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How to neutralize energy vampires?

Updated on July 1, 2010

Do we recognize vampires?

How to know that you are under a vampire attack?

There are vampires and vampires. Stroner ones and weaker ones, but they are all vampires and you are the victim. Then what we have to do? Should we just stay and waite so that our energy get sucked by them? Do we have the right to defend ourselves? And why not? In this article I am going to intruduce you to some vampire defend techniques as well as try to define the main types of energy vampires so that you stay informed. Also feel free to add in the comments any of your experience so that we can fight against vampirism and protect the innocenent who are new to the magic world and do not have sufficient experience in fighting vampires. However, please note that vampires are human like us! Do not be aggressive to them! Otherwise you will become a vampire too. Here we are talking about protection not self defense murder, right?

Now let us get back to the point:

Have you experienced a state of weakness after speaking with someone?  Did you encounter somebody who was deliberately staring at you and after that you felt really exhausted? If your answer is yes then this article is for you guys! Here I am going to classify briefly vampires into two main categories so that we can differentiate them and define our problems first.

Energy vampirism without premeditation

There are a lot of energy vampires or psychic vampires in our life, but hardly all of them do their job consciously. In fact everyone who feels more or less tired has the potential to suck energy from the others, because the natural path of the energy is from the stronger to the weaker one so that the balance of energy is restored. However, energy vampires are often people who feed on other people’s energy because there are not capable of accumulating, saving and receiving energy at the pace at which normal people do. In fact, the more spiritual a person is, the highest is the level of the source from which he or she is obtaining energy. This is because as we grow in the spiritual world, we are more able to transform faster and faster the energy directly from cosmos. However, energy vampires are not capable to do this that quickly and the easiest way for them to obtain energy is to get it from the nearest people, because the cosmic energy is already transformed and is easier for them to consume it. Energy vampires who are not intentionally sucking your energy might be often people who are complaining, who you love but they don not share your feelings, who speak a lot or who draw and require your attention all the time.. etc You will easily detect them as you experience nervousness and fatigue while having an emotional contact with the

Energy vampirism with premeditation

The energy vampires who feed intentionally on other people are those who are really dangerous and certainly those whose sins are taken into account more seriously than the sins of a non conscious vampire, because they know what they do and how to do it and therefore are far more respondsible for their actions...

Neutralizing an energy vampires?

The process of feeding with other people’s energy is complex. Yet, it is very easy to be learned. However, I do not intend to teach you how to do that in order to prevent the second stage of vampirism, namely that with premeditation. So the most important part of liberating yourself from an energy vampire is to cut the energy channel he or she has opened between you and him. The simplest way to do this is to imagine a silver knife (feel free to imagine whatever weapon you feel comfortable with) and cut the imaginary connection between you and him. Then imagine a golden light which is healing the place where the vampire was sucking and cover it with divine love. This is important because you have not only to cut the malicious connection with him but to heal the energy hole in your aura so as to prevent future attacks or other health problems due to a more vulnerable energy field.

The secret

These methods work on vampires of the two of the mentioned categories. They will certainly work on the first category. However if the vampire is stronger and he or she is doing this for a much longer time, then you may need a stronger recipe. Feel free to contact me for more information about how to deal with stronger vampires. Also, mention briefly your case, so that I can give a more accurate vision of the problem.

Good luck! And remember, not magic but only true love and true chocolate can heal you from whatever dark spell has been put on you and provide you with extra positive energy!

I hope that you will find the adds on the pages interesting and relevent to the content of the article so that I can continue to write articles that you find useful:)


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    • profile image

      gepeTooRs 2 years ago

      Howdy! Would you mind if I share your blog with my twitter group? ThereÕs a lot of folks that I think would really enjoy your content. Please let me know. Thank you

    • profile image

      prayer 2 years ago

      In social life, in general, there is energy exchange, there is stealing, robbing, assaulting, backstabbing, etc. (energetically) - most of these are everyday routines. Alas, the real energy vampire is real - this truly an abnormality, but beyond that it is just occult - mind or soul or whatever, or the lack of it, who would know - this one is something of a black hole, most likely under an evil dark force - there is no human there (at all) but some other-worldly monstrosity - psychology/psychiatry/medical is utterly unequipped, this is of the realm of the occult. This is explicitly most dangerous, spiritually - there is no human defense for this, only appealing to the Highest can help.

      And, vampirism is evil - consciously or unconsciously (the latter does not hold up) it is destructive, that is evil. Chances are that these had some serious involvement in dark magic somewhere on their karmic records.

    • profile image

      ... 4 years ago


    • profile image

      Mylindaminka 5 years ago

      Засовываю один в киску, рядом с членом и собираю на пальчик ее смазку. Популярная чешская телеведущая Галина Павловска рассказывала такой случай. Ее дед - лесничий в Восточной Словакии. Ну и жили они недалеко от деревни на краю леса. А еще жил у них медведь - они его медвежонком нашли и воспитали. И медведь этот как тень все время ходил за бабкой.

    • profile image

      Fairy!xx 5 years ago

      Also she has recently just moved out from the mutral friends house and made sure she had me ready for the swap of homes! Even the mutral friend said 'now she has latched on to you' - Nope, I cant do it and I wont. Im the happiest Ive ever been in my life and I want to stay that way! I live to laugh and have fun and I adore being creative....I love people....Mother nature and think life is amazing and beautiful and I want it to stay that way!!!! :) Thank you again xxxx

    • profile image

      Fairy xx 5 years ago

      Hi there, by the way you have already helped me from reading this wonderful piece!

      6-8 weeks ago my friend knocked at my door in tears. We had not talked for over a year from a past argument. Where she threatened to hit me. I was quite drunk but am told by a mutual friend that I wasn't to blame and her behaviour was terrible. Those 2 lived together. Anyway I believe in letting things go...So I was more than open arms to her...I just stood at the front door holding her why she cried for about 5 mins, then we spoke for hours and hours about her problems. I cancelled my plans for that night and changed them to accommodate her. Introduced her to my new friend. It was a good night. Since then its always a drama, always something thats happened. Crying hysterically down the phone on occasions. She always tried to hold my hands, which I don't like doing with people after a weird experince in India.

      One night my friend invited her to a gathering and we were going to travel there together, she called me crying down the phone, I spoke to her and tried to calm her down. She didn't want to come- I begged her to come. She kept calling me back and caling me back not speakin just crying. Then she came round off loaded it all on to me. Even when I said please no more...Just one more thing she said andso on- When we got to the party she was the life and soul and I was a little mouse in the corner (not me at all) HELP!!!! Please!!!xx A few days after that was when I realsied. I have been bedridden from this.

      Anyway..Problem after problem. I feel drained (although much better since I did the exercise above) :) - I havnt spoke to her in a few days as I told her I couldn't cope with hearing anymore, she hung up on me and sent me a guilt message sayin that I had hurt her! I replied with that if she was my friend she would understand what Im saying - She replied with another guilt message. Since then she has appologised and sent more guilt messages, missed call's even at 8.30 in the morning! Liking all my things on Facebook and conversations with my other friends.

      But the worst thing is of all - is in all the time we havnt spoke all I have thought about is her! And her shit and problems! Nothing of my own!?!? Weird...I wake up and she is my 1st thought...I know I must sound weird but I have my own things to think about and Im writing a book and I havnt written a page in over a week!

      I spoke to the mutral friend and she said that when they lived together the only time she didn't botherher was when she was asleep! She went through that for 3 years...Her storming in her room n lecturing her about her day, always a drama, always someone's done something ect.. I don't know how she did it for 3yrs! I havnt even lasted 8wks! ha ha

      I know this sound horrible but I don't want to be her friend she is bad for my health and made me feel misrable and worn out- Its like Im a different person. Please help me further cos I don't think she is going to let me go easily! I sent her a nice but firm message last night explaining that she didn't just tell me about a problem she made me feel it and that I needed space. I hope that she has understood a bit. Not sure if she knows what shes doing, although now I realise I would consider her a pro and the best Ive ever seen! Im scared and going insane...I think...I hope not though!!! Arrrgh....Thank you so much for hearing this, bless you xxxx

    • profile image

      CarebrefGed 5 years ago

      I utilized to get on top of life but recently I've truly accumulated a weight.

    • profile image

      Futamarka 5 years ago

      Не отождествляйтесь с печалью. Станьте свидетелем и наслаждайтесь моментом печали, потому что печаль имеет свою собственную красоту. Косметическое женское белье? Если ты не в курсе, что такое стилистическое нижнее белье, чем оно, воздушно-нежное, отличается от креми комплекта, есть смысл почитать абзацем ниже. Какими качествами должно обладать нижнее белье Shirley of Hollywood? Для одних на первый план выходит удобство и комфорт, для других красота и привлекательность, а кто-то ищет белье, способное подчеркнуть достоинства фигуры и скрыть все лишнее от чужих глаз.

    • profile image

      Futamarka 5 years ago

      Никому не повредит вначале спросить партнера, что ему больше нравится, но обычно такие дискуссии являются беспредметными после того, как вы уже занимались с ним визажным кремом один или два раза. Приобретенный в ходе предыдущих совместных занятий кремом опыт дает возможность опираться на полученные результаты. И поэтому он может просто сказать: "Мне действительно понравилось, когда ты..."

    • angeldunk profile image

      angeldunk 5 years ago

      I'm new to this place I normally am on FB. But I googled this one article and it spoke volumes to me.

      I am married to an energy vampire. My oldest son is also one. Today was my day off and when he left for work I could feel my energy leave with him, but I always like to see the good in people. I honestly don't think he realizes what he is doing.

      I need advice. I have been cord cutting for awhile now but just figured out it was those 2 today. So with the last cord cutting I did was yesterday, (Doreen Virtue CD) and today I was zapped.

      How about when you sleep?

    • profile image

      findacure 5 years ago

      I discovered this a year ago but I had symptoms of draining energy from others for the past 7 years. I never why because I was always the positive person. Since discovering this revelation, I've made a concerted effort to block my energy pull unto others. I don't fit any of the negative responses I've seen posted so I would like advise on what I can do for myself to prevent this type of drain upon others.

    • profile image

      Me 6 years ago

      I stumbled on here somehow but I thought I'd add my own 2 cents into this...

      Those of you that are asking how to be... why on earth would you want to? Yes I will admit we are good with energy manipulation and other things but at the same time... we are PARASITES... we are your spiritual tick so to speak. Why on earth would you want this?

      Alot of people speak of how negative we are... First off the creepy picture up on the top automatically sets us as "dark" or that we find pleasure in doing these things. Some will and do, but with every light that was ever cast there was a shadow. You create a pain killer and someone is going to sell it on the street. It's an unfortunate truth. Some will learn to control it and use that to not be harmful.

      Spiritually... Some people create massive amounts of energy, some won't produce enough. I am a psy and fully aware of what I am. I normally don't like being around a lot of people and I intentionally try NOT to focus on just one person at a time because of the fact I know what I am.

      One has to learn to "feed" in a way that's not going to cause harm. Ambiently is how I do it for instance. Go to a place where there's a lot of people giving off a lot of energy (social gatherings) and just absorb as people radiate the extra. Find someone that knows and will be a willing donor. My soon to be wife is the same thing I am and we help each other with this.

      The key isn't to get rid of it... but learn how to control it properly. Maybe if people were to focus more on showing the inexperienced how to do things properly instead of shunning it would go smoother? Make lists of crystals/stones etc that will work like a battery (bloodstone/garnet etc). Help give solutions to the problem. Experience and control does make one POTENTIALLY more harmful. I will admit learning to do that in the wrong hands can pose more of a threat. If you raise your "barrier/shields" up around me to protect yourself and I truly want to... I'll just drain from your barrier. It is all in the ability of the individual. Learning to control it is the key. This is why we have our own forums etc online that offer help to those that are newer and there is a lot of good advise. Yes, the wolf will still hunt though, but in a less harmful and more respectful manner. It is in our nature.

      My point is positive ways of controlling it. We're not monsters or villains... neither is the predator in nature, we simply are what we are. Some animals hunt, as do some spirits have to as well. As above... so below.

    • profile image

      JessicaLynn 6 years ago


      My daughter is only six and after reading this I now understand why I am always so tired around her. I have two other children and they do not drain the energy out of me like my daughter does. What I would like to know it possible for a child this young to be an energy vampire? Obviously she doesn't know she is doing it, but she is. Also, if I do the visualization of cutting off the connection between us, does that simply take care of the negative energy, or will it also affect the positive connection we also share? I just want my energy back, without making it seem like I am just trying to cut her off completely. Any advice?

    • profile image

      vampogal 6 years ago

      hey these days im getting some very different feelings things are happining to me i have some scars that are in sracted form some healers usually say that im under some dark shadow i have been going throw the pain ov thrist these days espacailly in moon peak nights i use to have dreams like im getting married to a vampire or some bunch ov vampiers are saying to me that stay reseverd some how at some tome will get u i can see things in my imagination plz lme know what's happeneing wid either im under vampier breath .my email id plz lme know

    • profile image

      Deevinenatures 6 years ago

      Hello, thank you for confirming what I thought had been happen to me.. I am weak and shakey as I type. And I felt everything since yesterday after my girlfriend decided that she was gonna start an aguement because I didn't say good morning to her and then I felt my energy getting lower and lower. I stayed away from as much as I could. I slept in another in my sons room to get away and just like you mention when she came around me I was shakey. Is the visualzation you mention going to heal her aswell?

    • profile image

      ArchyJ 6 years ago

      Hi Hanskrafter! Thank you for taking a very good care of people! That shows again and again what wonderful person you are! When you help others, you help yourself! God bless you Hanskrafter! ;-)

    • profile image 6 years ago

      hi my mother is gifted when sucking up my energy. she drank secretly all her life. when i was a child i would wonder why some times she was high and other times she was on a massive downer, then i would suffer. my father died in 2008. she has got worse since. she has given up drink. but the only one she has in her life now is myself as she has fallen out with my sister my brother lifes about an hour away and he cant be bothered. had her for easter and she drained me so much bringing up things that happened in the family years ago. critizing family members friends her neighbours and she even went into my cabinets and pried into my letters etc. i nearly told her to go. but she has this power over me, im seprated from my husband with three boys have my hands full and this woman thinks just because she wears the word mother can drain me and suck all my good energy away, iwill try surrounding myself in light as im very spiritual but any help would be appreciated. thanks helen

    • profile image

      CsYrEnVaLkRiE 6 years ago

      My mother, and i think, all the women in my family are energy vamps, yes i am aware i am one as well but i have for a long time been learning to be balenced and control my self and never harm another, so forth and so on. I am a good women, not that the women in my family aren't, but some are unawear of what they are, some of us are in denile, and then there is one's like my mom, who i love dearly, with all my heart, that know what they can do and drain all of that they can intentionaly...i can't take it anymore, she is killing me slowly, she's even admited it under the influence...please help me...what do i do? how do i save myself? she's destroyed reslationships i've had, she's made me a scape goat, and so much worse....PLEASE HELP ME, I DON'T KNOW IF I'LL SERVIVE THIS ANYMORE! email me @ ( this is broken up, like it's in code) s w e e t m o o n . r e y e s 3 7 @ g m a i l . c o m

      please, if you can help me and you're really one of the light, not a person of dark deseption, i'll know it's you by the love of your advice. God Bless, Blessed Be, love and peace to all of thee!!!

      thank you!

    • profile image

      Liewe Heksies 6 years ago

      Pls help! I have 2 impossible children, whom won,t listen 2 me, even if I,ve tried nearly everything! When they r @ school, I have alot of energy 2 work & do all kinds of things, but the minute they come home I,m 2 tired & irrated by their fightin & screamin! Bein a single mom isn,t very easy & don,t know what 2 do anymore! Liewe Heksies

    • profile image

      elikus 6 years ago

      what kind of crystals? please explain more.

    • profile image

      buba 6 years ago

      Crystals help a lot

    • profile image

      elikus 6 years ago

      Hi thanks for the great article. my problem are not human vampires but energy vampires. all my childhood I was terrified from vampires, I felt them. now I am not afraid from them but I live in constant fear of life, and I live almost without energy, I can't feel them but I know they are sucking a huge amount of energy from me. I am very talented but all my talent worth nothing because I afraid to use it. how can I fight those vampires that are leaving me no energy for struggle? I want to be a real warrior but I even afraid to make the first move and when I do decide something I immediately feel an energy fall so I am stuck. (I can't even meditate as the huge loss of energy began when I started practicing very intensely Yoga - but in a wrong harming way - killing my filings ext...). if you have something specific to tell me please mail me -

    • profile image

      Deep 6 years ago

      How can i become vampire? I like vampire, and vampires powers. Please tell me how can i become vampire?

    • profile image

      010101 7 years ago

      About one year ago I met a very attractive man and I couldn't help it, but to fall in love. More in lust, actually. In about one month I realized that he is a vampire, and from that point on I have been trying to leave, and I can't. Every time I would come back crying because the pain of separating from him is much more intense than the pain of being around him. Even though, he sucks me dry. Mostly by complaining about his life, yelling at himself, even becoming physically destructive, punching and throwing furniture, etc. This breaks my heart. I feel sick, nauseous, and I cry. Sometimes I just run away, but then I come back again. The ratio of times when he is caring and in a good mood around me is about 1 to 10 in comparison to these dark, negative days. Please help! I really don't know what to do :(

    • profile image

      Sue__Mc 7 years ago

      I have my son, my mum and my best friend who are vampire energies. I have established a distance with my best friend and my life has changed radically, each time we talk she complains so much about everything she leaves me exhausted. My mum and my son both live with me, and whenever they are not around me, I'm full of energy, I dance and sing and write and do lots of things, I'm a teacher and at school everyone says I'm the happiest person they know, but at home I only want to be in my room alone on my bed doing nothing. I feel lifeless and with no will to do anything.

      I don't know how to deal with them. I have tried teaching them about positivity and good energies, white lights inside, but they just dismiss this as superstition and I keep being tired and dead to the world.

      What should I do about them?

      Thanks for whatever help you can give me,


    • sourcesearchDerek profile image

      sourcesearchDerek 7 years ago from johannesburg

      Hi,don't know if anybody can offer constructive advice.I live with a mother.I don't live in the main house,I have my own space but she is highly gifted in the fact she taps into my consciuousness I know on some level I must be also be responsible because,I am inviting her into my consciousness before I was on this metaphysical path I used to think it was an entity but after a lot of analysis I discovered, it was her and my ex best friend actually there are a few people they are all similar- very lonely and depressed people they do not admit it,how desperate they are for my energy etc... and they feed off me-But because, I am tired of this and will not tolerate it anymore,I am slowly breaking away from them but the war is not over -I am still attached to them.The times I get them off me, out of my etheric astral zone or consciousness.

      all kinds of amazing wonderful,things happen to me.But I might shrug them off for a day,then they come back it is such an effort dealing with them.I am still not 100% sure who the main villian is.I also stay with my younger brother who is hard of hearing and schitzophrenic.Could it be him?.The bottom line,I have tried the white light things, golden spear blah blah does not really work only when I become unbelievably angry, or one time it worked when I visualised them all beating me up and each time I just got up as if nothing had happened .On some level I feel all their anger .I have been told I am an empath I naturally take other peoples pain .How to release all their @@##$ is not so easy as they engoy feeding off me .Tapping into me hovering in my consciousness,it stops them form actually having to deal with their issues.

    • 4elements profile image

      4elements 7 years ago

      I have a very good friend that i believe is A phyic vamp of some sorts. She attracts all kinds of energy and i usually tel lher how to ground herself so that it does not stay with her, especially the negitive ones. She can break things. 3 washers in a year. 6 cell phones and 4 coffe pots. the funny thing is i never feel drained when im with her. Infact after we hang out we both feel energized. She is trying to learn the ways of wicca and im teaching her. When we cast a circle to do our thing she is so relaxed and happy. But I do tel lher she needs to put her shields up when she is out in public, for her well being as well as others. Thank you for your hub. peace, love, and light!

    • profile image

      innocent 7 years ago

      im always weak and sometimes think that im gona go crazy soon..some 1 can help me pls?

    • profile image

      mira 7 years ago

      my mother is a major vampire in m life, shes been sucking the life out of me for the past 18 years of my life until only recently i ave got the chance to leave home and live in my university dorms thats 3 hours away from home, after that my life yhave chanegd so much i was never better or happier or more succeful and had so muych luck and friends and was in full control of my life the second i was in contactw ith her or my the 3 other sibilings my situation was in the ground theyr controling minuplative and will DO THE IMPOSSIBLE TO BE THE VAMPIRES AND FEEL GOOD ABOUT themselves they are all oldeer than me, i have no dad he abandoned us while i was a kid, and since then my mom is fully repsinible of me i tried to keep thm outside my life and tats wen thef ull abused started,i was beating, acccused of drugs, verbaly and physically abused but i kept up to keep them of not reachign my soul and grabbing all that positive enrgy i built for the last year, until finally after 4 long months of abuse they got to me, and i have no energy anymore and iam that misrebale person once more, everything goes wrong with me my relations are messed up , evrything around me goes wrong again, my luck sucks, my energy is over , and over all of that they chose not to mpay for my tuition anymore and only if they do they will throw me out of my private room and put me with somone to share a room just because they don't give 2 craps about me anymore, and to me this is very davstatign specialy to share a room with somone you know how hard that is,,,,,,now i lost my energy my dorm, my tuition almost and evrything in my life and most importanty how i feel, they wont leave me alone until i do wat tyhey want and tat means giving up on ME! :'(

      im so tied up

      p.s i have a bf and things are horrible i cant defend my self and i don't have the energy for it to face the world anymore =S

    • profile image

      Paco 7 years ago

      Hi Hans,

      Everything worked out great, I followed the advice that you gave to someone else and talked to my friend, with me sticking by her she realized what positive messages and energy I sent toward her.

      I told her about The Philistine Prophecy and when you send each other positive energy and you send it back and forth it grows, she didn't quite understand and I explained to her I said oh well it's o.k. that she drained energy while she was sick because she didn't know what else to do and she was grasping for anything to feel better.

      I also told her the reason she is feeling better is because she knows that she is a wanted and needed person and she is willing herself to heal because of that need.

      Now I just have to watch out for myself, as now she is becoming independent and stronger that I feel somewhat upset, because I am not needed as much, but that is all good, I wish her well because I have my own life to live eventually.

      Rosa, I am taking to an upscale vendors dinner, I am going to be her chauffeur, she's like Rosario in 'Will and Grace' on amphetamines aka: speed.

    • profile image

      Paco ( 7 years ago

      Hi Hans,

      I've always felt like Allen in 2 and a Half Men with Charlie Sheen, even though I was very attractive in my 30's, I'm 47 now, but can still get most guys I want, I always help everyone in my building, an elderly lady whose 77 makes me feel exhausted after a conversation, she has a shrine of things I've given freely, on her kitchen table and thinks the world of me.

      A card reader told me I know everything I need to know, but why can't I keep a man and don't want to break a little lady's heart, as I am usually just a store runner or driver to her appointments, she dated other Gay men and I never take that bus.

      My friend Rosa told me I am a moody bitch after she needed a ride and my car was towed and I told her to look out after herself, which she didn't know it was towed and I didn't know she needed a ride.

    • profile image

      Podgie 7 years ago

      Thanks for the advice.... makes perfect sense. I'll give it my best. Let you know what happens

    • Leo Collins profile image

      Leo Collins 7 years ago

      Excellent! I've never heard it explained that way before, but it makes perfect sense. Now I know what to do. Thank you.

    • hanskrafter profile image

      hanskrafter 7 years ago from United Kingdom


      First, do not try to block his energy at all cost. Instead try to transform it. By blocking it you return what has been sent to you and it increases and becomes worse and worse. Try to transform him and change his aura to a positive one.

      He knows that he is draining you. And he likes that even though he might not understand this. Otherwise he would not have this behavior.

      Also, try to understand him. Show to him your love, but make him realize that you deserve to be happy too. In this part there is no magic, just personality skills.

      Ill people usually become energy vamps it is natural. Try to get him out of the house every week and let him be in the nature. there he will charge himself with positive energy.

      I really want and hope that your situation will improve. Write me when you have some results whatever they are.

      Best wishes,


    • profile image

      podgie 7 years ago


      Constantly depending on other people to keep him entertained. He does not read or draw or have any other hobbies that he enjoys. The only time he seems happy is when he is talking about the past events in his life. He has become very possesive and judgemental of people. He trusts nobody. Including many of us who love him. He used to go to Mass with me, but now will pass up the opportunity. I fear there is something more sinister attached to his change in behavior. We live on land that used to be part of the indian reservation. And I am looking into the history of it more in depth. I am also a massage therapist, so I am trying my hardest to block his negative and/or energy draining aura. Got any suggestions on steps to help him realize that he is draining all of our energy and to stop doing so?

    • profile image

      podgie 7 years ago


      My mother died, my grandmother died, my father had a stroke and my husband got up and left myself and our three small children never to return. This happened all within a 2 year period. I struggled to keep myself together and try to rebuild my energy that had been depleted with all of the events that have happened. I started to finally pull my strength back together and start looking forward to a new life with my children. I met a man who I was instantly attracted to. He had so much energy and was a welcome sight for my children, as he has a natural affinity for caring about them. He had a back injury prior to our meeting, and has had to have other back surgeries. He is depressed now because he cannot do the things he used to without pain. I think he is turning into an energy vampire.

      He now sits and watches t.v and depends on myself, my children and his family and friends to entertain him. he is CONSTANTLY

    • hanskrafter profile image

      hanskrafter 7 years ago from United Kingdom

      Hi dark matter,

      of course I have, but they have to be in line with the story of the movie.. I will be happy to collaborate.

    • profile image

      dark matter 7 years ago

      hi hanskrafter,

      i am writing a movie script and i was wondering if u had any goood elemental energy vampire ideas

    • hanskrafter profile image

      hanskrafter 7 years ago from United Kingdom

      Hi Liz,

      I am glad to hear from you.

      To begin with, you have most of all a problem of energy non compatibility. Two energies that are not compatible just destroy each other in time and place. If you feel irritated by this person you can be sure that he is irritated as you are.

      Yes, it is quite possible that he wants to control you. If you change your job at this moment, this problem will not disappear until you learn your lesson. Another person will be sent to you and you will have the same problem. Don't watse your time by running from your lessons because you run from yourself and only prolonge your study program on this Earth:) And we want to finish school right?

      So straight to the point, what you can do about that?

      1. Stop thinking negatively about this person, this will only reinforce the negative energy around you.

      2. Stop thinking at all about him and this will make him crazy and you will be satisfied with that, as you will be the winner in this battle!

      3. Don't speak a lot with him. Spend less time with him.

      4. When you are at your desk, try to imagine something beautiful for instance a moment of joy in your childhood and try to maintain this positive flaw of energy. This will destroy the negative energy and harmonize everything around you.

      5. Ask God for protection. He is a powerfull force around you. Just feel him insight and around you. He can send you a message in you dream. (yes I am serious about that!)

      Hope that helps:)

      Your true friend,


    • hanskrafter profile image

      hanskrafter 7 years ago from United Kingdom

      Hi Marliza Gunter!

      I am happy to hear from you. From your picture it is obvious that you are a shiny and full of positive energy person. No wonder why the others around you are so hungry. They are like little insects around honey.

      Vampires feed on your stomack chakra most often and this is why you have felt this tickling. Start to protect this area. The most simple way is to put your hands on your stomack and fill the gap made by the vampire with pure light and love.

      When you are at work try to ignore the vamp people without showing this to them. Never look them in the eye! Put a nice object on your desk and concentrate on it. This will distruct you from thinking about them. Never let them in your thoughts or they will suck you very fast! Just ignore and forget as far as you can. This will drive them crazy:)

      Best wishes always,


    • profile image

      Liz 7 years ago

      A colleague at work drives me mad in seconds. It only happends with him. He actually makes me shake and I feel blind of anger and after exahusted. He speaks very softly but I know is very manipulative and he is now in a position of power. I think he wants to control me. I think the anger is me trying to protect my-self. But sometimes I am not sure if is he or me who is absorving energy. I don't want his energy around me but he just works exactly in the next desk. I am actually looking for other job to go away of that nut it make take time. What can I do?

    • Marliza Gunter profile image

      Marliza Gunter 7 years ago from South Africa

      this was so interesting to read...i have a lot of energy hungry people around me..but i also know (have seen) vampire demons...huge, black, with skinny black wings like those of a bat...when the people leave me alone, i feel happy, alive and full of light..sometimes the light gets so much that it feels like the rays of the sun is on the wrong side of the body...the light shines out of my eyes so strongly that i can hardly see where to walk..people then always look at me strangely and give me a second look or stare at they are trying hard to discern what they are seeing...when i see they start to stare at me, i become shy and look down, my stomach will tickle and i will start to giggle for no apparent reason...but when the people are around me all day, i become very tired and weak and wants to sleep all day..i then feel unhappy and frustrated...

      what do you say can i do?

    • hanskrafter profile image

      hanskrafter 8 years ago from United Kingdom

      Hello jessica,

      Nice to hear from you. And thanks for contributing to our conversation.

      I can't say that I myself feed on elementals, but I really feel very happy when it rains or I am in the forest. I can feel that nature loves me and flows within and around me charging me with positive energy. You are completely right about the energy flow. This is a unique experience that everybody should feel- our touch with the nature. Nature balances us all, it is our key to connect us with the rythm of the universe.

    • hanskrafter profile image

      hanskrafter 8 years ago from United Kingdom

      Hi DarkDestiny,

      I truly believe in the so called "law of attraction", but life is much more complicated than that. Tne law of attraction says that if you think positively you will experience positive experiences and vice versa. Also, it mentions that you can create your own destiny and future by thinking what you want to happen to you.

      If an individual has a truly creative and strong thought, then he or she might be able to influence his or other people's lives.

      However there is one problem with the law of attraction and it is called Karma or God's will.

      If you have to learn a lesson from these people, then you will stay with them or in the same situation as long as you learn the lesson no matter what. And the lesson will repeat itself until you learn it.

      So yes, you can attract this to happen to you and yes this might be your own karma and lesson to learn. One thing is certain however, and it is that you are the one to change your life and to find the way to do that or to put it simply, you have to learn the lesson of your life. This is why evolution is about- learning lessons.

      Remember, if you were like them then you would not have been experiencing problems. People that are alike are happy together no matter bad or evil. But, again if you are not able to transform the negative energy and charge your positive energy, then you might become one of them in time. This is your battle- to be yourself and not to become something you are not born to be.

      See you around:)

      Bes wishes ever


    • profile image

      jessica 8 years ago

      i am an elemental vampire or "energy vampire" as you call it. but the proper term in elemental vampire.

      i love feeding on ambient energy and nature's energy. although feeding off of ambient energy is more exciting for me. you could actually feel it coursing through your body. it is not black magic. it is not evil doing. we are actually a very rare type of vampire.

      and even though i am a type of vampire, it does not mean i practice wicca or satanism. i am actually very connected to God and I am christian.

    • profile image

      DarkDestiny 8 years ago


      Hi, Today somebody wrote to me that "Like Attracts Like." On the subject of energy/psychic vampires, do you think that I attracted these experiences and the people behind them because I am like them? Not just with my family but anywhere. I do feel that I have some psychic link with those who hurt me. I can't stop thinking of them. I saw what was coming but I couldn't change anything. They already decided who I am for me. They didn't want me to forget what I was like before I awakened.

      I think what it says is your mental state attracts what happens to you. My family karma caused my mental state to deteriorate and now my mental state attracted other problems. I'm not telling you the details because you have your life and I don't want to burden other people.

      Energy vampires prey on anybody, don't they? Or just the most vulnerable or compatible to them?

    • hanskrafter profile image

      hanskrafter 8 years ago from United Kingdom

      Hello DarkDestiny,

      Let's make your destiny beautiful:)

      I totally understand your situation and how you feel.

      You are right that your relatives wanted to control you.

      However, this is not exactly an energy vampirism in your case.

      The first thing you have to do is to distroy the energy connections you have with this family. This means to block out them in your mind first.

      Stop thinking about them!

      Stop remembering what happened to you. Forgive them and go on!

      Finish school and university and have your own life. Change your envrionment because it is killing you. Find new friends, good friends who will love you and their love will protct you. Find your own way to charge yourself with positive energy and forget your relatives. Do not care what they think of you. Start thinking positively. Restore your confidence in yourself.

      Your relatives have put their energy hands over you and not only take your energy away but are able to cntrol you through the channel they have created. So the only way to switch them off from your program is to forget that they exist. You might have to speak with them or help them sometimes but you have to learn to switch them off. This does not mean to stop loving them or to be aggressive, this means just to protect your energy structures from them.

      Often we have karma with the people that are our relatives. In your past life this situation has happened, but trough another experiences. Now you have to succeed and change this situation so that this does no repeat in your incarnations never again.

      This is not an easy task for you. But you will succed.

      Feel free to contact me:)

    • profile image

      DarkDestiny 8 years ago

      Hi! my name is Carlos from the PHilippines. I'm having a mental breakdown.

      There was a time when I knew what I had to do in my life. It felt like the blocked energy I had was released when I learned that I didn't have to be afraid of what others feel. Like if they will feel hurt even if they are family.

      But in the eyes of my family including relatives, I was just the youngest boy and there was something wrong with me because I seemed suddenly happy about something. Everybody including my cousins wanted to know what was happening to me and why i'm becoming strong enough to look at them straight in the eye. They decided to do something about it in order to keep me an obedient child while they can. And I couldn't do anything about it. I lost control of my situation and it carried on to my experiences in school. Now this made me into what I am now. An adult with no independence. My elders still have power over me, especially my mom who I'm living with. Whatever I energy I have people just convert it to use for themselves. But now I just do nothing about it. So I'm just waiting for the time when I can be free again.

    • profile image

      Ashcan 8 years ago

      Thank you Haskrafter, we will continue our discussion about Energy Vampires, btw, YES I am an Energy Vampire, my entire family are Energy Vampires, but I have learned (the hard way) to control it.

    • hanskrafter profile image

      hanskrafter 8 years ago from United Kingdom

      Hi Ashcan:)

      Do you think that I am an energy Vampire?

      I do not think I am one. I restore my energy very fast especially when I am alone. But I feel exhausted when I am with people and need some rest after that so as to restore my balance. However, I feed on the Sun, Earth and Earth and sky forces such as wind, water or trees etc.

      There is a reason why one is an energy vampire. If you are one, but do not whish to be one, an entire energy transformation and change of your energy body should be made. However, this is very difficult and requires help from the world of the other side of the veil unless there is someone in our world strong enough to transform you.

      Therefore, I would suggest that one should help oneself. Develop your spirituality. Develop your creative thinking. Be positive! Learn how to charge yourself with the cosmic energy aroud us as well as the enrgy that comes from the Earth itself. Pray to God. Fill yourself with love and open yourself to the love so that it naturally flows through all the energy levels of your body.

      Once one is open for the energy that naturally fills his body and opens his energy channels and activates his or hers energy flows, one no longer needs to feed on others. Yet, one needs to give his love and energy to the people. You need to charge yourself in order to emit energy. Once you are fully charged and learn how to balance and save your energy you no longer need to feed on the others around you.

      I hope that helps.

      Feel free to ask me anything.

      all the best


    • profile image

      Ashcan 8 years ago

      Haskrafter, are YOU an Energy Vampire?

      Also, if one is an Energy Vampire one's self, how does one cure one's self?

    • hanskrafter profile image

      hanskrafter 8 years ago from United Kingdom

      Hi markminer,

      Yes that is true.. but it is not only the poison.. this poison can actually turn your life to another direction as it is a form of programming!

      Schools in India hold the opinion that there is no negative or positive energy. There is one enery and the rest is not making good use of it. And if you think of that, positive energy creates life whereas negative energy just has nothing creative in it.. it is difficult to feed on something with low nutrition proparties, right?

      Hence Victims of Vampirism are most often people wth pure energy, as you cannot feed on something that has been already sucked, right?

      However, feeding on people is faster that feeding on nature since the energy has to be transformed in order to be suitable for individuals. I do not consider receiving energy from the sun for instance as a form of vampirism even though the sun in itself is a living being:) You just feed on the energy that it releases without exctracting it from the creature, this is the difference between vampirism and powering accumulating..

      Thank you for reading my article and contributing to our knowledge of vampirism, I truly believe that this can help people around the world!

      all the best:)

    • hanskrafter profile image

      hanskrafter 8 years ago from United Kingdom

      Hi Kori Lee F.P.,

      Thank for reading my article and contributing to it!

      There is also slef vampirism. This is when you love somebody unconditionally and the other person only uses you and does not respond to your feelings.. hence your energy is not restored and reinforced and you lose yourself. This might be the case with your brother as well.. there is no real love when it comes to vampirism and one sided feelings. When they extract energy from you your brain weakens and you become emotionally dependant to that person as if he or she is your new boss! In order to satisfy his or her desires you are ready to do everything.. and this is the case with the self vampirism.. as well..

      She might be a vampire.. but your brother cannot see her in her true light since he lives in his false fantasy that she loves him...

      Vapires control their victims as the energy flows are connected and the dominant is able to control your internal energy by the created channel between the victim and the aggressor.

      He has his karma let him learn his lessons. However, if that continuous and you see his suffering badly, help is needed there. At that stage you can pray to God that he realizes what he is into. Once this happens he will be free! I guarantee that!

      best wishes always!

    • markminer profile image

      markminer 8 years ago from Albany, Oregon

      I agree that most energy vampires...which I call social vampires, do draw a lot of their energy from nature and animals more than they do from humans. The reason being is that when you run across someone that is am Empath, they will tell you that someones energy can be laced with a lot of pyschological "poisons". Whereas nature and animals are more pure in spirit. But your advice on how to disconnect from social vampires was very well written and I wish that everyone could understand the concept. Great job.

    • Kori Lee F.P. profile image

      Kori Lee F.P. 8 years ago from Northern Arizona

      Wow!! Excellent therapy and or healing methods!!! I agree with you about emotional vampires. I have done a lot of research on narccistic personalities which I think would fit perfectly in to your explanation of those who feed off of others. Unfortunetly my brother is a victim of a vampire. She has converted him in every sense- of once you become a vampire you are controlled by your maker. Narccistic behavior is very selfish and manipulating. They feel entitled to have the energy of their object. The sad thing is that they view the other as a source of energy and it is like a drug addiction, I don't believe there is any love there. Now I am trying not to judge anymore. I simply miss my brother. I know it is his path and his karma. It is easier to know with my intellect rather than to feel with my heart. I know with my mind what is happening but it is still emotionally hard to let him go. I have come to place of letting him go - this I think is true love. I hope. Great presence in this virtual world- amazing how someone's light can overflow even on this crazy medium. Well done!!!

    • hanskrafter profile image

      hanskrafter 8 years ago from United Kingdom

      Dear cormierconsulting,

      I am very happy to hear from you.

      I connected with you and what I sensed was energy attack around your heart chakra (anahata) and also I felt pain in my soul and my eyes were in tears. This means that the main channels from which they extract enery from you is your visudha and anahata chakras (the centers around your heart and the center around your neck.

      Now we have made a diagnose and we have to heal your holes.

      You have to cut the channel that connects these two centers and your siblings. This is an energy channel. Visualize something like a knife for instance and cut the cord that connects you with them! Then take the remaining cord and bound it in them and say something like "I am free and you will never suck the life out of me again"

      After that you have to heal and close the holes that have been made on you. If these vampires were persistent for instance you were under their attack for more than a year, you may wish to repeat the whole procedure.

      How to heal?

      Take your right arm and put it on your heart and the above center consequently. Your left hand has to be turned over so that you receive the cosmic energy. Imagine first a white light covering thise wholes and and then heal them with golden light! repeat this procedure and practice visualizing!

      Every time you feel that you can immediately close you heart chakra by putting your right hand on it. If your manipura chakra (the stomach chakra) is also atackedas it usually happens place your right hand on it and your left hand behind it. You stop in this way the energy flow!

      Please be awear that there persons are your family. You have strong karma together and you have to clean it toegther. The fact that they suck the life out of you means that you have had bad life together in a previous life! Practice transforming the energy around you!

      You are a positive person and if your energy is in higher spiritual level it will naturally flow and heal everything around you. When we transform negative energy around us this happens at the cost of your heart chakra! You heal them and protect them with your love! But you should have your life too!

      Practice visualizing, energy transformation, healing, energy protection and learn how to take pure energy from the cosmos itself! If you charge yourself more often your weakness will diminish!

      Hope that helps!

      feel free to contact me again with any questions! Your questions will help other people too!

      See you!

    • profile image

      cormierconsulting 8 years ago

      I have two energy vampires in my life. My husband and my eldest son.

      My husband works out of town and is only home 5-10 days a month.

      My son 13yrs is only home about 6days a month. He lives with his biological dad.

      When i have either of them home my life changes dramaticly. I am regularly an energy bubble. Full of life and love. Always dancing and singing with my two younger babies.

      When they are around all i want to do is sleep. I have no energy at all. The spunk and light in my eyes diminishes. And expecially with my son i often come down with a cold or flu.

      I love them both dearly. And i am saddened by the fact that they never get to see the real me. The hear about the real me from other people. But with them i am almost dead to the world.

      Please help me! I cant live like this anymore. I want a happy family and marriage. How do i block their energy suction and be the mom and wife i want to be for them, That they deserve? And how do I do this without blockage to my heart?

    • hanskrafter profile image

      hanskrafter 8 years ago from United Kingdom

      Hi Wilhelmina Noir,

      I like Wilhelmina too.

      I see that you read a lot and you are very well informed. However, I would like to point out some important things that have to be taken into consideration.

      The energy world is just like the material world. Nature has designed it so that every creature feeds on another so that it can exist. Potatoes and stones do have a soul! But we do not care when we eat or use them. And we are not called vampires because we eat tomatoes, right? Absorbing energy from elementals is natural. This is how our souls feed. The higher is your level the easier is to absorb energy from higher spiritual level such as the cosmic energy. The problem is that many people with low energy level and spiritual level cannot absorb cosmic energy and even this energy might drive them crazy as they cannot transform it for the purpose of their body and it is extrinsic to their energy system. Vampires are but not necesserally creatures with low energy level and most often people with low energy levels are also with low spiritual levels and this is why they feed on creatures like them because their energy is very easy to be absorbed and they are capable to take it faster. This is why we have to protect ourselves.

      As regards churches, I suggest that this is only one of the possibilities. She has to find her own way of dealing with energy problems and also to find what kind of energy she is comfortable with. As you say, there are churches and churches... and people and people..

      I hope that helps:)

      see you:)

    • Wilhelmina Noir profile image

      Wilhelmina Noir 8 years ago from Saint Louis, Missouri

      There are many theories about vampires, and not all of these theories suggest that vampires are human. It is given that we all reside in a human body, but many of the otherkin theorists suggest that some of these people possess non-human souls. Some also feel that vampirism is neither a physical ailment nor an energy-related one, but a matter of the soul.

      There is always the possibility that Wendi's children also share a penchant for vampirism with their father. If this is the case, better to nurture it properly than to potentially damage them at an early age by hindering their flow of energy. Knowledge is power. I disagree with your notion that energy vampires all feed on people. Some are very capable of feeding from energy in myriad forms, not to mention elementals (those forces we identify as earth, air, fire and water, among other types which are lesser known such as solar and telluric currents). Also ambient energy, or energy that people naturally release in large numbers, drifts into the air and surrounds them, and will go elsewhere when they have left that place - the absorption of this kind of energy is not harmful to people because it has already been released.

      I don't discount the realization that there are people who use abilities with malicious intent. I agree they are dangerous. But there are many who may not even know that they possess vampirism, just as there are many who are aware of it, but do not feed consciously.

      Many different scenes have been debating the potential for damage from vampires who feed on anger, depression, sadness, and other forms of generalized "negative energy" for quite sometime. And there are still debates as to whether this can cause harm to the people involved.

      I would also not recommend connecting with Church-related energies, because this type of energy is not always conducive to every individual. Some are more attracted to this and every other energy in existence, while others are repulsed. For what reasons? This remains a mystery.

      I would recommend to Wendi that she protect her children and ask them how they feel when they are around their father. And that no matter the answer, she continue to allow him to spend time with the children. He has a right to see his children, whether or not he has vampiric tendencies. But they also have a right to be protected, if he is a danger to them.

    • hanskrafter profile image

      hanskrafter 8 years ago from United Kingdom

      Good to hear from you wendi_w!

      The best protection of any form of dark arts (vampirism, spells etc.) is pure love! Love your children and teach them the laws of love. Love will protect you. Vapirism is simply extracting energy from your body. If you feel that, first you have to cut the connection energetically with the vampire and then fill the energy gap with love and pure light. It is difficult for children to teach them protection techniques. Try to ask them how they feel around their father. And if they feel exhausted then measures have to be taken. Children are most vulnerable becaue their energy is very pure and hence very delicious. However, they have exccess of energy and it is not that bad for them. Energy vampirism may result in the long run to fatigue and illness..

      Ask first how your children feel around their father. He might be a vampire only to you and not to them. If they feel bad then I Will give you some techniques to tackle this. But they are very dangerous and it is not desriable to use them unless your are really sure about that (this might cause bad karma and so on).

      The most simple task to do is to go to the curch and conncent with its energy, this will protect always you. Aks god for his pure love and protection. Put also an icon in your room:)

    • wendi_w profile image

      wendi_w 8 years ago from Midwest

      My ex husband is a vampire.. he isn't aware of the the destructive or negative effective he causes .. nor does he really care .. I am desperately trying to protect our children from it while allowing a connection to their father .. any ideas


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