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I Will Birth You! - Part 2

Updated on February 8, 2015
The bride is holding her sword! Which translates into the Word of God covering her life.
The bride is holding her sword! Which translates into the Word of God covering her life. | Source

This word is for us individually, as well as collectively as the Church. The same Spirit of Holiness that conceived and birthed Jesus Christ is the same Holy Spirit that conceived and birthed, and is birthing purity, cleanliness, righteousness and holiness in the Body of Christ, individually and collectively for the full expression of her value. The Bridegroom (Jesus Christ) is coming back for a Bride without spot or wrinkle.

What is the main feature and treasure a bride possesses that qualifies her to stand in this space, it is virginity. A true bride is always a virgin, and possesses qualities that outshine uncleanness and defilement. The spiritual significance is no different, the bride is being adorned and prepared by the Spirit of Holiness for this blessed union and she must possess spiritual virginity and innocence. Innocence is a quality of virginity. Innocence that is only evident because of the price Jesus Christ paid on the cross through His precious blood, birthing only His righteousness through us all, as we stand as one with Him.

These are they who were not defiled with women, for they are virgins; these are they who follow the Lamb whithersoever He goeth, for they are without spot before the throne of God (Rev. 14:4, 5).

What should we be looking towards, but to stand in spiritual virginity. Our spirits are born from above and not of the earth where natural virginity doesn't seem to hold the candle of importance. In Hebrew the word for virginity is beth-oo-law, it means to separate; in another definition it is the word al-maw, it means as veiled or private. In the Greek the word for virginity is par-then-os, it means an unmarried daughter untouched by evil. Virginity is always a private matter between two people, so it is spiritually, as we experience a one on one relationship with God. The world system has turned virginity into an unclean joke. But to us who understand and know the purity that God is and respect it, intimacy with God is clean and the robe of morality.

We must be born again. Born again speaks of a new birth, which only God can bring to pass in and through Jesus Christ. Who births us? God! Who is still birthing new things in and through us? God! God was in control of the preparation and the actualization of the birth of Christ by the Holy Spirit, in and through the chosen vessel, the Virgin Mary. It is the Spirit of God who births us as well. The same Spirit that conceived Jesus through the Virgin, is the same Spirit who brings our spirits to the new birth, and develops us to walk in the newness of our new birth. Just as the wind blows and we cannot tell where it came from or where it goes, suddenly we are born again from above. Birth of a natural son or daughter may only last but for a moment after labor passes.

The spiritual birthing process drastically differs, in that God births newness through us continually. Jesus labored, always working the works of God, and He died to bring us to the birth; the cross is more painful than a woman’s travail could ever be. Of course, even the travail to birth cannot compare to the excruciating pains of Calvary. Don't allow the world system to defile the word virginity in your thinking because they have no use for it in their spiral towards moral decay. It is a definition of excellence and worth achieving no matter how it may have turned out naturally. There are all kinds stories of loss, but not in the spirit realm. The bride stands a spiritual virgin and guess what, it is time for us to take our places and a stand in holiness. Knowing that the choice for birth of our Savior required virginity, and what will His coming back require? A spiritual virgin bride!

The will of God through Christ birthed us. God was not willing that we should perish and was involved in reconciling us to Himself for His glory. Naturally parenting had failed to produce, and nurture a spirit and soul to be joined to God or to actively seek Him as an individual. Even the desire for God was not present within us as we lived each day in sin. It would take God Almighty to birth us seeing we were predestinated, called and chosen by God. We were never chosen but accepted by our parents, who learned to love us faults and all. Natural parents do not get to choose who they will give birth to, nor does who is birthed get to choose who their parents will be. But the love of God chose us to be His children. God’s love gives us the nourishment we need to develop properly and to love Him, ourselves and others.

Our human spirits fell through Adam, but are birthed a new through Jesus Christ. God is also in charge of the rebirth of our spirits. Jesus Christ’s righteousness and blood is used for us to be birthed in spirit, just as virginity along with holiness was a requirement to birth our Lord and Savior. Our own righteousness or what we ascertain or think is righteousness wouldn’t be applicable and couldn’t be used. It would take sinlessness, and not sinfulness. Moreover, this is the natural directive and mandate for all humanity, to be set apart for a spouse with virginity by both parties. Society has lost the way, it can't contribute to the school or home what is morally acceptable. Moral decay is the product of this society, but moral beauty is always God's pattern for living. Whether we drop the ball or not, the precedence of virginity is set by God for living a good and moral life. It is a value well worth knowing about as you grow into a young adult. Saying no to perversion is agreeing with God that fornication, adultery and homo-sexuality are not the paths prescribed by God and will ultimately have consequences we will have to pay, and our approach to life will be void of the moral fibers which can protect us.

Can you remember your spiritual birthday? I can’t remember the date, but I truly can remember the experience and in retrospect can see the will of God in operation. Unlike natural birth we are given our birth date through a birth certificate. Although, we are not given the mind to recall the conception or birth experience or the time spent inside the womb. An infant is not given the ability to remember their conception or birth date, but through the information passed on.

The birthing of the spirit is memorable. It is not a day you will ever forget. Every born again Christian has one, just as they do a natural birthday, which we attempt to carry on in time. A birthday only happens once in the spirit and natural. It is not actual truth when we practice or say that we have a birthday every year, when you cannot be born every year. It is rather a day to remember the date of our birth, and a day to celebrate the day you were born.

There was great preparation involved in the birthing of Jesus Christ. Prophets were enlightened and told of this blessed event beforehand, it echoed and resonated and it was recorded in the Scripture to provide us with all the information leading up to when this blessed event would occur.

“Therefore the Lord himself shall give you a sign; Behold a Virgin shall conceive, and bear a Son, and shall call his name Immanuel” (Isaiah 7:14 KJV).

Purity always opens a path that is paved with promise. I can understand why Jesus said, blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God. We can now see His nature and are being familiarized with His character; we are being conformed into His image and likeness. You really do need a pure heart to understand the “Immaculate Conception”. Within the ideology of virginity, is purity. It relays the cleanliness needed for grasping spiritual things. To the pure all things are pure. There has to be a clean heart, just as there had to be a clean body, a virgin was needed to house the holiness of God. The intrigue this occurrence offers is the most mysterious and captivating of all known to mankind. Even Mary was in awe, and wonder as to how this could be and transpire, seeing she did not know a man. This is a question we must individually ask ourselves, how could these things be seeing we do not know the world, we are positioned here, but our real lives come from above.

The reassurance and the confidence needed came by this blessed event being a birth that only God could perform through the Holy Spirit. This would also be the ushering in and prove to be the birthing of the spirit realm as well as time elapsed for us as well. The spirit realm has always existed, but we were not always aware of it, or entry may have been made through the dark or occult. But, the spirit realm as it pertains to God was introduced through the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit and not man was the source for this occasion.

Birth is most definitely a mysterious event. To carry a life inside of you that you do not have the blueprint for nor have you received revelation concerning, makes it more of a mystery than what Mary endured. This birth was prophesied. Meaning prophets were given revelation knowledge concerning it. “Now the birth of Jesus Christ was on this wise: When his mother Mary was espoused to Joseph, before they came together, she was found with child of the Holy Ghost” (Matthew1:18 KJV).

The Holy Ghost handled the conception of the birth of Jesus. It would take holiness to conceive a child through a virgin woman who did not know a man. It is the Holy Spirit who births all things in the spirit realm which comply with the good and perfect will of God. Do you realize all that was birthed through Christ?

Joseph being a just man who was not willing to make her a public example, but he was mindful to put her away secretly. But while he thought about these things, an angel appeared to Joseph in a dream encouraging him to take Mary as his wife, explaining to him that she had done nothing wrong, and what was happening to her was God birthing Jesus through her.

I say birth is mysterious because until I read and understood this story, birth hadn’t resonated with the same essence. Natural intimacy without virginity is not truly what it is meant to be, and is not applicable in any relationship without virginity as its standard. When we enter into an intimate relationship with God, we will need the righteousness of Christ to be successful. The righteousness of Christ is spiritual virginity, because He is sinless perfection. To enter into His holiness, spiritual virginity will be necessary. Our born again spirits are untouched by mankind/womankind, and are exclusively for God alone, that's separation. Just as a natural man or woman that is untouched for the purpose of exclusivity to each other. The world has taught us how to de-value natural virginity, and how to dismiss it as un-important, but it is the ideal of God for all mankind. Life happens and there are many, many reasons why we do not place great emphasis on the treasures of this moral stance, but that it is not good enough. We will need to revisit virginity in the spirit and soul realms whether we are aware of it or not. Virginity in spirit was resurrected at the cross. No man truly desires a woman who is not pure, but things happen along the paths of life. But do not be deceived that Christ is coming back for a spiritually virgin bride. Ichobod is not His bride but the spirit of defilement, meaning the glory has departed, and she doesn't care what makes Him happy.

The bride is spiritually a virgin now, even as she occupies until Jesus Christ returns. Now! faith is the substance and evidence of all that we hope for. The Spirit and Bride speak as one voice and spirit. The bride is being adorned in the finest of beautiful, excellent, clean and royal attire. Her character is the sweetest of perfumes and the purist of fragrances. Holiness, righteousness, love, truth, peace, joy, hope, grace, mercy and so much more. All of these things are her garments and the jewels of her character. Can you see the Bride?

Jesus Christ earthly life began with a virgin, and time as we know it will end with a virgin spirit, chaste and undefiled. Can't you see your virgin spirit washed in the blood of the Lamb? Jesus remained untouched His entire earthly life and the Spirit that guides and keeps us from the odors and contamination of the world is Holiness. Holiness decided that virginity was the paradigm and standard for the conception and birth of Jesus Christ.

God the Father decided to birth the Church through the same Holy Spirit and only He can birth everything about us through Christ Jesus. Fellowship with the world produces enmity with God, we cannot serve God and mammon. The world represents an idolatrous relationship that no true and pure bride in waiting would ever tolerate. Her response is I am espoused to one and there is no one else for me. I love my Bridegroom with all of my heart, mind, soul and strength, and I know that He loves me.

I can only imagine a wedding day, because I have never been married, but I know from being present at many it has to be a happy and special day to look forward to. There is waiting with anticipation to be the beloved bride, cherished and loved by the bridegroom. The Church is waiting for the Bridegroom of promise to come and take His Bride away on a sinless honeymoon without end.

It is a part of the process to wait, some brides can take a long time to get ready, but this waiting is on the Bridegroom's return, all focus is on Him, because He has already made the ultimate sacrifice for His bride. Making Him the most honored anticipation. There isn't really a legal and lawful bride that shouldn't possess virginity naturally, It is what separates and equips her for the wedding day.

The Bride (the Church) is dressing up in His righteousness, and His mantle. Her veil is holiness, and her head is adorned with salvation complete;

In humble submission, she is proclaiming and declaring to the whole wide world, I will and I do take You Lord Jesus, forever in love my God;

You are coming back for me, and we will spend eternity, sin, and time can't ever interrupt us again;

To take You from me, or to take me from You, because in You I shall stand complete;

The Bride of Christ, the Church of the living God.

The Church is actively prophesying and telling the world who she is. I am "Ecclesia" the called out one of God, I am made up collectively of many members and they are innumerable. I have a Head, high in the heavenlies, whom I submit to His authority, Yes, my name is and I am Ecclesia, I am called and chosen by the Most High God. Oh, can't you see, the price Jesus Christ paid for me, to ransom my spirit and my soul and wash all of my sins away, I am saved by His grace, and by faith I've been set free, Oh, can't you see the price, He paid for me. I am the Bride! I am washed in His blood and unashamed that I am the spirit of virginity under the power of the Holy Ghost. Let every member say, Amen. Come Lord Jesus come, take your bride away. Hallelujah, Glory to God in the highest!

This was a prophetic post on my Facebook page some time ago. Not sure who posted it, but it is timely and instructional. Will yourself to God alone as an individual! It spills over into a collective really called the Body of Christ.

I hear the Lord saying, will yourself to Me. Will yourself to me! That would mean you have given yourself to Me. It would mean that I have responsibility for you--to empower by the anointing of the Holy Spirit. So, make that decision in your soul. The power of free will choice and say, "I will Myself into the hand of God this moment. I will myself under the provision of His kingdom, the blessings of His kingdom, the power of His kingdom. I will myself to become an overcomer; to be steadfast. To be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. I make the choice to establish myself by the power of my will to be what He wants me to be in these days." And, if you will do so, I will be with you and I will perform My word over you, around you and through you, says the Lord. Be wise. Don't be deceived. Come to Me, and I will equip you and prepare you for the perilous times that you live in and the days of evil that are before you. For, I am the Most Holy One; the One who is able to keep you on the path of righteousness; to keep you in the power of My kingdom by which you overcome all the works of the enemy. Just become one with Me, says the Lord. I've kept you for such a time as this; to be used in this time. I will establish you in a position of righteousness, strength and power, so that you may fulfill your destiny, says the Lord God Almighty.


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