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The curse of the broken mirror

Updated on January 13, 2010

Myths about broken mirrors

Probably everyone has heard horrible stories about how a broken mirror can make your love life miserable. Well they might be true. Yet, a broken mirror can make a lot more than that. In this article I am going to explain to you how exactly a broken mirror works and wreaks havoc on your life so that you can neutralize this source of negative energy and change your destiny!

Let us explain first how the mirror works!

Mirrors not only reflect but also absorb everything from the world at the other side of the veil. Just like any matter in the physical world, the mirror emits the energy it has absorbed to everyone who is in front of it. So make sure that when you are looking yourself at the mirror, you will not program yourself with the energy of someone who enters often your room and does not like you very much. Also, make an attempt to ensure that your mirror is new and not an old one whose history you barely know. Why this is important? This is crucial because old mirrors bring the energy of their previous possessors and if these persons had mental spells put on them, they may transfer easily to you trough an old mirror. Moreover, mirrors are capable of capturing the spirit of dead person, so I hope that you certainly do not want to have phantoms in your life and especially aggressive ones.

How exactly a broken mirror can make your life miserable?

Broken mirrors have more edges. On the edges of a mirror negative energy accumulates and the mirror naturally reflects and sends it to you in the form of a strong and concentrated energetic ray which pierces immediately your aura and consequently makes hole on it. These exposes you at high risks not only of the consequences of the negative energy stored in the mirror but of other sources of negative energy since you become more vulnerable when your energy is not restored and compact enough to block psychic attacks.

The ultimate solution

1. Make sure that you know the source and history of your mirror.

2. Keep away from the front door the mirror you most often use and certainly get rid of all cracked and broken mirrors in your home.

You will certainly feel the results and the positive energy coming to you, science you begin to neutralize the nexus of negative energy accumulation in your house and most importantly in your life. All this will contribute to the income of new positive energy flaws which will make you feel happier and unveil new unexpected opportunities for you!

I hope that you will find the adds on the pages interesting and relevent to the content of the article so that I can continue to write articles that you find useful:)


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    • profile image

      mayra 4 years ago

      Hi my name is day i was throwing my trash out and in the garbage can someone had thrown some broken mirrors in my dumpster...why woulds someone do that, does it mean anything, or might a neighbor just ran out of space in theris?

    • WiccanSage profile image

      Mackenzie Sage Wright 5 years ago

      I have never heard these things about mirrors. Very interesting, thanks for the information here.

    • profile image

      Jean S 5 years ago

      Hi I have had many strange things happen in my house lights coming on objects moving over the last five years why I do not know ..?-also the shower came on number of times .Two years ago my husband and I were watching television about 10-30pm ,and all of sudden the mirror above the fire place came off the wall ,it was very scary the mirror quite large.The hook was still there ,the cord had not broken also the mirror.I could not believe nothing had broken.The following day I was still shakey,then I realised it was my late fathers birthday.was he trying to tell me something.I hope it never happens again.Jean s

    • profile image

      lindnsey 6 years ago

      what if u broke the mirror and looked into it then what do u do

    • profile image

      deborah 7 years ago

      i broke my new stand up mirror this morning about 2a.m. it was an accident the mirror fell over in cracked in the middle i threw it away this morning in the garbage i refuse to have bad luck for 7 years no weapon formed againt me want prosper

    • Marliza Gunter profile image

      Marliza Gunter 7 years ago from South Africa

      Hi...I'm a Christian now, but before my turning point, I did see with my own eyes (and my cat saw it), how a mirror made a warp hole and a mosquito flew right into the warp hole and disappeared..we (the cat and I) looked behind, in front, everywhere, but the mosquito was that time I also learned how witches, warlords, demons uses mirrors to transport themselves to you or to watch your every move like on a camera monitor...

    • hanskrafter profile image

      hanskrafter 8 years ago from United Kingdom

      Take the pieces of the mirror without touching them with your hands and put them in the waste basket by saying "neither of this will affect me cause I do not care. If there is something bad in this mirror I throw it away with these pieces"

    • profile image

      Nina Dobrev 8 years ago

      Great Hub Hans!

      I enjoyed reading it!

      I broke my personal mirror what should I do?