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How Can the Antichrist 666 Control the World?

Updated on October 11, 2016

Throughout the passage of time, ever since the Bible and its Book of Revelations appeared, man has been dumbfounded about the End Times. There have been so many attempts to nail down a specific date of when this may start since Israel became a nation in 1948. That is when the End Time’s clock starts to tick. Most analysts of the Revelations would agree with that. However, that is about the extent of the agreement. From there, theories and signs have popped up stating the End Times are near, nothing new here, but since the 1970’s, there has been a constant drip periodically about how they have begun. The problem is as Jesus said, he would come as thief in the Last Days. One never knows when a crime will be committed, so how can one prepare? Some think the End Days will begin in 2018 or so.

One of the most alarming 1984ish horrors the Revelations state is during the final seven years. The rise of the Antichrist, the Mark of the Beast 666, and the power to prevent people from buying or selling. Even if you have no faith, when your debit card is rejected at the checkout, and you know there are funds, a rash scare overloads you for a brief second. If you try another card and it happens again, you lose composure. While this is usually a fluke, how could this Antichrist control what you buy or sell and force you to have the Mark of the Beast 666?

Actually, quite easily. If the Antichrist is actually a group of banks controlled by a single person or by a State, one can see how the 666 could be coded into the RFID chip easily implanted into your hand or forehead, as they are the size of a rice grain. Once the person scans this over a device, the system approves your sell or buy, after which, you would use your debit card or pay cash. Since having the RFID will become mandatory for reasons the mass public will accept (citizenship proof?), the negative aspects will be minor. Of course, those simply refusing will now face horrible options.

But how can this be enforced globally or in large geographic area? Enter the Cloud. This term first originated in 1996 for large server farms across the globe containing hundreds of servers. It is akin to, “out of sight, out of mind”. Today, many upload to this Cloud, for safekeeping incase their devices corrupt or die. But the Cloud has security risks. The point is, financial and business transactions use the Cloud and if a government or person is able to control the Cloud that impacts a geographic area, however large, the citizens can be coerced easily through electronic means. If they are able to influence other Clouds over other geographic areas across the globe, with connectivity as it is, the control can spread across the globe.

Those who refuse the 666 will have to barter for everything, for even if they make cash “under the table”, they cannot buy without the RFID encoded chip with 666. It still is hard to imagine all this coming to pass but one can clearly see how it might when the government makes such things mandatory.


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