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Prodigals - God Wants You Alive!

Updated on June 10, 2020
Kenny MG profile image

Kenny is a keen and enthusiastic biblical knowledge promoter, gospel apologist, a fighter in God's army, a defender of the Christian faith.

The Heavenly Salvation Plan

Yes you are needed in the heavenly plan of salvation to represent God’s holiness, His righteous character in a world where there is little thirst for Godliness, decency, respect for life and where morality is waning. You may be one who looks at the falling in standards of respectability in the homes, in schools, and in society and wish things were different but left it for someone else to sort out. Are you one of those who believe our governments should be all things to all men that you pay your taxes for them to take the necessary actions, and that’s your lot for them to get on with it and sort it out? Are you comforted by the fact that there are enough prisons built enough to sway people from a life of indiscipline, crime and violence? Well from God’s point of view enough is never enough until we become our brother’s keepers. God wants you to stand in the gap, wherever there is a need for someone to speak out against lawless society. He wants you in the homes to set good example as parents, to instil decency and honesty into their lives, “when they are old they will not depart from them” (Proverbs). He needs you in schools, to instil discipline, in courts to give true justice in government to take the lead in morality and truth, in the pulpit to “preach the word for a witness”. Yes God, needs you, whatever your race or creed, whatever your colour or culture, whatever your gender there is a place for you to serve. Will you today answer that call, will you take up the challenge, and will you stand in the gap and make a difference?

Strong Leadership

Why are we losing so many young lives to drugs and a life of crime? Why are our prisons overcrowded and why does governments plans to tackle crime and violence and indiscipline pervading our societies continues to fail? The problems lies in our homes, in our schools which reflects at our jobs and the environment in which we live and whenever and whereever there is a need to be filled, it could be your name that is being called, the imprints of your hand and feet that are needed to make the change! Families are in trouble, they try their best but the system let them down. We see too many one parent families, teenage pregnancies and drug addicts at the helm of families and the result is a downward cycle that kept repeating itself over and again. We need moral fibre in parents, upright moms and more dads in homes to lead from the front, strong leadership in the clergy and in society eradicating indifference and ethical compromises. You could be one of those who look at the tragedies befalling societies, gun totting youths in our neighbourhood, students killing students, people killing in the name of God, suicide bombing, armed conflicts pregnant with political indecisions. Why can there not be a strong and effective leadership found in leading nations in fact all nations of our world to erradicate poverty, correct wrongs and issue decree which will work in a modern setting?


Your name maybe written on a wall in a clinic in Zimbabwe, on a school board teaching in Soweto, South Africa, on the southern cost of New Orleans distributing aid, or South America with a medical assistance team. However, your calling may not be on the international mission field, the need may be no further than your own front door, or in your neighbourhood, but you are needed. God wanted someone to “stand in the gap” (Ezek 22:30, not on a foreign field but in Israel, and between their evil ways and His righteous character. A search through out the land could not find anyone who has not messed up, departing from the righteousness of God. That search continues today, the call is ongoing, for someone to bridge the gap between righteousness and lawlessness. In every society, in every home, in every street, in every school, business places, in the corridors of power God wants someone to stand up for right above wrongs. To seek justice and practice it, to stand out in the crowd when everyone else say no you can say yes. Whenever a mother or fatherless child cries, wherever there is hunger and famine sometimes even in our great economy children are suffering, there is a need and your name may on it. Nobody knows for sure what our gifts are, where God wants us to serve, until we get involved and we find our place. It was there all the time and it is ours to keep until He returns to earths shattered landscape. It’s like passing by the shopping mall and something caught our eyes, we don’t know it fits until we try, and we are smitten, convinced it will be suitable for that planned engagement, it’s taken home and it’s ours as long as we keep it. Do you know your calling? Is it not about time you find out? If God calls you to fight the righteous cause you bet your bottom dollar you will be equipped effectively for the task. Don’t sit down and let your gifts or talents goes to waste, find your place now, just tell Him you are ready to serve, to be placed where He needs you, and He will direct you towards where He wants you to serve.

Wrong Directions

Yound people today are fed a diet of false images for success, before they reach their teen years they want to be movie stars, many wants to become a super model. We see Hollywood, the fashion industry, magazines and leading newspapers leading the way in teaching young women that the only way to be successful it to starve yourself, to be a certain size, way below what is normal size for women many close to death before they are rescued, many not so lucky. The wrong images, of models, bones barely covered by skins, barely alive bony ass women parading as super models, as ideal images of women. The type of images, of women when you look into their eyes, they looked barely alive, the walking dead and we call this liberated society. How many more women will die before someone say enough is enough? Get rid of the glossy magazines, the people who promote the wrong images needs to be ashamed. Every man knows and is confirmed by research findings that a woman is beautiful with curves, and thats what makes a woman beauiful to look at, desirable, who she is. The woman image with no curves straight as stick is being sold as the ideal image for women, among many young girls causing an epidemic of starvation and death in yound lives. We need the modern women to stand up and take a lead, and say enough is enough, women you are wanted. This may be your call, the time of decision for many to escape this industry of exploits and misinformation. Stand up now, it mayb today you make the most important decision of your life to stand back and stop the distruction of women in films, fashion and magazine industry. When you've found your place of service, I guarantee you it won’t be like the proverbial square peg trying to fit into a round hole you will know you are rightly placed, you will make a positive difference, and you will be noticed.


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