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Hey, Hey Hey My Love. You have always been good

Updated on July 28, 2012

Song from the Father in me

Hey, Hey My Love

My Love My Holy Love

You have always been good to me

,,,and I long to be one with our God that all that I do brings joy to you

A little bit of breakdown

Although this seems to be a love song between a man and woman, its not really. Certainly that type of love is included in the words and feelings that it was written about, but it went a little deeper than that.

The song came on the way home tonight from a bible study. For over a week now I have been hearing the words in my spirit 'the father in me doeth the works' spoken by Jesus in the scriptures. I had always thought He was talking specifically about His Heavenly Father (which is also ours), but Holy Spirit has made the meaning a little more profound.

He could have said 'God in me doeth the works, or the word in me doeth the works, or Holy Spirit in me doeth the works'. Each of these statements would have been very true for lots of reasons. I believe He specifically said 'the father in me'. Each of the above statements would have said in a sense 'the Father in me'. I really believe Jesus was referring to the ability inside of himself to father moves of God. In other words the fathering mechanism inside of Him, because as a man He was created in the image of His Father. Of course because He was one with the Heavenly Father (in heart and motive) made every thing He fathered God's will or desire.

Father God shared His ability to father with all His creation, but with man it was two-fold. Man can father on two levels. One level is the natural realm, the reproduction of the human race, like the animals reproducing after their kind.

The other is in the soul realm which fathers by desire, word and action. The Father God put the ability to create inside of man, not just as man but as God, or a god like being. But dang it, it is the very God inside of us, and it is His very creation He is speaking to, through us, when we create according to His will.

Back to the lyrics

I was realizing how creation was waiting on me to know it intimately and I respond to it Hey Hey my love.

Then I declare that it (creation) has always been good!, to me. The Father in me said it was good when He created it and gave it life.

then I speak as a part of creation and say I want to be one with the Heavenly Fathers will,

which is to bring joy to all His creation including me

The other father

Jesus told some of the pharisees that their father was the devil because they wanted to kill Him. So the 'father in them doing the works' was not the heavenly Father, but another father. This is the father we have listened to and obeyed most our lives 'the father of lies'. This is why we have fathered misery and defeat, thinking that the real Heavenly Father was against us.

Realize who's seed you have been carrying and be adopted again by the right father. You were created to father truth, not lies.


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    • Tony L Smith profile image

      Tony L Smith 5 years ago from Macon

      Enlydia Listener, thats good, He is very patient, persistent about us understanding Him. May the spirit of truth continue to lead you.

      to your victory Tony

    • Enlydia Listener profile image

      Enlydia Listener 5 years ago from trailer in the country

      I love it when God drops a verse into our head, and we can't let it go, until He has worked it in us and through us. That has happened to me many times.

    • Tony L Smith profile image

      Tony L Smith 5 years ago from Macon

      Thanks for your comment gmegod51, He truly is awesome

    • profile image

      gmegod51 5 years ago from Pilot Point, Tx

      Any time we concentrate on what we do rather than what God does through us we are treading on spiritually shaky ground. God alone is THE CREATOR and anything we do that turns out good must be because we yield our lives to Him first. Keep your eyes on Jesus and give Him ALL the glory. . . . the rest will work out just fine. Humility should be our first thought every day.