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A Quick Guide to Palm Reading

Updated on April 19, 2014
Get a look at your destiny with palmistry
Get a look at your destiny with palmistry | Source

What is palmistry?

Palm reading or palmistry is the art of knowing the character and foretelling the future of an individual by carrying out a careful study of the lines on his/her palm. It is believed that the art of palm reading it originated in India and has existed in the world for more than 5000 years.

Palmists analyze the shape and texture of the hands and the fingers, and the various lines and mounts on the palm to evaluate an individual’s character and foretell his/her future.

It is believed that the non-dominant hand shows the inherited tendencies of the individual and the dominant hand shows the qualities which have been cultivated by the individual.

This hub will discuss briefly four of the important lines that are used in palm reading.

Line of Heart

One of the major lines used in palm reading is the Line of Heart. This line is found just under the fingers. It runs across the palm just under the fingers and runs off the side of the hand under the little finger.

On the other side, it usually rises up and goes towards the middle or the first finger.

Palmists believe that this line represents the emotional relationships and affectionate disposition of the individual. An individual with a heart line ending right under the middle of the first finger is considered to be very reliable and firm in affections.

The Line of Life

The Line of Life is another major line used in palm reading. This line begins above the thumb and as it moves towards the wrist, it forms a semi-circle on your palm.

Palm readers use this line to learn about the state of your health and physical constitution and about your life in general. Breaks or chains on this line usually signal a weak constitution and poor health. Periods of ill-health can be known by studying the location of these breaks and chains on the line.

The Line of Head

Another major line in palm reading is the Line of Head. The Line of Head or the Line of Mentality is located just below the Line of Heart. The Line of Head may begin from inside the Line of Life, may be joined to it, or it may be separated from it and begin just above it.

A separated Line of Head is the best line to have in the palm since it indicates independent thinking, good decision-making, and a positive attitude towards facing challenges.

The Line of Fate

The fourth major line used in palm reading is the Line of Fate. It is often known as the Career Line or Destiny Line. This line can begin from various places on the palm and end at various places. However, mostly it either rises just outside the lower part of the Line of Life, from the wrist, or from the middle of the palm.

Palmists use this line to reveal the major events related to the career of an individual and how likely they are to be influenced by circumstances. When it rises from the wrist, goes straight up in the middle of the palm and ends under the middle finger, it is considered that the individual is blessed with extreme good fortune.

Many more lines on your palm

These are only four of the major lines that are used by palmists in palm reading. There are many other lines such as the Line of Success, Line of Marriage, Line of Health etc. which are used in hand reading by palm readers to know about the character and future of the individual. You can learn more about any of these lines and the others aspects of palm reading through any good book on palmistry.

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