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The Future Now

Updated on September 19, 2012

Technology In The Future

The future is events that are set to happen. Although, even though its the present I still feel like were living the future already. There is already so much technology in the world that's almost mind boggling. Flat panel televisions, laptops, desktops, Internet, cell phones, and much more. Everyday something new is invented to keep us entertained.

Advertising is a big part of our lives already and I can see it being even bigger sometime in the future. Consider advertisement televisions on buildings, such as NYC's times square.

The Internet is our main source for information now. We can read the news, watch videos or movies, and talk to our family instantly. We are able to share pictures and post them to our Myspace or Facebook. It really is just insane to me how far we've come.

Cell phones are almost to the point of replacing laptops. My smart phone can take a picture and upload to Facebook for the world to see. Applications for Google phones and iPhones are changing the way we live life. I'm able to see the best restaurants within my GPS location within seconds. I can read reviews and check any information I want at my fingertips. Voice activated technology has improved greatly over the years. Using my voice I can type text messages or even have them read to me.

Even the supermarket has flat panel televisions advertising to me on a regular basis. It seems the more technology that is out there the more ways to advertise to the public. All this country wants is for people to buy things and toys. They are a lot of fun though.

Life just keeps getting easier for us. Soon it really will be like the movie Walle where all humans are sitting in wheelchair things just watching a screen.

With all this new technology learning has changed. Everyday I can learn something new within seconds, research topics I don't know about. If I need to know how many people live in Europe I can achieve that information within minutes.

So whats my point? My point is to just make people think about how much technology has changed your life. You may take for granted your cellphone when that battery dies on you. Just remember being a little kid and calling your friends on the house phone.

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