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God is faithful if we do the right thing

Updated on January 12, 2016
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Mary's articles are inspired by her hobbies and love for the Lord. She loves writing, art, photography, crafting, and being a grandmother.

Joseph son of Jacob

My life and Joseph's - similar in many ways

As a youngster, Joseph son of Jacob of the Bible, was overconfident and favored by his father. He was second to the youngest of 12 brothers. His natural self assurance, increased by being his fathers favorite son was unbearable to his 10 older brothers. So goes the story in the book of Genesis.

When I was younger I could certainly relate to Joseph and some of the things he endured in his lifetime. I, like Joseph was my Dad's first child and favorite in the family. As a young girl I remember running to my dads arms when I was in trouble, and my dad would make it all better. As a young adult I realize this scared me for life, because of this It was difficult to deal with situations later in life. I was not held accountable or responsible for my actions. This is a very harmful way to raise a child. But through some very hard knocks and bad decisions, I finally started taking responsibility, and was able to learn to deal with disappointments, hurts and pain, but it was only by the Grace of God, and my faith in Jesus that I am able to do so.

As I mentioned in Joseph's life he was unbearable to his ten older brothers, I am sure I was also to my brothers and sisters, always getting my dad's favor as a child. In Joseph's story his brothers all conspired to kill him and then eventually decided to just sell him off as a slave to the Egyptians. Thank goodness my family didn't do this - but I am sure they thought about it. Joseph's self assurance, molded by pain and combined with a personal knowledge of God allowed him to survive and prosper where most would have failed. God never let him go.

As I grew up and then married - I also experienced a lot of pain and hard times in my first marriage, but I also knew God was with me and he would turn a bad situation into a good one. Joseph was betrayed by his family, I feel that at times too, maybe not in the same way as Joseph, and it may have been in my own mind. He was punished for doing the right thing - I felt that during my marriage I was doing the right thing by staying with my husband and trying to make my marriage work. I did not want my children to grow up with a separated father and mother. I endured living with a man who I loved at first during the beginning of our marriage, then that love and respect faded by actions on both our parts. It was very tough the last few years after my daughter left the nest. She was the last one to leave, and once that happened God began to place a strong urge for me to leave - it was time.

I cannot tell you the pain and sorrow and hurt I felt the day that I began to pack my things and take my beautiful photographs of my family off the walls. I cried so hard during this time - 26 years of marriage, I had some wonderful memories and three amazing children, but it was time for me to move on in life. My ex-husband knew it too.

We have to trust God and he will get us through our struggles

Joseph endured a long imprisonment and was forgotten by those he helped and loved. Joseph's positive response transformed each set back into a step forward. He didn't spend much time asking why - his approach to things was "what shall I do now". I remember that last night I spent in my home of 26 years, praying to God and asking that same question "what shall I do now". Since then wherever I go and whatever I do, God is with me. I thank him for helping me through that very tough time in my life and so many others. He has sent me another wonderful man to love and my life has changed so much for the good. God is faithful because I didn't give up when I wanted to years ago, even in the hardest of times. I am not saying my life is perfect now because believe me it is not, it is just easier to get through the tough times when God has so proven to be there for me each and every time. He gives me the strength and abilities I never knew I had.

The other thing we both did was "forgive". Joseph forgave his brothers for what they did to him and God elevated him to a high position in Egypt where he ultimately saved the land from a famine. After I moved on to the second season of my life, I also forgave my ex-husband and prayed blessings over him. God took a situation that was "bad" for both of us and turned it around for the good.

When we do the right thing no matter how it feels, this warms the heart of God and he will bless us beyond measure. So if you are facing setbacks, your attitude should be to acknowledge God and that he is with you. There is nothing like the present to shed new light on a dark situation. Because nothing is impossible with God!

God is with us

Movie about Joseph

© 2010 Mary Gaines


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