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Ghosts and Spirits: Part-1

Updated on July 21, 2012

Ghosts and Spirits: A Brief Overview

To be frank, I am an atheist. Used to laugh at people who claim that they had seen ghosts and experienced spirits. I have a simple logic. If you believe in God, you need not fear ghosts and evil spirits as God is believed to be omnipresent and omnipotent to overpower and defeat the evil forces. On the other hand, if you do not believe in God, then also there is no need to get afraid of ghosts because of the same reasons for why you do not believe in God. Still, I am here to discuss Ghosts. Do not worry. What I am discussing today has nothing to do with my own beliefs, rather to do something with the things I have heard from others.

Types of Ghosts and their Influence

Since my childhood, I have been hearing about these things. In common parlance, there are two different types of spirits and ghosts; good and evil. Only the evil ones need to be bothered about. In the current lens, a discussion on how to repel ghosts is presented. The views presented here are a recollection of memories of the stories I have heard of. I am a Hindu by tradition and culture. In my tradition, people become ghosts after dying and it is a special condition for the soul to hibernate till it finds a womb for rebirth. Usually a person who is content in his/her life and have learned the eternal truth gets salvation and becomes a part of the divine. But those whose earthly desires remained unfulfilled, becomes ghosts and spirits. If such desires are genuine, one becomes a good ghost. If desires are mean, evil, revengeful, dangerous and so on then one becomes an evil spirit and tries to harm living beings. They try to inhibit and overpower the living beings and do mischievous things that frighten others. People try to get rid of them. Unlike other traditions, in Hindu tradition, you can not kill a ghost or spirit. But you can drive them away, can control them in order to achieve your personal goals and so on. The only difference between a spirit/soul or ghost and a living being is that the living being has a body that can support enjoying of earthly pleasures and gets wounded if attacked. A spirit does not have a body. But it can feel the pleasure and pain. So, one can please and torture a spirit even if they can not be killed. Since evil spirits do harm people, it is necessary to get rid of them. There are special ways to deal with ghosts. In some other article, we have discussed certain activities that may help you drive them away from your home or force them to leave the body of your relatives; whatever the case may be.

Sources for Pictures used in this lens are given here



I had written a very long hub. In oder to break the monotonicity, I broke it into three hubs.

Those are;

Ghosts and Spirits: Part-1 (An Overview of Ghosts and Spirits) The present Hub

Ghosts and Spirits: Part-2 (Some Simple Tricks to Get Rid of Ghosts and Spirits)

Ghosts and Spirits: Part-3 (Driving Away Ghosts from Your House: Elaborate Methods)

Hope you enjoy reading these hubs.

The Internet is Loaded with Photos and Videos of Ghosts and Spirits; both good and bad


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