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I Will Birth You! - Part 1

Updated on February 28, 2015

"For I am jealous over you with godly jealousy: for I have espoused you to one husband, that I may present you as a chaste virgin to Christ" (2 Corinthians 11:2 KJV).

This was a word dropped in my spirit on December 25, 2014. The words I heard were “I will birth you”. I must say it took me by surprise and made me think seriously and intensively. I hope and pray it will inspire you to think sober and seriously as well. It is a personal, yet collective word. Meaning that it can be of benefit to me and you and to others. Only God can help us to see the importance of holiness and purity in order to birth it in us holistically.

Christmas is the day we all know as the birth of the Son of God Jesus Christ, through a virgin. It is debatable these days the real date of His birth, which is only a distraction. The date is not as important as what happened on the day. The virgin birth is a miracle in and of itself. The word is always most exponential in good ground, it is not a realism you can sow by the wayside, on stony or thorny ground, there must be good ground. The Body of Christ is that good ground because we accept the immaculate conception and birth as part of the basis for our faith.

Let me commence with giving a qualification of the premise of virginity that will be used throughout this writing and what has been inspired in me to write. I am not referring to the natural state of virginity. Although, I treasure and value the quality and stance, and feel it is a beautiful moral victory. It is something potent to empower the next generation with by teaching them how to keep themselves for marriage. I think all would acknowledge that we have observed sweeping changes in both attitudes and practices pertaining to virginity or the converse, the loss of virginity in America and to varying degrees, world-wide. Virginity is often today sadly considered "old fashion" and endemic to the Victorian Age.

The objective in this material shall be to clearly establish what the Bible teaches regarding virginity. First, let us offer a basic definition of natural virginity. "One who has not experienced sexual intercourse" A little more involved biblical definition pertains to one of the primary Hebrew words rendered virginity. "From a root meaning ‘separated,’ is a woman living apart; i.e., ‘in her father’s house’ and hence a ‘virgin’"The mammoth and pivotal point through this writing endeavor is the coming of Christ for the Bride and her readiness holistically.

I encourage you, please don't let the term virginity intimidate you or make ashamed if you have bad memories about it physically, or it didn't take place according to God's plan for it in the earth concerning you. Look to the Holy Spirit instead for a much loftier and better promise of how holiness alone highlighted it for the world, Why? Because He is the Holy Spirit, the producer of holiness. In this life the role of our earthly fathers are that of protectors, they are ordained by God to cover and protect their children's virtue. Some have been successful and some have not been successful. Nevertheless make no mistake though, that our Honorable, Holy, Righteous and Heavenly Father will protect the virginity of the Bride. The gates of hell shall not prevail against her!

The Bride is used in Scripture to symbolically describe the Church, with it emerges the need to examine her image, characteristics and attributes. The first person that I have ever heard speak about the characteristics of the bride is my sister-in-law, and that was over 30 years ago. She used to hold workshops with a theme entitled, "A Bride Adorned and in Waiting". At that time it was basically a brand new idea to me, and wasn't something I had ever heard before. Today, I understand more then I did at that time, as all the pieces begin to come together. You don't hear too much about the bride, yet we individually are all expressions within her, it is a mystery.

The Church is comprised of believers in Christ, who wholly have given themselves to Him. He is not a part of our lives, He has become and is our life. Jesus is the focus and center of our life, He is why we live, breathe and have our being. We all have our own individual revelation of who He is. Our individual devotion is the bond we share in the Body of Christ. (This paragraph was taken from a teaching by the Rev. David Wilkerson).

The main outward features of a bride on the wedding day would be her dress and other accessories. There used to be a time when just her white dress alone communicated that she was pure. Society has lost its ability to value the state of being untouched to enter marriage. Nevertheless, the Church should never lose its ability to be untouched by the world, knowing that we are in the world, but it does not shape our ideals and values, we receive our values from God. The ideal of virginity is given to us by God.

"Then shall the kingdom of heaven be likened unto ten virgins, which took their lamps, and went forth to meet the bridegroom. And five of them were wise, and five were foolish. They that were foolish took their lamps, and took no oil with them. But the wise took oil in their vessels with their lamps. While the bridegroom tarried, they all slumbered and slept. And at midnight there was a cry made, Behold the bridegroom cometh; go ye out to meet him. Then all those virgins arose, and trimmed their lamps. And the foolish said unto the wise, Give us of your oil; for our lamps have gone out. But the wise answered, saying, Not so; lest there be not enough for us and you: but go ye rather to them that sell, and buy for yourselves. And while they went to buy, the bridegroom came; and they that were ready went in with him to the marriage: and the door was shut. Afterward came also the other virgins, saying, Lord, Lord, open to us. But he answered and said, Verily I say unto you, I know you not. Watch therefore, for ye know neither the day nor hour wherein the Son of man cometh" (Matthew 25:1-13).

Wisdom is the right application of what we know. Foolishness is the wrong use of what we know and the rejection of wisdom. All of them were said to be virgins, could it be that five were not. The oil of the Spirit of God is our only protection and cure for foolishness. We have learned foolishness along this path of life according to the flesh, and how not to regard virginity as important, and of value, which ushers in fornications, adulteries, and all uncleanness, which only in retrospect can we see the folly of not waiting and preserving ourselves for one person which only happens by marrying.

How does a virgin become foolish? In the natural it would be by giving herself away without waiting for the wedding day. Virginity which is the standard that shines just like a lamp filled with the oil of moral excellence. In this account foolishness is by not trimming her lamp and keeping a supply of oil. Can you see your spiritual virginity and the need to trim your lamp and to always have oil on hand? Think of the five wise virgins as being of the same spirit and mind, that speaks of oneness and on one accord. The foolish speak of another mind against what is right. How does a virgin not be ready for her wedding day? Naturally speaking there is only one answer, she has given herself to another other than the bridegroom. The world and the things of this world vie for our attention every day, seducing and attempting to distract us to use and give up our oil. Wear your oil, it is the spirit of virginity and you will need it when we are called to the wedding feast. Every virgin needs this oil to be a chaste bride.

The consummation of the marriage between the Bridegroom and the Bride will be the total conversion to a sin free and sinless eternal life. The physical body will be fully redeemed never to commit another sin, nor be in the presence of it. We will enter into eternal life and there will be no more sin. Just as the pattern which God has ordained for natural marriage speaks of monogamy between both man and woman. We will enter a sin free eternity with one God. We are being transformed in soul to reflect the holiness and purity which agrees with the Holy Spirit who continuously is making us ready, just as He did the Virgin Mary in order to birth Jesus Christ and us into God's holiness. Spiritual virginity translates into eternal life free from all sin. Jesus Christ was born of a virgin and He is our example of spiritual and natural purity. The atmosphere with God will forever exclude all sin and the promise reveals that absolute light will be the order of our eternal abode. Absolute light means there is no darkness. I can now understand the words I heard, I will birth you, because it is only something God can do. Man and woman aren't involved in this process as in the natural aspects of birth, only the Godhead is.

The Virgin Mary was the good ground that God chose. Virginity speaks of a purity and cleanliness which can only be God’s ideal for a panoramic view of success. It is God who honored virginity with the placement of His only Son performing for the world a miracle through conception and birth. A miracle is something beyond man or woman's ability to produce and reproduce. Sinlessness entered the world through Jesus Christ. There is a message of depth in this premise of virginity. It could only mean God Almighty's will, and only the will of God, nothing impure mingled was manifested in this conception and birth. You would really have to see the Holy Spirit first and foremost to even understand this miraculous birth. Sin was given an eviction notice at the conception of Christ, as well as the birth. We come to understand the eviction of sin at the cross. We learn that because Jesus came, died, was buried and that He rose again and that sin has no more legal right to dominate us. Sin is an illegal alien through faith because of the finished works of Jesus Christ.

This conception and birth takes faith in God to understand, and so does being born again in spirit. Both are only what God can bring into manifestation. God’s will is what birthed Jesus Christ and ultimately brings each and every one of us to the spiritual birth, which connects us to His will. I will birth you speaks to me that it is only God that I should depend and rely on to come into full fruition. A fetus is dependent upon the mother to provide a nurturing stay inside. This birthing by God alone was and is inevitable. We must be born again and this endeavor makes God our Father, and us His children.

The seed God plants in us for the regeneration to spring forth is incorruptible, unlike the seed of man (our fathers) which is subject to corruption. Just like a natural virgin man or woman remains untouched by others for the purpose of exclusivity to each other. We enter into a spiritual relationship with God of being untouched by the world and its decadence which is a process of decline or decay in a society, especially in its morals. Tell the flesh to be quiet, and rest in its hope of final redemption, when it will experientially be free. Now the soul is being washed by the water of the Word of God and empowered to prosper by the Holy Spirit.

The Spirit of the Bride is untainted and pure virginity. Virginity in the natural is a state the body is preserved under until the time of marriage for the purpose of reproducing the same qualities of purity through children. Spiritually, virginity is the state our spirits are preserved under until Christ comes back for us. Jesus is coming back for a chaste bride which inculcates a virgin spirit untouched by sin and evil, it is parallel to the same premise of a physical bride untouched by a man. If you see into the spirit realm you will be able to see the holy, righteousness and blamelessness Jesus wrought for her through His precious shed blood. You will see His protection of her purity poured out as He continuously adorns her in clean white garments. Qualify bride in your own mind, what should a true bride be? She should be a virgin. This is not something you will be able to see with your natural sight, it is what you will see with your own spirit through faith.

Jesus is speaking to the Church of the Laodiceans. He tells them that He knows their works, that they are neither cold nor hot, but that they are lukewarm and that He will spue them out of His mouth. Because they were saying they were rich and increased with goods, and have need of nothing, Then he diagnosed them as not knowing that they were wretched, miserable, poor, naked and blind. He said, I counsel you to buy of me gold tried in the fire, that you may be rich; and white raiment, that you may be clothed, so that the shame of your nakedness would not appear, and to anoint your eyes with eyesalve, so that you may see. As many He said, as I love, I rebuke and chasten: be zealous therefore and repent. (Revelation 3:14-22) Repentance is a walk of and in holiness. The five foolish virgins represent what didn't perceive it of the utmost importance of being ready, by keeping oil in their lamps. Oil in the lamp was the way used to see their way out and through darkness. No oil was a judgment call that they were not ready and preferred darkness over light.

Ideally, virginity is what is required to marry and live happily ever after. It is an ideal that God has set in motion. it is questionable as to how they could all be virgins, yet wise and foolish. In the natural if the premise of virginity was presented and one was wise and foolish. There would be only one conclusion the wise one kept herself exclusively for the wedding day and the foolish one did not. Some ideals are like stars, unreachable naturally. Not so spiritually, the Word and the Spirit of God make ideals reachable. Sin on the other hand has set in motion adulteries, fornications, and homo-sexualities, which do not fit the pattern God has ordained. Sin influences the lust, un-cleanness and darkness needed to perform those acts, without disclosing to anyone the consequences beforehand that are attached to each iniquity. It is programmatic or in other words a program sin imbeds in the unregenerate sinner’s spirit and soul that leads and ultimately follows them unless intercepted by salvation through Jesus Christ. Jesus is the first fruit of the sinless and righteous paradigm established and birthed through holiness. Verily and surely Jesus said, you must be born again,

“I will birth you” is what God the Father was speaking concerning Jesus' birth. Jesus always looked to the Father for everything, even birth by His will. This was the confidence He had in His earthly life, that the Father has everything concerning Him under control. The Father at the baptism and transfiguration bestowed more favor. Telling the disciples that Jesus was His beloved Son, in whom He was well pleased. Even adding in one of the gospel's, hear ye Him. Listen carefully to Him.


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    • Dana Tate profile image

      Dana Tate 

      3 years ago from LOS ANGELES

      This was a beautiful and well-written hub. My computer has been down for awhile so I missed this amazing piece of work from you. Both 1 and 2 are masterpieces. I really enjoyed the way you closed this hub out. Jesus the son truly looked to His father for everything. Setting a perfect example for the Saints that our father is truly our provider, and He is everything we need. Jesus Christ's work on the cross is truly finished- until we see Him again. Many blessings to you and all that you do for our Lord.


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