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Hilter went to Heaven

Updated on January 6, 2011

Adolf Hilter

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If you go to Heaven and see Hilter...what would you think?

I was raised 100 per cent Christian. I love Jesus Christ and his father the Lord. Now; with that said, I was also raised to understand tolerance, forgiveness and kindness. Christian faith is a wonderful thing until it is necessary. I would love to pray for my enemies if I have none. I love to 'turn the other cheek' when its convenient. If my Christian values serve me right, I am faced with an ambiguous delima-- what did Christ say to Hitler when he approached the Pearly gates?

Let me start by saying I am far from a Saint. I have cheated, lied and fornicated (to my leisure). I have deceived my friends and even circumvented my superiors. I have found opportunities and explioted them as if I were P.T. Barnum or Don King. I, by no account, claim to be better, more righteous, or pious than any man I mention in this article--including A. Hitler. I am a cynical man by nature, so I must adhere to the fact that some men are more grotesc in the nature of sin. But who adorns a crown of innocence to feel Hitler should be turned away from eternal paradise? Was there dissent? Did Hitler get in?

I have wrestled with this question in comedy to no avail, but I feel a philosophical view would at least allow some feedback. If you walked into Heaven and saw Hitler, what would you think? Would you think its really Hell? Would you think he did some 'last good deed'? Would you 'judge' him? Would you say Jesus must have forgiven him and if so, would you resent Hitler if you went to Hell and didn't see him there? Would you bask in the glory of knowing your evil deeds trumped that of a man held accountable for millions of Jewish deaths?

I know, I know. You're thinking this guy is crazy for even thinking Hitler would even be considered for Angelship, but I must beg the question; If you'd be willing to judge me for thinking openly and abstractly with the creative mind G-d has blessed me with, are you guilty as sin? Or are you judging me? Or are you hoping that a mass murderer doesn't get a lucky break and you go to hell for cheating on your wife? This essay is rhetorical and serves as a stimulant for response or critique. May God Bless us all. --Sparks

Feedback is healthy..

Did Hitler get into Heaven?

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    • swb64 profile image

      swb64 6 years ago from Addingham, UK.

      I am a non believer so it does not matter, what does matter is he and his nazis murdered so so many folks - from very early days of ww2 the everyday German folk really wanted the war to end asap and not mattering how, the vast % hated hitler and his crazy types.

      I am a non believer so as mentioned earlier it does not matter to me - what could matter is that you are thinking very deeply about your thoughts on this, you must also remember - in the UK - females do the cheating more than the males...

    • profile image

      Debra 6 years ago

      I pray God saves all. I plead to our Father not to allow Satan to have even one soul. Jesus died for all. I beg God to have mercy on those who are/were too stupid or stubborn to accept Jesus's free gift of salvation. May they not be separated from God for eternity. I relish seeing Hitler, Dalmer, Judas, Bin Ladin, and others somewhere in Heaven. May God have mercy on all of our souls. Amen.

    • profile image

      Lungisa Zondi 6 years ago

      Well my question is... Did A. Hitler ask for forgiveness and did he forgive those who wronged him? If he did both, the apologizing and the forgiving, did he do it prior his death or past his death? As far as I know, no forgiveness is attained from God unless one asks for it and also learn to forgive others and that there is no repentance once you are dead.

      If I find Hitler in heaven, I'll be well convienced of that what we call heaven is actually hell, and I'll ask for another shot at life just to do the things I could not do as a christian like gambling, steal a gun and actually shoot someone that broke into my house the other year. Then I can join Hitler and his gang in glory. Lol!

    • lookatmenow profile image

      lookatmenow 7 years ago from Canada

      If hilter is in what religion calls heaven, then religion makes NO sense

      it already doesn't anyways

    • profile image

      Brenda Durham 7 years ago

      Given Hitler's life and focus, it's probable that he isn't in Heaven......But if Hitler were actually in Heaven, I wouldn't question God about it. I'd just be glad I was there, and if God allowed him in there, then so be it. Only God Himself knows who repents at the last minute or second of their lives and if they're sincere.

      With that said, your reference to "Angelship" is off.........people don't become angels in heaven; that's a different "species" or however it's termed.

    • Marliza Gunter profile image

      Marliza Gunter 7 years ago from South Africa

      Good question, but my question..does Hitler love God and does Hitler really really want to be in heaven? There is no one for him to kill, so will he then be content with the fact to be at peace, love his neighbor, and most important, to also forgive others like God and Jesus forgave him?