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Updated on January 14, 2022

Hypocrites all.

Yes, that’s what you might be calling me right now1.

But then again, I can catch that and throw that around at you and tell you the same thing could I?

Admit it, you are one too.


Then I am right, for we are all in the same boat on this.

Hypocrites all!

We hate gossipers, we hate thieves, we hate liars, we hate cheats, we hate pretenders, we hate know-it-alls, we hate latecomers, we hate lazy people, we hate people who talk in movie theaters, we hate drivers who talk or text or put on make-up while driving, we hate most people but we are all like them from time to time, and sometimes all of the time.

Where did that term hypocrite come from anyway?

Well, most people know that it comes from the Latin and Greek words, Hypokritos, meaning something like I thought I was good (or good-looking) until I looked in a good mirror and saw myself for the first time and then from then on I kept this mask on so that nobody will ever find out who I am or what I really look like.

No, I’m just joking of course2.

But I’m guessing that might be close enough to the truth as it is.

And that’s closer to the truth than most things you hear about in the news or read in the newspapers and truer than many things you to see, read and watch online or on social media.

We Have A Winner

Well, if I would, I could probably mail you a genuinely looking correspondence from some real deal Canadian Department of whatever congratulating you for winning a minor prize in the Annual Canadian Lottery in Canada somewhere (or anywhere) and advise you that all you need to do is to give your verification code (conveniently in the mail) and your name and other pertinent data and to call within two days a toll free number and speak to a lady named Lucy (or something similar) who will verify all your information.

And then she’ll tell you in her mild-mannered and soothing voice that either you send in an amount that corresponds to the Canadian tax of the prize you won (by the way you already have the post-dated prize check for I would have already included that with the correspondence, nice huh?) Or I don’t even need your change for I have already started to use your identity the minute you gave it to Lucy.

Scary, but various scams similar to this happen all the time. And many people fall for them day in and day out. Although the scary thing to ask is:

Are you among the scammers or you are the one being scammed?

Now going back to you shoving down my face that I am hypocrite, for telling you to do this and not do that, to be this and not that and to step off my high horse (oftentimes just because I believe in God or worse I believe in the man we call Jesus of Nazareth).

But I appreciate that, as then I am sure that you got what I mean to say or you at least read it. The only thing I am hoping for is for you is to make something good out of it, in your own way, you’re a big guy now, you decide, don’t let other people decide for you.

And if you’d only go down your horse as well, you would totally realize that everything that I try to touch up on is nothing new (to me) as I've already experienced it first hand. I went through it and either I understood it, understood where it was coming from, got hurt because of it or have hurt others and I have gotten over it or I am in the slow process of doing just that.

As I always say, we are all in the same boat in this.

Much like Noah was when he was inside his ark with everybody else at that time. All of them stinking but nobody was probably saying anything for (at least) they know that they all stank or stunk (take your pick I'm not sure of the right tense to use).

So am I a hypocrite? I’d say yes.

But I’d also say probably as much as you are or just a little bit more, thank you.

1 If not you probably missed reading all my past hubs (this is hub number 8 and 154th if I counted all my related blog posts that I now keep at Wordpress & not counting the ones in Blogger).

2 The word hypocrite is from the Greek word ὑποκρίτης (hypokrites), the agentive noun associated with υποκρίνομαι (hypokrinomai), i.e. "I play a part." Both derive from the verb κρίνω, "judge" (»κρίση, "judgement" »κριτική (kritiki), "critics") presumably because the performance of a dramatic text by an actor was to involve a degree of interpretation, or assessment, of that text. The word is an amalgam of the Greek prefix hypo-, meaning "under", and the verb "krinein", meaning "to sift or decide". Thus the original meaning implied a deficiency in the ability to sift or decide. This deficiency, as it pertains to one's own beliefs and feelings, informs the word's contemporary meaning [Source: Wikipedia]

I know too much information sometimes hurt my head too and also gives me a nosebleed a few times.

Hub Number: #008

Date: 2010-Mar-08

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