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Illusions vs. Miracles

Updated on February 23, 2016
There it is...our own personal super-duper computer!
There it is...our own personal super-duper computer! | Source

Seeing is NOT always believing!

Is this a miracle?

Here is a picture that is said to be authentic that portrays Padre Pio with pierced hands.
Here is a picture that is said to be authentic that portrays Padre Pio with pierced hands. | Source

It is all Mind over Matter (if you don't mind, it don't matter)!

Oh yes, the human mind, that mysterious form of energy produced by the greatest computer known, the human brain! Even though it has been claimed that we only use ten percent of the potential of our brains, in the link above, you will find that there is evidences that proves that this statement is just a myth. This brain, which I keep being told evolved though the process of millions of years, has allowed us the privilege of becoming the dominant spices on this planet.

However It is also my personal opinion that we have something else that no other animal possess. A spirit that was breathed into the very first man! It is not only our mind that sets us apart. It is the spirit that gives us even more of of a advantage. This spirit that links us to the divine, gives us the opportunity, if we so chose, to experience eternity as a gift given us though Jesus Christ!

In our world we have become very callus and skeptical, for we live in a time that many amazing illusions can be created by Photo Shop and Special Effect wizards within the movie industry. Hoaxes are everywhere....just check out the videos in YouTube, it won't take long before you find some that will claim outrageous things...but if you take the time to scrutinize the evidence, you will find that most of the time if it looks to good to be true...well you know the rest

The first time I am aware of, that illusions and the miraculous were in a contest against each other occurs in the Old Testament of the Bible. This is when Mosses meets with the Pharaoh of Egypt, bringing along Arron who throws down his rod and it turns into a snake. Now the Egyptians were no stranger to slight of hand or even sorcery and such. So they create the illusion of a staff turning into a snake, only to have it eaten by Aron's snake! This story is in Exodus 7: 8-12.

I think it would be interesting for us to take a look at the Egyptian point of view, too understand the true dynamics behind this conflict between two cultures and two separate belief systems. From all of the text that have been studied coming from inscriptions on the walls of the Pyramids, tombs and other text, we can reach some pretty solid conclusions about these people.

The first conclusion is that they were both highly superstitious and arrogant. They had a view that they were superior to the surrounding nations, and they had spells too ward off all kinds of problems. Another pretty safe conclusion that could be made, is that they had a thing about snakes! Both a fear and a adoration for these reptiles!

One great example of this is that they would included a spell to protect there dead in the next life against snake bite. What is fascinating about this, is that the Egyptians overrode their own arrogance enough to include the Semitic spell from the Canaanites! For more information on this, here is the link to this amazing discovery!

Another example would be the fact that they would use the Egyptian Cobra as a symbol of power, even to the point that the Pharaohs would ware them in there crowns (known as a uraeus). The reason why I point these things out, is to show that God knew what he was doing when he chose to use the serpent as a symbol to intimidate the Pharaoh!

Later on, in Babylon, God once again makes a fool of the wise men and Sorcerers when they were not able to decipher the words that appeared on the walls of the palace. It is Daniel who is the only one that can interpret the writings. This message that was said to come from God's own hand, spells doom for the king Belshazzar and his kingdom. This story is found in Daniel, the fifth chapter.

Then there is the story in 1 Kings 18: 20-45, tells about the showdown between Bail and The God of Israel. This God Bail has ample opportunity to prove "his" ability, but nothing happens. Then Is Elijah is given his shot at calling The One True God and the entire alter is burned down even after being soaked by water!

Of course there are many people that see all this as myth. The concepts are just too unbelievable. Even though we now live in a age were science has created wondrous inventions and invitations in medicine. Surgery is now being perform on a fetes inside a mother's whom! Here is the link to a video that shows this.... If men are able at accomplishing such things, why is it so hard to believe that Jesus raised the dead, or any of his other miracles? Just as Daniel predicted, knowledge has defiantly been increased at a alarming rate! It was only at the turn of twentieth century that progress really was switched into high gear. And now, in the twenty-first century, technology has become like a runaway train!

Now the Catholic Church has a long history of claimed miracles that some of them do seem quite amazing, while others....even makes me, a believer in miracles, to respond with some skepticism. I will include a couple of these here and links to some of the sites have these events listed. One of the most documented form of a miracle is what is known as stigmata. This is when a person develops the wounds of Jesus when he was crucified. One of the best documented cases was padre Pio, born Francesco Forgione. There are actual photographs that show the wounds on his hands.

In the next section of this hub, I will briefly speak of Magicians and illusionist, concluding with the greatest deceptions that are yet to come, those deceptions formed by Satan himself, though the mysterious "Anti-Christ" and "The Beast." As it claims in Scripture, the final chapter of this world's history, will be filled with signs and wonders!


Masters of the "Grand Illusion"

The Greeks were highly skilled in the creation of optical illusions. This could be witnessed in the way they designed their buildings with slanting roofs in a attempt to make them appear straight. They were also one of the first civilizations to have street magicians and other forms of "stage magic." Though the centuries magic increased in popularity and sophistication.

Of course almost every one has heard about Harry-Houdini, Siegfried and Roy, David Copperfield and Chris Angle to name a few of the greats. Even so, there was one magician who was dobbed "the war Magician", Jasper Maskelyne who was able to fool the German army, under the command of Erwin Rommel in thinking that the invasion of the allies would come from the South of the Egyptian desert instead of the North. He was able to hide 150,000 men and equipment.

I bring this fact up, for it helps me drive home the point I wish to make in this hub. This point is, that if a man, trained in illusion could fool the German army, how likely is it that the Grand Master of illusion, Satan could deceive millions of people and get them to believe almost anything he wanted them to? This is exactly what I feel is going on with UFO's and what people perceive as "Ghost". This is Satan's attempt to pull the wool over the world's eyes.

As I stated many times before, in other hubs, the Devil does not care what you believe in as long as you do not believe the truth! It took me years to come this conclusion, for at one time I was obsessed with anything and everything involved with the Occult, be it astral projection, UFOs or "past life progression" Even after years of exploring these subjects, I had difficulty reaching any was like something was holding a carrot in front of my nose and letting me get close...but then at the last minute yanking the carrot away!

This is why I write hubs like this warn people of the danger that can be attached too opening doors to the "unknown." For the more we are cautious of these things, these cleaver illusions, the more we will be alert when Satan goes for his grand finally. His attempt to appear as God himself.

Let me ask you this question; what would posses a "alien race" to play a game of "hide-and-seek with the human race? Why have "reality" shows about ghost become more and more popular? At this point I will fight the temptation of getting "too deep" into the mysteries of Revelation, for there are other sites that can do a better job of doing this than I can. But I will supply links too these sites. Towards the end of time, Satan will be allowed the opportunity too create more and more spectacular "signs and wonders" and that is why I will say...stay tuned, for you an't seen nothing yet!

So did Jesus have plexy glass?


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