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God Has a Plan for You

Updated on October 31, 2020
jacobkuttyta profile image

An occasional writer who love Jesus and believe in Him. Salvation is only through Jesus Christ. No other way how hard you try.

God places the gift inside of you and then he places the demand around you and your value goes through the roof

By praying in the spirit you are building yourself up
By praying in the spirit you are building yourself up

You’re all part of what God’s doing on the earth you just haven’t been informed but activity around you would dictate that something’s going on

I remember this I have to share this with you because the Lord’s asking me to I don’t like to tell stories and things like that because I don’t want to talk about myself but this might help you. After I got the call that the Lord had instructed Jesse to call Jan Crouch because the Lord had told him this guy’s for real, and the world needs to know this.

He called me and told me we’re doing this and, I go, how did this happen, he goes, because you didn’t bother me about it. You didn’t ask me, you went to, you and your wife fasted and prayed in your prayer closet and God talked to me. He said he did it the right way. So we’re going to TBN and going to interview you. So we went there and he interviewed us and then it was just that’s where it was launched. But when I got home the next day me and my wife as usual we got up at 4am and we started praying in tongues.

We prayed in tongues till about eight and we could not get through which is impossible. For four hours in tongues, three cups of tea and nothing. I told Kathy, I said something’s going on here let’s take a break let’s back off. We had so many salvation's called into TBN. There were so many people getting saved and all this fruit and Jesse said this is what you’re made for.

So I went into the hot tub and I just sat there and I'm waiting on the Lord and I fell asleep and when I fell asleep you have that little in between state. So I fell forward and as I did I looked and there was angels standing staring at me. There were four of them standing there staring at me as I fell asleep and I'm like I woke right up and I looked and there’s nothing there but you.

Then I went like this down in here and I could feel the power of God but it wasn’t up here and I want to tell you something I felt depressed and I don’t feel depressed. I said something is wrong and I fell asleep again and when I fell asleep again they were smiling at me and they spoke and they said get up get dressed and get ready you have one hour. So I woke up. I told Kathy I said get ready I know you need an hour and a half but you got an hour. She was already ready, she was already ready of course she was. Yeah it was my problem, anyway no she was ready we were all ready you know what happened here’s what’s going on. You might feel the total opposite of what’s really going on in the spirit because Satan will do that.

What had happened was three weeks prior I was in another room where we had Jesse’s magazine and I just opened it because I pray for him. He’s a really cool singer on TV and I loved him and I just said to the Lord from my heart out of my mouth. Remember from your heart you speak and you shall have it. I said I love that man. I would love to go to his church and I had had a dream that I was at his church and we were walking and going from building to building. And then we went and ate in the dream and I knew the whole layout of the church so Jesse calls me.

He goes can you meet me at the jet the Lord’s telling me you’re supposed to go to Delawares church this is within an hour from having this depression and falling asleep. So we went and when we went I met him and then we went and walked and I already knew the turn so I didn’t even wait for somebody to tell me where to go because I already knew the layout.

But I've never been there except in a dream and the angels knew this and they were sent to make sure that we were ready and they were smiling. And I say that it’s a very personal story but I'm telling you this just to show you that what your experiencing in this realm might not be anything close to what’s about to happen for you.

And they were so bright and they were so happy those angels and I got to meet him and it was just a blessing and this happens to us quite frequently. Suddenly something happens but up until that point it’s war but see it’s the times and seasons of the Lord. Satan is left out of it but if he sees four angels standing beside you he’s figuring something is about to happen so those angels must have been there and they saw that those angels were assigned to me and they saw that.

I felt depressed but I had no reason to be depressed so Jesse pulls me aside and he says do you realize what is happening to you and I go no I don’t. He goes, you have nothing to worry about everything is already taken care of for you. Do you get it, everything I have is yours he said.

Do you realize what has happened to you doesn’t have the people of 40 years of ministry. And it’s happened in one year, six things have happened to you in one year that don’t happen to people that I know in 40 years of ministry. He goes you’re going to be bigger than me. I go I don’t want to be bigger than you I just want to be your friend. What’s going on I don’t know but see the times and the seasons of the Lord determine these things beforehand.

So you’re all part of what God’s doing on the earth you just haven’t been informed but activity around you would dictate that something’s going on or you wouldn’t even be here why would you waste your weekend right. This is what you need to do and this is not me because I am on the sapphire floor in heaven right now.

So don’t be discouraged if your prayer language is not allowing you to be fluent. It’s not going into a fluency because you’re in a battle and there’s a partiti

I am not here even though you can see me I'm talking from there you need to write down and listen because this is not me it’s not even going through my head right now. The Lord Jesus is telling me for you to write down on a blank sheet of paper everything that you have that you need to give to him. All your businesses all your friends all your family just write it out in a small graphic use. The whole paper map it out, give it to the Lord and and pray over it.

And the Lord in the next week is going to start to give you wisdom on your business on your relationships on your job everything about you give it to the Lord this week and see what happens he takes that up and he starts to explain things to you. He wants you to lay before him there’s a blank sheet in you. If you have your study guide there’s a blank sheet in your back this is the season something has just happened and there’s an open heaven and you all are part of this.

The Lord asked me to do my last meeting scheduled meeting here, it was moved and shifted because he’s asked me to start working on these programs. I have eight or nine of them I gotta implement including warrior church all over the world. We’re gonna be having bible studies weekly all over the world and I need to get those things done. So this this period of time I will only do go places where the Lord tells me to for the next four months.

He’s told me to open up so one of those because we shifted everything. Something opened up for this week and so I'm going to Daystar on Tuesday but see that’s because I was obedient to shift things around and this is going to continue to happen. I'm going to show up in places where he tells me to go that’s strategic but it’s not going to be on paper necessarily but God wants to take it to your house.

I'm just telling you the truth he wants it so that if the devil ever has another lame idea to to keep you in your house he’s going to regret it the rest of his eternity which is a really long time by the way. He’s going to think why did I just do that why did I keep them in their house now they’re having church in their house angels are showing up their kids are prophesying when they wake up they’re washing their own sippy cup. They’re cleaning their rooms because there’s angels in there.

I'm serious. This is a make-believe world if you click your heels three times you’ll still be here you won’t go to Kansas you’re here and this is you’re hearing this. Because it’s time for the church to shine and there are people who are afraid to be the leader they are so we need to help them we need to encourage our pastor. We need to encourage our leaders but we need to do what we can do. Can you build yourself up in the holy spirit praying in tongues. Can you meditate on the word of God can you stand up as the new sheriff in town and proclaim some things and give out some commands. You do that and then after you’ve voted you’ve bound and you’ve released. You voted in heaven then you go to the polls and you vote.

I'm serious I don’t care if I have to hire a police officer to be with me. I'm going to vote. I don’t care I don’t care what it costs me if our president can give up his salary and and help other people with his salary then I can hire a cop to take me to the polls and pull a lever. Come on this vote really counts but it’s got to be the right vote can’t be some fake thing. There’s words misspelled like the president’s name misspelled. That’s not a real ballot, don’t say it too loud they’ll turn us off youtube.

So if you’ve wrote out some sort of graphic about your businesses your family named, family members named, people that are involved with you and then place that before the Lord. If you have any business that you want to start the Lord’s telling me that this is the time to start it. He’s going to give good ideas. He’s going to give people the idea of the needs that are going to be prevalent in the coming months.

That you’re going to actually have the product ready to go and the service for people to ready to go. You’re anticipating the needs before they come and this is how the Lord will make you successful. He told me this, he said I'm going to give people ideas that are anticipating needs that you’re going to meet. So he places the gift inside of you and then he places the demand around you and your value goes through the roof.

Did you hear what I just said the Lord plants it in you and then he makes a demand for it your gift around you it’s rigged amen. Give him glory praise God. Okay everything you need to do, this you will succeed if with all your heart you will believe and not doubt.

For I am with you in a mighty way this was already set in motion long before you were born. It was predetermined that if you would believe and obey that nothing would be impossible to you. It was already set up this way. If you’ll believe nothing shall be impossible to you. Father by the spirit of God and by the authority in Jesus name I break every debt in the name of Jesus. I break debt in Jesus name. I break the oppressor’s power in Jesus name. Supernatural finances come. Supernatural provision come debt forgiveness and father just heal your people so that they don’t have those doctor bills.

I was going to close but the Lord says there’s those of you who still need healing in your soul and I was reminded of Jesus showing me the damage that was done to my soul because of words that were spoken over me and curses that were spoken over me. How I grew up warped and the Lord is telling me to share this with you so he showed me when I was on the operating table that I had soul scars. I had curses spoken over me and Jesus gave me four ways that he heals that and he said Kevin I could just reach my hand over a person and yank that black vest off their spirit because the soul as surrounds your spirit in your chest area from your stomach up to your throat and the damage is done as a child because you’re impressionable. But it sets you for the rest of your life unless God intervenes so he said I could buy a miracle. Come in at night and just pull this off and he pulled the black vest off of me. He said or you could use the time to meditate on the goodness of God in the word of God. This would transform your mind and renew your mind to where your spirit would be allowed to be dominant.

He said or you could build your spirit up to where you went into overthrow. Where your spirit would take your soul and pin it down and make it listen and it was a dominant. Then he said the last one is that you could receive Godly counsel from someone and go through and they could walk you through your healing.

He said the one that is the most important is that you are dominant in your spirit and you allow your soul to be dominated by your spirit and that would be either by renewing your mind or building your spirit up the most holy of faith staying in the love of God. By praying in the spirit building yourself up and he told me to tell you this because there’s people who have questions about this.

When you pray in the spirit and you say phrases over and over again and you can’t seem to leave those it’s because the spirit is reinforcing something at the place you’re stuck and he’s pounding at it like a hammer until it’s broken so you will say as something over and over again because you your spirit is reinforcing something until you break through.

If you continue to do that you will break through and then there will be a fluency to where you will go to other phrases. So don’t be discouraged if your prayer language is not allowing you to be fluent. It’s not going into a fluency because you’re in a battle and there’s a partition between your soul and your spirit and only the word of God can separate that. It divides between those two amen. I want to be out there with those kids they are having fun. The spirit Lord’s still hovering over everyone and if I were you I would not leave I would not leave this I have to leave because if I don’t I'm not any good for the next session.

I have to rest because I've been doing this non-stop but you should because this will go with you. But if you go somewhere where it’s busy and a lot of talking it will start to fade. You want to stay in this so if I were you, that’s why I've asked Charlie and Jill to to worship at the end so that you can have time to respond back to God. And let this get really deep within you. Now I'm telling you if you will write out on that paper all the things that you have under your possession as far as your dominion, the Lord is going to also allow you during this time to write out your vision of what you don’t see have yet. But you see because everything that we wrote out on a piece of paper years ago is now in our possession and it’s happening right now.

I was asked, what do you want to do Kevin and I told Jesse I said the Lord has already shown me he goes, well what do you want, do you want to be my pilot, do you want to be a pastor, what do you want to be, what do you want. I said no I don’t want to be a pilot. I don’t even work for you. I just want to be your friend. But I said I want a school, I said I want to be on television or media. I said I want to write books and I want to have conferences big conferences where I can just disciple people. He said that you shall have that was three and a half years ago. And it’s all happened amen.

I had six partners he would pray over that sheet every week when we would be with him. And it’s grown to over 9000. Nine thousand of you helping in three years. You see what God’s doing, but of wise man like him asked me what do you want and I said I want what’s in my spirit and as I see a school where I can teach people online. I want to write books. I want to have a studio. I want to be able to broadcast all over the world where no one can shut me down so we have our own network now. This is in three and a half years so I'm telling you this. This is as a flight attendant a hairdresser, what can he do for you. What does he want to do for you. What does he want to do through you. Where you can change history amen.

So sit in his presence and let him speak to you he’s going to talk to you right now and I love you all but my my words are cheap I'm showing you how much I love you. I've given you everything you need for this weekend. I did everything. Buy you your meals. You have everything you need now to change history and Texas is never going to forget this weekend. For Texas as well as our nation. Amen.


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