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Is There a God or not?

Updated on July 16, 2012

Gods Not Dead

Do you believe in God?

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God Is Not Here

God and religion has been around many centuries ago. The Egyptians believed in multiple Gods. Eventually, other religions were invented and led to only believing in one God. Ancient civilizations have used religion since the beginning of time. God is considered the person who created earth. I have a few questions to ask.

  • If god created earth did he/she create every other planet and the universe?
  • How come we don't see god?
  • How do we know that you go to heaven after you die if no one ever saw it?

Religions are very tricky, who knows which one to believe in. You are a product of your environment, so wherever you are born, you will adapt whatever the customs are. I am curious why we live on earth if we just go to heaven afterwards?

I might sound crazy, but I think religion was created by aliens. I believe during ancient times aliens spliced their DNA with Neanderthals DNA to create humans. I concluded, that after aliens created the human race they taught us reading, writing, language, and religion. I think they ruled us and told us what to do.

Why are there are multiple religions to choose from? How do you know your religion is the correct one. Shouldn't the first religion be the only religion we believe? Since we have innovations in technology, such as; telescopes, space cameras, and planets, other life could be feasible. Lets imagine God created humans, but aliens existed, did God create both?

I do have to admit, I find it hard to believe in something I can't see, but on second thought I can't see air and I believe in that.

God, Faith, or Aliens and Lies?

I doubt that God wants the United States to succeed more so then other countries. Wouldn't he want to everyone to succeed. How does he choose which country comes into power and which ones starve. Does he just let us live our lives and judge us in the end.

I think God, religion, and also faith are all great things. If you believe that is true, that is great. I am somewhat envious of believers. I am uncertain what I believe, since I don't know the truth.

I am thinking multiple religions could link to one source. Maybe Aliens set up different religions throughout the world. Maybe, Aliens taught one religion when the world was only Pangaea (one continent), and after it broke up into different continents. The religions might have evolved and changed over time.

I love talking about it, even though I can't get a clear straight factual answer. I always have to ask questions though. I think everyone should ask questions about everything. I know people who believe in God and have faith just know. I wish I could sometimes just know.


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    • profile image

      venkatesh 4 years ago

      we can't see god because he is like god particle it can't see by anybody even we can see an atom also but we can't see god particle.

    • SportsBetter profile image

      SportsBetter 5 years ago from San Francisco

      Thank you for your comment. Very inspiring.

    • profile image

      Kaitlyn Badge 5 years ago

      If you were to see God you would die, kinda like getting too close to the sun, only with God, it would be the sinful pukey dirty person getting close to God who is pure holiness. The Holiness is really brilliant. Even Moses could only see a flame in a bush, and not God's face. Don't question it, accept it, and if u really want to know, ask God to reveal Himself to you, you'd be amazed how he may just do that. But try not to look at his face.

    • SportsBetter profile image

      SportsBetter 5 years ago from San Francisco

      I am always open to new information. Thanks

    • profile image

      Muhammad Khalid 5 years ago

      If you read the holly book of Quranyou xill get reply of all these questions even you will have a strong believe in Almighty God.