits, here are some of the ways to deal with them in the tradition I grew up.

As described by others who have successfully dealt with ghosts, these are some of the things that ghosts do not like or are not immune to. You may apply any of the tricks at your own risk. My role here is limited to what I know (not what I believe).

Believed to be the largest Bajrangvali Statue in the World located in Hyderabad, India: Source: Wikipedia
Believed to be the largest Bajrangvali Statue in the World located in Hyderabad, India: Source: Wikipedia

How to Drive Ghosts Away

Statues of Gods and Goddesses Ghosts can never sustain:Hindu Ghosts and spirits can not sustain the visual image of Gods and Goddesses like Jai Bajrangvali, Shiva, Ganesh, etc. However, if you are not sure about the religious inclination of the ghost, it may not be effective. For ghosts with Christian origin one may use the Holy Cross. For other religions, any sacred symbol of the specific religion would help.

Iron or things made of iron: Iron nails, Oxidized iron utensils, knives made of iron, iron rings and iron spears are effective protections against ghosts. Even an iron bolt tied in your body would protect you from ghosts

Your own Urine: Unlike what we see in some popular horror movies, where ghosts attack in the bathrooms and toilets, in reality, ghosts are allergic to nitrogen and anything that contains nitrogen. While in distress, a readily available source may be your own urine.

Lemon and green chillies: Lemon and chillies tied with a black thread at the entrance of your house protects your house from the entry of all evil spirits no matter how powerful they are.

Smoke the Ghost out with dry red Chilli: Fire a few pieces of charcoal in a pot. Keep the pot in your house and put some dry red chillies on the fire. The hot smell and the smoke will definitely drive away all evil spirits from your house. This can even repel human beings.

Home Made Ghost Repellent Recipe

Items needed: Garlic (9 cloves), Tail of a house lizard, lemon juice from 9 ripe lemons, honey 1 teaspoon, 1 cup fresh milk from a black buffalo (do not use cow milk as buffalo being the vehicle for the Yamaraj-God of death, milk from buffalo is more effective), sugar cane juice around 1.2 Ltr.

Process: Except sugar cane juice, grind all others to make a thorough paste. Mix it well in an iron bowl with sugar cane juice. Then filter the liquid content into a bottle and throw away the remaining.

Add one drop of this ghost repellent to 1 ltr water and sprinkle the water all over the house as well as garden. This effective repellent is believed to repel ghosts and evil spirits of very high level power. This is a general recipe and can repel ghosts universally whether you are in America or Japan or India. This has nothing to do with the specific faith.

Read the Overview of Ghosts and Spirits

Read how to make your house Ghost free


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