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If God is true, then why is there so much suffering in this world? Part 1

Updated on May 18, 2016

Does God exists?

If we are to push further with this discussion, then first in order is to prove the existence of God which I have accomplished on my hubs entitled "The maps of the world and the Revelation of John: Part 1-3 ( Check it out.

The 3-part hub I wrote is a dummy 101 and intended for the people demanding for an empirical proof of God. It's nothing close to God coming down from heaven and showing up to all men, literally, but it actually is some sort of a signet from Him.


God exists period

For this hub to work, you've got to believe that He exists. Until then can we only put Him into the limelight.

But where is He now in all Human sufferings?

People are dying from illnesses, perishing in war, suffering from persecution, harboring corruption and are plunged in poverty. Everywhere you look there is despair and inequality.

Why would an all powerful, all encompassing, loving God allow such escalating and appalling evils to happen?

In all these things, plainly, where is He?


In the Beginning

Perhaps the most appropriate way to explain the present is to dig into what had transpired from the past. Imagine watching a 2-hour movie where because you came late, is only able to start viewing passed an hour.

Too many thoughts and questions are running into your mind. You cannot actually relate to the people beside you who are present from the start, right?

So it is with this generation.

We are actually living in the middle of the story. We missed the Introduction, hence, clueless of the fact who the complete set of characters are. We also just missed the Rising Action showcasing the events in the story and how it gets complicated until the conflict in the story is made known to the viewer.

Megiddo: now and then


Carefully perusing History, I believe now is the time of Climax for the story of Mankind. The highest point of interest and the turning point of story is about to come.

Everyone is in a complete awe as to what is going to happen next whether or not the conflict will be resolved.

The Bible terms it as "Har megiddo" or the battle at the plains of megiddo where the fight is going to be concluded.

Unfortunately for too many people, they have arrived late and thus unable to fully grasped the excitement the movie has to offer.


Let me tell you a story

I do not know for sure if i get the essence right but let me tell you something I know. In the beginning God directed a movie. The characters are God, Angels, Man, Woman and Jesus Christ.

The story has already been written completely and the end has been concluded from the beginning. There were no changes in the plan.

God knew how things are going to turn out already by the use of his deductive capacity and Godly discernment. There is no magic injected along the way.

One of the objective is to create God's Sons and Daughters, through the union of His very own begotten Son and His Church, and it is going to be at the end of this generation.

It is plausible something happened in a distant past, long before the creation, which alerted Him to act as such. Perhaps an occurrence of a certain catastrophe that left him the sole survivor which he do not anymore wanted to happen.

Who knows if there was a community of Gods before? Chances are.

He even stated, if there is God beside God, that God will be destroyed by Him.

To wit, He has all the characteristics of an entity who is able to overcome all adversities. He uses a form of technology that is all above and supreme among all others out there if there were any.

With regards to the Physical and Spiritual, he emphasizes that the latter is far more supreme. With regards to competition and cooperation,he said the latter is the better choice.With regards to taking and giving, the second is more noble.

However, He said that there is a time for everything and a time for every purpose under the heaven.

He is also able to turn matter out of the unseen forces such as energy and electromagnetism of whom was later discovered by great scientists such as Einstein. So much for this.

Whatever the background is prior to creation, God chose to start the story, telling us that he is working out very hard for a Son, For a Wife and for the establishment of His Kingdom.


God needed the cast of characters

So God directed a movie and now He is in dire need of cast of characters. First in order, He created the Angels. An host of them to play different roles necessary for the execution of a great film.

The Angels are clueless of the plan God is making.

They are there to assist and to follow orders not to ask questions. Angels means Messengers. They must be infallible in executing the commands designated to them, otherwise, God's movie might get flawed and fail.

They must not get tired, get sick, experience shortness of breath, or experience all the evils of the world we humans are dealing with less they get dismayed and complained to God just like what we humans are doing now.

Angels are much more superior than Human's Cloud Computing Servers


The way God created Angel is I don't know for sure but He might have taken a portion of light from His Body and filled it with information and keep that software running. Lightscribe! Light frequencies are capable of storing more than the Gigabits and Terabits of information we humans used to store on our Super cloud Servers.

It doesn't even come close. Angels are much much more capable of storing great amount of information since they are completely utilizing the technology of light which is most supreme!

Optical technology works and we are already capable of using it in almost all branches of Sciences specially on Data Communications.

Now this obviously is not the Kingdom God preaches.

Kingdom of Angels is different from the Kingdom of God. Angels do not exhibit the characters associated to God.

God is all knowing, Angels knew what God gave him only. So let us keep going.

You want a movie, you needed the cast, now that you have them, we set the stage for the play.


God needed the setting and all the props

Now that God created the cast of characters, next is He created the Universe.

Ever wonder why the universe is following a complete set of extremely precise laws and why it is in perfect harmony? God did it.

Ever wonder why most if not all the astronomical figures in the heaven are necessary for the creation and sustenance of the Earth? God calculated and predetermined it.

Ever wonder why the Earth is the only habitable planet? It is the setting of the movie God is preparing to create.

I cannot prove whether the Universe is a product of a big explosion that started from a speck of light and continues to grow henceforth. It completely sounds magical to me.

Or a fixed creation individually wrestled in its place by God and Angels.

Both instances I believe can support the cradle of life on Earth with the first one really requiring Godly precision and accuracy.

The exact timing in executing the plan is very critical and of supreme importance because any advancement or delay in action has huge impact on the earthlings owing to the dynamic arrangements of heavenly bodies.

But with God, it is actually not impossible!

We humans tend to inherit that character in a much lesser scale. In fact, we even tend to completely ignore him and become god of our own.


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