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How Lucky are We?

Updated on September 22, 2019
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Before retiring, Jack worked at IBM for over 28 years. His articles have over 120,000 views.


The announcement of a new found earth like planet four light years away got me thinking. How lucky are we to have our earth in the environment we find ourselves. I hope this new planet is as well furnished as our earth to not only sustain life but to enrich it.

- Sept. 2016

Here are 10 things...I am grateful for

  • Our Sun
  • Our Moon
  • Water
  • Ocean
  • Forests
  • Sand
  • Fossil fuel
  • Nuclear power
  • Electricity
  • Brain

The Moon

Our moon is extraordinary. It is larger than most moons and it has a reflective quality that provide us with a night light. It is also the force that drives our tides. The lunar cycle is also tied to our agriculture.

The Sun

Our Sun is the source of all life on Earth. The stability of the light source over millions of years is a miracle in itself. The sun not only provide light but energy for plants. It is part of a life cycle based on Carbon.


The ocean is the source of primitive life forms according to scientists. It was the primordial soup that allows for the creation of organic matter. The salts contained in our oceans also heals and purifies. It is the source of the bulk of our food supply.


Water, after our Sun, is a necessity of life. This simple molecule of H2O has unique properties which allows for cleaning, and dissolving and sustenance. It's unique atomic structure allows it to expand when frozen creating ice, a solid that is lighter than water and floats. This simple fact allows for our environment to withstand the seasons of hot and cold.


Sand that are so plentiful on our planet is the simple molecule of SiO2. It allows us to make incredible things such as glass and it is a great insulator. It is also the raw material for all most of our microelectronics components. It is hard to believe such a simple compound can produce so many amazing products.


Our forest and trees are part of our life cycle. It converts CO2 to O2 and provides us with life. In addition, the numerous wood products that are derived from trees provide us with raw materials for building shelter and transportation and clothing...

Nuclear Power

The discovery of the theory of relativity by Einstein created a whole new source of energy and power. Nuclear fission and fusion are the source that power our Sun. It is also the power that is behind the deadliest weapon man as created. The atomic bomb, which ended world war II has kept our planet safe for over 70 years. Let's hope we will use it responsibly for good.

Fossil Fuel

Our fossil fuel of gas, oil and coal are the source of tremendous energy. These forms of energy allow us to be so efficient in creating power for distribution and for transportation and mobility. It is the energy we use to build our modern industrial society.

Our Brain

The human brain is a miracle in itself. Scientists have no idea how it works - really. How a 3.5 pound organ can do all the things we do? Invent new things, create new concepts, and be self-aware and have a conscience. It can only be the product of an "intelligent" design. CS Lewis correctly claim our brain to be the ultimate "miracle" that God gave us.


The invention of electricity change our lives forever. Before electricity, we lived off the land and stayed in our local community. Electricity brought us light 24 hours a day, power to drive machines and power to heat and cool our homes, run our computers and charge our phones... It is a miracle that electrons so small that cannot be seen by the naked eye can produce so much power and uses.


It is easy to take things for granted. Only when we lost some do we think about their value. In the case of a new found planet, I hope it has all the basics that sustain us here on earth.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2016 Jack Lee


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