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Updated on June 12, 2010


The human structure is a very complex machine that takes a lot of effort to understand and even with that effort no one can comfortably say that he has understood every thing every about man. From all indication, man is a three fold being which is the physical, the soul, and the spirit. These three sections perform their respective role and for any man to perform at his peak he must be able to harness this trinity effectively. Before Talking about the mind let’s look at the work of the human brain first. The human brain is sub-divided into two parts: the conscious and the subconscious. The conscious mind controls and guides the subconscious. The subconscious guards your body’s health, regulates heartbeat and breathing and others involuntary functions.

What is mind? Mind is the seat of consciousness, which cannot be seen or touched physically. It is where we draw our conclusions from the information fed into our mind. However, the human mind is not just like the computer that is garbage in garbage out, our minds have the ability to draw more than one set of conclusions from each instances. Our conclusion determines the attitude that we portrait and our attitude determines how we react to issues either positively or negatively.
Majority of people tend not to deal with issues of life on reality but with their perception of reality. That is why we must think carefully about what we think in our mind. The scriptures put it correctly when it says, “for as he thinks in his heart, so is he:” prov. 23: 7a. And where is the source of the things we think about. They are not far fetch.
The things we read from the magazines, books, internet; things we hear from the radio stations, conversations with our fellows, from the pulpits; things we watch from television, video e.t.c. all these put thoughts into our minds that become our words, actions, characters and at the long run shape our destiny. That is the reason we must carefully chose the type of materials and things that we consume, just like we select the kind of food that we eat because of over weight, diseases and all sort of reasons. As the kind of food you eat determines the state of your health so is the kind of information you consumes also determines the state of your mind, the state of your mind determines the height you go in life. 
You must guide your heart with all diligent and these are some suggested ways that we can do that:

1. Mind what you watch and the materials you listen to. If you know what you are listening to or watching on a regular basis does not have any positive impart to your life then you need to change immediately.

2. Carefully peruse what you do in your spare time.

3. Also scrutinize who you associate with: what has your association with them done for you have they affect your life positively or negatively? Of course, you must know that, who you associate with have a direct effect on your character and invariably your destiny. “Tell me your friend and I will tell whom you are” 

4. Know what you believe. Your belief is what forms your value in life. For your life to have a meaningful direction, you must have things you value in life which is determines by your belief in life.

5. Chose and determine to change. You must chose and be determine to change the things you feed into your mind if you notice that, they are not thing that is moving you towards your destiny. Determination to make a change is the key here, because change is one of those things that is very difficult to do but ironically, is something that is inevitable in life. So if you want to put your mind to maximum and positive use you must be determine to make a change.

As you are trying to reposition your mind and put it to maximum use to achieve your God given potentials. There are numbers of things you must regards as plagues and run away from. Here are some of them that you should effectively put under check:

1. FEAR: if you really want to put your mind to its maximum use and succeed in every thing you do in life, you must deal with that monster called fear. Fear is the act of being afraid of the unknown. God has not given us the spirit of fear but the spirit to dominate and to conquer our world.

2. DISCOURAGEMENT: remember, every thing that man set his mind to do without shaking he will achieve. So you must deal with discouragement in all ramifications. You must be courageous as you set your mind to achieve your set goals in life.

3. LONELINESS: We are creative beings therefore; you must shun anything that is connected to loneliness. Understand yourself and be active to create your own world. People that don’t understand themselves are people that feel lonely in life. If you understand your real self who is the inner man your mind, you can’t be lonely in life. He said, “He dwell with the prudent in mind and reveal to them the witty invention” when your mind is engaged always, you see your stimulated for highest performance.

4. DIFFICULTIES: this is another thing that you must avoid like a plague if you want to maximize the resources that is embedded in your mind. Difficulties have a way beclouding your focus in life. There is one thing that know, which is, “any difficulty of problem that does not have solution is no longer a problem” so don’t allow such difficulty to weigh you down.

5. CONFUSION: a confuse mind can never; I repeat can never achieved anything reasonable thing in life. The human mind work more productively in a more coordinated and calm environment. Remember God is not the author of confusion. So be focus and live above confusion.

This topic is a very verse area that one cannot finish in just one article, but I must say here, as you go about setting goals remember as a man thinks; so he become. And always think of what you always think about.
Wish you all the success in life.


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    • karobi profile image

      karobi 7 years ago

      Akshay thanks for droping by and nice comment

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      akshay 7 years ago

      Very well written article !