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In this Life, God has something for you.

Updated on November 1, 2010

A Royal Heart

Getting the Lesson..

Man it really seems like i have been through some serious tests in this Life...In a battle one minute, and a test in the next....Praise God for His lessons which teach us so much, and reveal so much more, as in where we are at in our walk with Him. Also they show us what it is we need to grow in and reveal what it is that God is trying to teach us... To go through these trials with the right heart can be vary challenging... As we Trust in God He is FAITHFUL to bring us through and Give us what we need to move on...... It seem that it is not about the intent, nor the desire, BUT THE HEART OF THE MATTER in pretty much every circumstance.........

 Hey Peace all, LOVE you guys,, May your JOY be FULL.........

Watch and Be blessed Beloved of God..


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