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Hunting Ghosts and Unicorns

Updated on October 31, 2015

The renowned psychic Mystee, a brief introduction:

Mystee is a renowned psychic, with credentials in the following areas: Transgender Manifestation, Orbs of Love, Channeling Ghostly Activity into Financial Success, and Dating within Your Ghost-Hunting Group. She fully believes that showing spirits true love is the key to finding them.

Mystee is a great promotor of the American Spirits Summit, organised by the famous doctor Dawn (see the YouTube Video Trailer).

Mystee takes spirit photographs too, but only right into a mirror, because "this allows them to manifest in bright light and transmit their love through pixelation". I can often be seen wearing "Le Chapeau Du Mort," or The Hat of the Dead. This tool allows her to receive spirit energy.

And, last but not least:

Mystee is also taking reservations for her exclusive "Closet Portal Consultations": "Want to talk to the other side? Here's where to do it folks. My most recent innovation is my device that allows me to text message the dead. My Text Messenger to the Dead (TMTTD) works via a cone, a secret code, and the device I created. Now, mind you, this device cannot be duplicated. There is something very special about the way in which it was put together. Not only that, but it will only work for me. I channeled the spirit of Dave Thomas, founder of the popular restaurant chain Wendy's. He informed me that only a very small number of people (he said 3 and a half) can operate such a device effectively. I always listen to this icon of the hamburger world. How can you go wrong with a square burger and a round bun?"

Mass Unicorn Hunt on the Gettysburg Battlefield!

Due to recent sightings of unicorns in the area of the Gettysburg Battlefield, Mystee arranged a mass unicorn watch for the weekend of June 13, 2008: "I want this to be the biggest unicorn investigation in the history of unicorn research, so bring your friends, your family, your unicorn research teams to Gettysburg that weekend," she said on her blog.

According to an article that appeared in the Hanover Evening Sun, "Leaders of the Gettysburg National Military Park are adamant in their position. . . that ghost hunting is not an activity consistent with the mission of the park and therefore is essentially outlawed on the battlefield." However, Mystee & Comrades had no intentions to hunting ghosts, they would go searching for unicorns, so they didn't fall under this rule.

"It is important to note, however," Mystee said on her blog, "that we must guard ourselves against Leprechauns while engaging in this research. After all, the Irish Brigade fought at Gettysburg, so it only follows that Leprechauns might be present. All participants will be required to sign a waiver stating that they understand the dangers inherent in engaging in this research. They must also sign our list of safety rules, which include refraining from playing leapfrog with any unicorns one might find."

This event was organized exclusively through Mystee's MySpace, a place that doesn't exist anymore. It is not known what the results were of this First Mass Unicorn Hunt in History.

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