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How We Lose Our Faith

Updated on October 24, 2017
“Men ask you of the Hour, Say the knowledge of it is with Allah only, what can convey to you that may be the Hour is near.” (Quran 33:63)
“Men ask you of the Hour, Say the knowledge of it is with Allah only, what can convey to you that may be the Hour is near.” (Quran 33:63) | Source

Scene of Judgement Day

Allah paints a picture of the day of Judgement in sura Hadeed verse 12 -15. In almost all places in the Quran Allah compares believers to disbelievers but in these verses Allah makes a comparison between believers and hypocrites. In other words, Allah compares people who have and faith and people who think they have faith.

On the judgement Day, the hypocrites will be absolute darkness. It will be a long and dark walk to Jannah. The only way they can walk will be with lights which will shine as the people will have light according to their level of faith.The Messenger of Allah (saws) will recognize the believers by the light in their hearts and hands. The hypocrites will not have any light on that Day. When they will try to catch up with the lights of believers, a wall will emerge between the believers and the hypocrites. And to add to the unfortunate thing is that their punishment will follow them in darkness. How did they end up losing their lights although they believed?

These believers, or rather hypocrites, assumed that they were in the group of believers. They will be asked to go back and get their own lights; which will be impossible because going back will mean coming back in this world again.

The Downward Spiral

There are some obvious and easy signs for us to recognize that wastes away our faith although we may not be aware of it. Each of these points follows the same order as a downward spiral:

  • To put oneself in a bad situation on purpose or carelessly.

When you become aware of the things that can damage your faith of Allah, but you assume that those things will not affect your faith in any way. Consistent exposure to these factors will make you immune to those factors to a point where you will not feel threatened for your faith anymore. A simple analogy for this would be to enter a house where there is a strong presence of spices. Initially you will feel the smell of it but once you visit the house often, the smell will become as normal as air for you. Similar is the case of sins on one's heart.

  • To procrastinate in good deeds or avoiding bad deeds

To make a transformation is to begin today, even if it means small steps. When you start procrastinating in avoiding bad company, bad places and bad deeds, you become addicted to it, just like the manner mentioned in the first point above. If you think that today is the last of your sinful life and from tomorrow you will stop all bad deeds and start a life of purity, believe me that tomorrow will never come. The day you decide to better your belief and actions with Allah is the day you should be a changed person inside out. And this is possible with a sincere intention to change only to please Allah and attain Jannah.

  • Role of Satan in removing the guilt of Islam from your heart

Once you are on the path of sin and you've reached the heights of bad deeds is where your guilt sets in. You would think to yourself "Oh! I have reached so far in my sin that it is now impossible for me to ask for forgiveness from Allah. Moreover, I doubt if Allah will ever forgive me for my deliberate sinning!" Here is where Satan will take over this opportunity to whisper in your ear. He will make you think, "Oh! It is Islam that is making me feel guilty! Why should I be so conscious of it? Is there any heaven or hell really? A life after death? who has seen that? Reality is what I am living now!" And slowly slowly, you start to lose your connection with Islam and what will ultimately matter to you will be the life of this world.


Seek Refuge From the Eternal Darkness

Satan can successfully trap you in the downward spiral and remove your guilt to a point where you no longer care about life after death and Islam and Taqwa are no longer meaningful in your life. This mental state leads to a series of other things and causes that will further your disbelief in Islam.Some of them can be:

  • Desire for heaven is taken away.
  • Fear of hell is gone.
  • The only motivation to live is this life - fame, money, pleasure, etc.
  • Every little thing of this world will make you obsessed. Your heart will seek fulfillment in mindless objects and purposeless activities.

If this wold takes up your heart, no light will be left in it. The ultimate deceiver will be successful in deceiving you.

How is that the little light that we have left in our hearts become stronger each day? Allah has revealed the Quran exactly for this purpose.

The Quran is itself called light in chapter 14 verse 1. Engage your heart in reciting and pondering over the meaning of its verses. Spend maximum time trying to grasp the commandments of Allah and our beloved prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

Reach out to people who are less fortunate who have not received the light of the Quran.

Don't reduce the Quran to just ceremonial recitations. That is not the purpose of Quran. Its possible for a nation to be blessed with a divine book failed to benefit from it. And history is a witness to this sad fact. The revelations of Taurat, Zaboor and Injeel were revealed but their nations were led astray, all because of their misdeeds. They could not soften their hearts from the word of Allah and so their hearts became hard.

This light of faith is not something which is guaranteed. Just because you have it now does not mean it will automatically remain till the end of our lives. We have to find that light, strengthen it and share the light with others too.

May Allah make us among those whose light will shine the brightest on the Day of Judgement and those who are on the correct side of the wall. Aameen.


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    • ExpertWordsmith profile image

      Kashif Ali Abbas 4 months ago from Pakistan

      I shivered with fear while reading this, well done

    • AshutoshJoshi06 profile image

      Ashutosh Joshi 4 months ago from New Delhi, India

      Loosing faith in onself and ones abilities is perhaps the worst thing. Much worst than loosing faith in in anything else!!

    • Meer Dharwad profile image

      Meer Dharwad 4 months ago

      Nice Article..