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How to Live A Christian Life Everyday

Updated on September 26, 2012

How to Live A Christian Life

Within the past ten to fifteen years there has been a significant shift of thought within the world that seems to be more hostile towards Christians and Christianity. It has become increasingly difficult for me to feel comfortable telling others about my faith without obnoxious and even threatening reactions to the truth. I have lived with being made fun of and laughed at my whole life for being a Christian and especially since my father has been a protestant pastor for the past 25+ years. But I am seeing a different reaction from people when Christianity is brought up and it’s been overwhelming at times but Jesus calls us to defend the faith. I believe what I believe because I’ve experienced God’s love and truth in my life. I could approach the Bible and its content from a purely intellectual perspective and still come out on top, but it’s been my experiences that have sustained my faith and sealed it tight in my soul.
As Christians we must make a stand to contend for our faith without fear of judgment from others or governing bodies. We want to glorify God and the best way to do that is by how we live. People in the world won’t convert by our arguments against their lifestyle choices. We convert people with how we treat them but it’s also necessary to express the truths set out in the Bible which often places us in the bull’s eye of the world’s condemnation. When we speak out against abortion, same sex relationships, political issues and anything else that seems to go against the grain, we’re labeled hate mongers, intolerant, and hypocrites. Jesus said we would be hated by the world but we need to remember the world hated Him first.


Christian Living

I’m a Christian, so how can I live a life everyday that glorifies God? We are bombarded with worldly messages telling us to act against what God has told us. We are faced with temptation to do the wrong things and because we are still in our fleshly sinful bodies, it becomes easy to fall prey to those sins which silences our testimony to the lost. I’m sure Satan is pleased with the work the church has been silent about so that he can work with minimal interruption. Once we become a follower of Jesus, it becomes the enemy’s work to ensure our testimony is tainted and ridiculed so that we feel fear and doubt. This then turns into complacency and our collective voice becomes weak and sporadic and based on our own thoughts and opinions that try to convey our distaste but becomes so filtered that it comes across as white noise.
We must be bold as Jesus was and wake up the Church’s voice which can only be manifested through the Holy Spirit and our willingness as individuals to allow the Spirit to guide our words and actions. We will never win souls for Christ by ridiculing others, but we can express our stance on issues which will probably come across as hate and intolerance to the lost. We treat everyone with respect and work hard everyday at our jobs and careers. We must be the people that stand out as upstanding, loving and warm yet assertive with the teachings of the Bible. The lost who hears the Word and are hardened against God may not appreciate or acknowledge our works but those which God has influenced and is working through will notice and want what we have; peace and joy.


Living as a Christian

Trials will inevitably come as Jesus pointed out that the rain will fall on the just and unjust. The sun will shine on the lost and the saved. We will share in the painful reminders that we live in a fallen world and so this is another opportunity for us to shine as one voice for God by leaving fear and hopelessness at the door and thrusting ourselves at the foot of the cross making our petitions known to the Lord of Lords. If we rely on Him during our suffering, He will bless us and our works. That is not to say that many will perish as a result of suffering either by direct or indirect actions on the individual’s part, but as believers we have hope after death. When we grieve in our hearts, we grieve in a way that separates us from the hopeless shame the world experiences when grieving. Our suffering should be cause for the lost to question our thoughts, feelings and actions and must give an accounting to them to the hope we know.

I know in my own life I have experienced significant struggles and suffering and believe that my actions have helped others take a look at their own lives. It’s not easy when you’re in the valley looking for the light at the end of the tunnel and your suffering may be prolonged or relatively short, but regardless if we can project what lives inside of us to others, it will make a difference.

As believers, we must continue to carve a path of light through the continual and perpetual darkness of this world through our deeds and actions. It’s frustrating when spiritual leaders fall and report temptation was the reason and they failed to seek help from other leaders. Whether or not we are leaders in our churches or communities we need to support each other in our walks and to be the light. Showing up to church each Sunday and pretending like everything in our lives are perfect will only lead to complacency. It’s important to share our struggles with friends and support groups as well as our joys so that God’s work can continue to save the lost. We must not forget that no matter how comfortable we are with our lives, our jobs, our families, the enemy is right there with you making sure you keep your mouth closed. If he can keep you comfortable and complacent, he has a friend, albeit indirectly. Be an example to others through kindness, respect, and love. Be also an example of Christ through boldness, fearlessness, assertiveness, and standing up the religious hypocrites. When the time arises led by the Spirit, preach the Word. Don’t water it down or transform it into politically correct statement, but boldly state the teachings of Jesus and let Him do the rest.


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  • yeagerinvestments profile image

    yeagerinvestments 5 years ago from Wisconsin

    @Sonneborn: Thanks for reading and commenting. So, because we have a different view, we are judging? Speaking out against different issues is not necessarily spreading the word of God but It's simply a disagreement based on beliefs found in scriptures which is the authority for believers. People don't necessarily want to hear about it because it challenges beliefs, values and morals which can be extremely uncomfortable. But, we can still have discussions and respect each others views. :)

  • Sonneborn profile image

    Sonneborn 5 years ago from Ohio

    Here is an example in your own words of why many people have a thing against Christians. "When we speak out against abortion, same sex relationships, political issues and anything else that seems to go against the grain..."

    When you speak out against things like that it sounds a lot like you are judging non-Christians. I know you think that you need to spread the word of God but honestly people who don't believe in your God do not want to hear about it, and I mean that with the most respect possible. When you say "against the grain" you are implying that the 'grain' of Christian beliefs should set the standard for the 'grain' of all of humanity, and this surely should not be the case.

  • ercramer36 profile image

    Eric Cramer 5 years ago from Chicagoland

    Great hub brother! The Christian life is tough, thank you for this encouraging hub. Voted up!